Yellow gold wedding rings

Honor your everlasting love with timelessly elegant yellow gold wedding rings with lab grown diamonds created by VRAI.

Your guide to buying yellow gold wedding rings

Frequently asked questions

For both engagement rings and wedding rings, 18k gold is usually the preferred karat. 18k is closer to pure, or 24k, gold. This makes it slightly more “precious” and appropriate for such sentimental designs. The difference between 14k vs 18k gold however is that 18k gold is slightly less durable. An 18k solid gold wedding ring will last a lifetime, but should be removed during strenuous work to avoid scratching.

While all of VRAI’s wedding rings are crafted using 18k solid gold, there are certain 14k yellow gold rings that individuals choose as their wedding bands. Tetrad Rings are an example of a unisex design that is sought after as a wedding ring time and time again. For a more untraditional band, consider a Signet Ring or a Mixed Cuff Ring in yellow gold.

“His and hers,” “hers and hers,” “theirs and his”... define love on your own terms! There are yellow gold couples rings perfect for mixing and matching, such as Brushed bands in varying widths, as well as Devotion Bands and other styles. For those looking for a close-but-not-exact match, consider pairing by diamond shape. A Round Eternity Band would pair well with a Round Inlay Band, for example, or a Brushed Baguette Band would be perfect with a Baguette Bar Band.

Of course you can mix metal colors! Your wedding ring set is a reflection of your personality and unique love, and should be true to your very own style. Mixing white and yellow gold, or yellow gold with rose gold or platinum, is a wonderful way to create a fashion-forward and personalized set. Also consider mixing plain styles with pavé styles for a truly head-turning look.