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Auction FAQ & Terms

VRAI auctions allow you to bid for limited editions of fine jewelry or large diamonds. If a limited edition has a quantity of three, then the three highest bidders each win an item.

In order to place bids on VRAI Auctions, you must be logged into your customer account, have a current credit card on file and a shipping address.

When you place a bid, enter the maximum amount you're willing to pay for the item. Your maximum bid is not displayed. Only the winning bids are visible to the public.

Bid amounts exclude any applicable taxes, duties and fees that VRAI is legally required to collect with respect to the sale.

After your bid has been placed, you will receive an email confirmation for your records.

If you do not receive a confirmation email, your bid may not have been recorded. Please check the section of the “My Account” page or contact us to confirm that your bid was recorded if you do not receive a confirmation email.

VRAI’s bidding system makes bidding easier and less time consuming:

  • Your maximum bid reflects the most you are willing to pay for the lot.

  • When placing a maximum bid, it must be equal to or higher than the bid increment for the lot. The increment amount is determined by the current bid.

  • If your maximum is outbid, we will notify you via email by end of day so that you have an opportunity to raise your maximum bid before the auction ends.

  • Each auction has a defined end time and no bids will be accepted if placed after that time.

  • Make sure you have correctly entered in your maximum bid since this will be considered a binding contract to buy if you should you win the lot. Therefore, only bid on items that you intend to buy.

  • Bid Increments: Each auction lot follows a bid increment based on the current bid on the item. The new maximum bid has to be at least 5% higher than the current bid.

  • Maximum bids must meet or exceed the minimum bid (one bid increment above the current bid amount); however they need not be whole numbers or multiples of the bid increment.

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