men's jewelry
men's jewelry

Father’s Day Jewelry: Top 12 Styles

Angelica Frey | May 17, 2023

Every familial bond is unique and special, and no two fathers or father figures are alike. So if you’re looking to find the perfect gift for the dad with classic style or wanting to celebrate an individual with bolder taste, we’ve got you covered with our Father’s Day Gift Guide.

Discover our favorite gift ideas that are sure to become a new generation of family heirlooms and last a lifetime. Book an appointment with our experts if you need any additional guidance.

Why should you gift jewelry for Father’s Day?

Father’s Day jewelry is jewelry meant to be gifted to the father figures in your life for father’s day. Fathers, grandfathers, honorary fathers are celebrated with timeless and classic jewelry including rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces that will last for decades. Any piece of jewelry qualifies as Father’s Day jewelry if the intention behind the gifting is to honor the paternal figures in your life.

What is the Best Metal for Father’s Day Jewelry?

The best metal for Father’s Day jewelry is the one that most closely matches with the personal style and preferred colors of the recipient of the gift. “If you’re unsure, I always recommend checking out what color watch they wear, if they wear one,” says Grace Taylor, VRAI’s Chief of Sales and Customer Experience. “It’s a good way to figure out what color they gravitate towards.” Regardless of what color they prefer—the white cast of white gold, the warm-toned yellow gold, or the soft-hues rose gold, a good piece of jewelry for Father’s day always comes in solid gold. VRAI’s fine jewelry is made in 14k gold, which strikes the perfect balance between luster and durability.

Do Diamonds Suit Father’s Day Jewelry?

Men’s jewelry does not need to be solely associated with metalwork. Diamonds were, originally, stones beloved by kings. Louis XIV made considerable contributions to France’s collection of crown jewels which, under his reign, ended up amounting to more than 5,800 diamonds. “A ton of men I have worked with like to have a small collection of pieces that go with everything and they almost never have to take off,” says Taylor. “Choosing solid gold and diamonds is the best way to achieve this because you virtually never have to remove them —unlike costume jewelry or vermeil pieces with semi-precious stones or cubic zirconia.”

Father’s Day Jewelry: Top 3 Necklaces

A necklace can elevate even the most pared-down outfit. From delicate necklaces to more substantial solitaire pendants in various shapes, VRAI’s Father’s Day necklaces symbolize the ties between wanderlust and family—whether that’s biological or of the chosen type. The Baguette Bezel necklace with a horizontally-set baguette diamond combines geometry and elegance. The Strength necklace represents empowerment and inner/outer fortitude.The North Star Medallion communicates that your father figure is a steady guide always leading you home.

Father’s Day Jewelry: Top 3 Bracelets

A great alternative to cufflinks, bracelets featuring VRAI created diamonds are the hallmark of effortless elegance. A bezel bracelet compliments an everyday look, and VRAI’s jewelry styles style allows you to choose from a variety of diamond shapes, including Round Brilliant, Marquise, Baguette, and Trillion. A Baguette tennis bracelet is opulent without being flashy thanks to the lustrous brilliance produced by the step-cut facets of the baguette diamonds. A Lariat displays two petite Round Brilliant diamonds for a sleek and timeless look.

Father’s Day Jewelry: Top 3 Rings

A ring symbolizes love, unity, belonging, and kinship. Gifting a ring to your father figure is a celebration of the bond that unites you. In addition, wearing a ring provides a subtle, but statement-making addition to any look and outfit, from jeans and white shirt to a three-piece suit. A Signet reinterprets the design of a class ring. The Tetrad features four diamonds arranged in a parallel formation. The Pavé border features pavé diamonds lining both its inner and outer edges.

Father’s Day Jewelry: Top 3 Earrings

A subtle shimmer next to your face can immediately illuminate your gaze and complexion. Whether your father figure prefers studs, hoops, or chains, earrings featuring VRAI created diamonds are sleek, heirloom-quality jewels.

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