Sterling silver jewelry

Playful and effortless, our sterling silver jewelry featuring VRAI created diamonds are everyday essentials made to stack, layer, and wear on repeat.

How to choose silver jewelry

Your guide to finding the sterling silver jewelry meant just for you.

Frequently asked questions about sterling silver jewelry:

Sterling silver is a mixture of pure silver and another alloy, usually copper. The pure silver is 92.5%, where other metal alloys such as copper make up 7.5%. Sterling silver is used in many fine jewelry designs. Sterling silver jewelry featuring VRAI created diamonds is dipped in rhodium to prevent it from tarnishing and keep it shining bright.

Sterling silver is considered the best option for jewelry because it is easier to work with than pure silver, which is softer and at a higher price point. Sterling silver has a high strength-to-weight ratio, which means that it will feel lightweight when wearing it, but durable and unlikely to break.

Silver is an excellent choice for everyday jewelry particularly when it comes to price. As it is less precious than gold or platinum, it is more affordable — making it perfect for building an everyday collection of necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. For more on what you should know before buying VRAI jewelry, speak with our diamond experts or search our blog for fine jewelry advice.

Stacking or layering silver jewelry with other silver jewelry pieces is the easiest way to create an effortless everyday look. You may also want to stack and layer silver with other designs in white gold, which have a similar color. This might include layering a silver Aura Solitaire Necklace with a Knife-Edge Bezel Station Necklace in 14k white gold for varied silhouettes. For those looking for a little extra drama, layering and stacking silver and rose or yellow gold designs is a playful way to add color to your look.

The best way to care for silver jewelry is to wear it often. The easiest way to clean silver jewelry, however, is by rubbing it with a silver polishing cloth. Because silver jewelry featuring VRAI created diamonds is dipped in rhodium to protect it, you may clean it by combining 1 tsp of mild dishwashing soap of your choice with 1 cup of warm water in a bowl. Let your silver jewelry soak for 15-30 minutes. Gently remove the silver and then lightly scrub with a soft, microfiber cloth until clean. Rinse off your silver jewelry with clean, room-temperature water then let dry on a clean, soft cloth.

Of course! Mixing silver and 14k white gold jewelry is common because both will have a similar color and look from a distance. 14k rose gold is excellent for mixing with sterling silver or other shades of gold as it is the most versatile and pairs well with both white and yellow shades. Mixing 14k yellow gold and silver jewelry is a modern look for those with bolder taste and dramatic style.

Sterling silver does tarnish, especially when exposed to certain elements such as salty air, chlorine, perspiration, or even certain cosmetics. It’s therefore important to regularly clean and polish silver, or remove it when swimming, exercising, or even cleaning, so that your designs remain pristine for a lifetime. For basic upkeep, wearing silver jewelry often is best. Once removed, store in a jewelry bag or jewelry box as leaving it out and exposed to air accelerates tarnishing.