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Eternity rings & unisex eternity bands

Crafted to last a lifetime, Eternity rings forever commemorate your love. Featuring lab-grown diamonds created by VRAI.


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Your guide to buying an Eternity ring

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Eternity rings with lab-grown diamonds FAQ

An Eternity ring is similar to an Infinity ring, where diamonds are featured all around the band. VRAI’s Eternity Band features Round Brilliant, Oval, Emerald, and Princess cut diamonds in a platinum or solid gold u-prong setting. Similar styles are the Infinity Band, Alternating Shapes Band, Devotion Band and Baguette Bar Band.

You may wear your Eternity ring on any finger you’d like, but it is essential to measure your ring size beforehand as Eternity Bands and other similar styles cannot be resized after. For those wanting to wear an Eternity ring as a wedding band and pair it with an engagement ring, it’s important to speak to a diamond expert and try the rings on together first to ensure a comfortable fit that won’t scratch or scrape.

Traditionally, you wear your wedding ring first and stack your engagement ring on top. If an Eternity ring is added to the stack, it’s normal to add that on top of your engagement ring. However, speak with a diamond expert and try the rings on together first to ensure a comfortable fit that won’t scratch or scrape.

An Eternity ring is often chosen as a wedding band or as an anniversary ring. If it is part of a wedding ring set, it’s important to try on alongside the engagement ring to ensure a comfortable fit. For an anniversary ring, it may be worn on any finger but many like to add it to their wedding ring set. Many choose Eternity rings to celebrate other milestones, like a birthday or personal accomplishment.

Traditionally, a wedding ring set includes an engagement ring and wedding band. Additional rings can be added if they fit comfortably together. An Eternity ring can act as a wedding band or can be added to the set. Speak with a diamond expert to ensure that an Eternity ring is right for your stack.

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