What Is Diamond Certification: Why It Matters & What to Look For

Alicia Briggs | April 04, 2023

Purchasing a diamond is often considered an important investment, similar to buying a house or car. Large purchases such as these should never be based on emotion or impulse alone. It’s important to have paperwork verifying quality and value so that you know your money is being well-spent. Diamond certification provides you with the details you need to purchase your lab-grown diamond with confidence.

Understanding what a diamond certificate is and what to look for allows you to enjoy the beauty of your VRAI created diamond while knowing that your investment was worthwhile.

Our VRAI Diamond Experts can help you understand what diamond certification means for any VRAI created diamond when you book an appointment.

What Is Diamond Certification?

Diamond certification is documentation that includes diamond grading, the process through which a diamond’s quality and value is identified. A certified gemologist starts by grading a diamond based on the 4Cscut, color, clarity, and carat. They then record the results of their evaluation in their report.

The 4Cs determine a diamond’s worth — the larger the carat weight and the higher quality of cut, for example, will make a diamond more valuable. This is important information to have when purchasing your diamond, as well as insurance for your diamond.

A diamond certificate will have diamond grading listed alongside other pertinent information describing the diamond.

Is Diamond Certification The Same As Diamond Grading?

Diamond certification and diamond grading are often used interchangeably as both refer to evaluating the quality and value of a diamond.

At VRAI, a diamond certificate goes beyond documenting a VRAI created diamond’s quality and value based on the 4Cs. VRAI diamond certification includes country of origin—all of our diamonds are grown at our zero-emissions foundry in the United States. We grade using advanced science-based technology to generate over a billion data points per carat of diamond grown. This gives a comprehensive advantage for judging the quality of a VRAI created diamond crystal, surpassing industry standards.

We also guarantee the grade of your diamond sustainably created by VRAI with our Full Lifetime Warranty.

What Is The Difference Between A Certified And Non-Certified Diamond?

Aside from the diamond certificate itself, the primary difference between a certified diamond and a non-certified diamond depends on the diamond itself.

“Before certifications were widespread, diamonds used to be assigned specific color names and grades that were not universal in the industry,” explains Queena Chang, GIA-Certified Gemologist and Diamond Expert. “GIA wanted to create a system to universally grade diamonds that is now utilized today.”

Diamond certification ensures that you know the value and quality of your diamond. A non-certified diamond can also be beautiful and of great quality, however. It just won’t have a third-party verification to inform you of the specific characteristics and worth of your diamond.

How Important Is Diamond Certification?

Diamond certification is important for two primary reasons. Diamond certification is the only way to guarantee the quality of your diamond and because of this, it ensures that the price you’re paying truly reflects the value of the diamond.

While certified diamonds aren’t necessarily better quality than non-certified diamonds, diamond certification is important to understand and protect the investment you’re making.

Are Certified Diamonds More Expensive?

Diamond prices will entirely depend on the diamond grade and the retailer. Certified diamonds can often cost more than non-certified diamonds primarily due to their quality. Higher-quality diamonds will always cost more than lower-quality diamonds.

Obtaining diamond certification can be costly and takes time. As such, retailers will invest in certification for higher-quality diamonds but may choose not to for lower-quality or smaller diamonds.

At VRAI, our diamonds are grown in our zero-emission foundries. This allows us to offer certified, quality lab-grown diamonds at competitive prices, with no middlemen markups. With VRAI created diamonds, a range of budgets can enjoy bigger and more brilliant diamonds.

Is It Better To Buy A Certified Diamond?

It’s better to choose a certified diamond to ensure you’re paying a price that represents the true value of a diamond as well as to guarantee you’re getting a real diamond. That being said, while it’s very important to know the characteristics of your diamond, it’s more important to love the way your diamond looks. After all, you’re the one who is going to wear it, so if you love it, that matters more than certification.

Which Diamond Certification Is Best?

GIA, the Gemological Institute of America, helped standardize a method of grading diamonds. Diamond grading is still subjective, so you can sometimes have differing opinions from Gemologists with the same training. The best certification for diamonds created in labs is the International Gemological Institute (IGI).

All VRAI created diamonds are graded using advanced science-based technology to generate over a billion data points per carat of diamond grown. This gives a comprehensive advantage for judging the quality of a VRAI created diamond crystal, surpassing industry standards.

Does It Matter Who Certifies A Diamond?

It does matter who certifies your diamond. Choosing diamonds certified by a reputable laboratory—like ours which operates higher than industry standards— means that you can better trust the diamond grade given.

Do All Labs Grade Diamonds The Same Way?

No, all labs do not grade diamonds the same way. This is why it’s important to choose diamonds certified by a trusted laboratory. All diamonds grown in our zero-emission foundry are graded using methods higher than industry standards. At VRAI, a diamond certificate goes beyond documenting a diamond’s quality and value based on the 4Cs. We believe so strongly in our science-based graded characteristics on our VRAI Diamond Certificate, we offer a Lifetime Warranty and a Diamond Value guarantee.

Can Lab-Grown Diamonds Be Certified?

Yes, lab-grown diamonds can and should be certified. All diamonds should go through a grading process that considers the 4Cs, no matter their origin. The 4Cs contribute to a diamond’s overall value and serve as the standard across all jewelers and grading agencies. Whether mined or sustainably grown, higher-grade diamonds carry a higher value because purity is difficult to obtain.

Lab-grown diamond certification will document your diamond’s grade so you can be assured of its value.

How Do You Know If A Diamond Is Certified?

All certified diamonds will come with a diamond grading report i.e. diamond certification. If a diamond does not have a diamond certificate, it’s most likely not certified even if the retailer is claiming it is.

How Do You Verify That A Diamond Matches Its Certificate?

Every VRAI created diamond comes with a unique number inscribed inside the girdle of the diamond. This microscopic inscription can only be read using a jeweler's loupe or microscope. A diamond expert or professional jeweler can use this diamond certificate number to match your VRAI created diamond to its certificate.

Do All Diamond Rings Come With A Certificate?

All diamond rings should come with a certificate if the featured diamond is certified. When you buy a VRAI created diamond engagement ring, you’ll receive a diamond certificate with your ring.

VRAI Diamond Certification
VRAI Diamond Certification

What Does A Diamond Certificate Look Like?

Not all diamond certificates look alike. Various institutions or brands will have slightly different diamond certificates. The most important information to look for, however, is a diamond grading report based on the 4Cs.

At VRAI, our diamond certificate includes the following:

Certificate Number

The certificate number is exclusive to your diamond and will correspond to the diamond’s unique inscription number

Diamond Grading Scale

This is the standard scale used to determine a diamond’s 4Cs.

Diamond Grading Report

This reflects all of your diamond’s distinct characteristics including the shape, origin, and inscription number of the diamond, as well as the diamond proportions, 4C grading results and any additional grading.


This identifies the shape of your diamond (Round Brilliant, Emerald, or Pear, for example).

Country of Origin

This confirms your sustainably created diamond was grown in the United States at our foundry in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


This is the date the Diamond Certificate was issued.


This is your diamond’s unique identification number, guaranteeing its Diamond Foundry authenticity.

Diamond Proportions

This identifies the depth, crown height, crown angle, pavilion height, pavilion angle, table diameter, girdle and measurements of your diamond.

Carat Weight

This identifies the weight of your diamond to the hundredth place.

Color Grade

This identifies the color of your diamond by the Color Scale (D-Z) and references its absence of color.

Clarity Grade

This identifies the clarity of your diamond by the Clarity Scale (Flawless-I) and references the visual purity of a diamond.

Cut Grade

This identifies the cut and quality of your diamond and references the arrangement of a diamond’s facets.


This identifies the quality of the placement of the facet shapes and outside finish of your diamond.


This identifies how precisely the various facets of your diamond align and intersect.


This identifies any glow in your diamond emitted under UV lighting on a scale from Very Strong to None. Please note that the presence of fluorescence is neither good nor bad, but a question of personal taste.

Gemologist Certification

This identifies the in-house Certified Gemologist responsible for grading your diamond.


This guarantees your diamond’s authenticity and grading with an exclusive foundry warranty.

How Do You Get A Certificate For A Diamond?

You’ll receive a diamond certification when you buy a VRAI created diamond on its own, as a ring, and for select pieces of VRAI created diamond jewelry.

You can also view the diamond certification for every VRAI created diamond before purchasing, on our website. Simply select the lab-grown diamond of your choice from our diamond inventory and click the pdf under “Certificate” to view the full diamond grading report.

What If I Lost My Diamond Certificate?

If you previously purchased a VRAI created diamond and have lost your diamond certificate, please contact us at hello@vrai.com for assistance with a replacement.

How Are VRAI Created Diamonds Certified?

From the moment VRAI created diamonds are grown to the moment they reach our customers, they never leave our hands. Our diamonds are grown in our zero-emission foundry located in America’s beautiful Pacific Northwest without the environmental toll of mining. They are then cut and polished internationally to the most exacting standards by master craftsmen in our workshops.

A Diamond Certificate accompanies our engagement rings featuring diamonds 1/2ct and above and fine jewelry designs featuring diamonds 1ct and up. This certificate outlines and guarantees the details of that specific stone.

With the help of advanced equipment and scientific techniques, our foundry is in a unique position to assess the quality of every diamond they grow and provide to us. By utilizing technology to aid in the grading process, our diamond foundry has been able to measure and store more than one billion data points for each carat of diamond grown. Our foundry has created a comprehensive data advantage for judging the quality of a diamond crystal, surpassing the widely-used industry standards.

In other words, we are well-equipped to assess the quality of each diamond grown in our zero-emission foundry.

At VRAI, we utilize a carefully-selected group of GIA-trained gemologists who are certified to be diamond graders. We empower them with our data and technical advantages to create accurate diamond grades for our lab-grown diamonds. The result is a GIA Gemologist Grading Report Warranted by VRAI.

While other diamond reports, including those from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), do not contain guarantees or carry disclaimers, our Diamond Certificate offers a GIA Gemologist Grading Report, and guarantees the grade of your VRAI created diamond, backed by a Full Lifetime Warranty.

In the unlikely case that your diamond turns out not to meet or exceed a grade stated on its certificate, our foundry will accept the return of the diamond. We'll provide you with a refund of the full purchase price or replace the diamond with a new VRAI created diamond that meets or exceeds the graded characteristics.

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