18 Best Graduation Jewelry Gift Ideas Perfect For Any Graduate

Alicia Briggs | May 18, 2023

Graduation is a time to celebrate and to recognize the efforts and achievements that have gotten them this far. But it is also a time to gaze toward the future and explore the many possibilities that now lie ahead. Graduation jewelry gifts are the perfect way to mark this milestone for the class of 2023. Graduation jewelry can be worn as a reminder of the bright future before them and how far they’ve come. Use the eighteen graduation jewelry gift ideas below to find the perfect gift for your graduate this year.

What Are Traditional Graduation Gifts?

Traditionally, many choose to give cash for graduation. However, other common graduation gifts include classic jewelry pieces and gifts that will help them ease into their next chapter.

Although graduation is a day to honor the hard work and achievements of students, it’s also the perfect occasion to celebrate the mentors who encouraged them to do their best. Use our Graduation Gift Guide for numerous gift ideas for those that helped your graduate get to where they are today.

Is Jewelry A Good Choice For A Graduation Gift?

Jewelry is a fantastic and popular choice for a graduation gift. No matter what or whose graduation you’re celebrating, graduation jewelry gifts can be worn forever as a token of their achievements.

What Is The Best Jewelry For A Graduation Gift?

The best jewelry for a graduation gift is the one that best reflects your special graduate. Many choose classic, timeless jewelry pieces to gift for graduation. You may consider sterling silver jewelry for high school graduation or diamond jewelry for college graduation jewelry. Any piece of VRAI fine jewelry is a timeless design, available in numerous styles and price points perfect to mark any graduation.

What Is The Best Jewelry To Wear For Graduation?

The best jewelry to wear for graduation day is the jewelry that you feel most comfortable in. If you’re wearing a graduation gown, certain pieces will stand out better than others, such as earrings or bracelets. A graduation necklace is another popular jewelry choice for graduation day.

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18 Top Graduation Jewelry Gifts

Discover the best 2023 graduation jewelry below to select the perfect gift to mark your loved one's big accomplishment.

Graduation Bracelets

Bracelets make a beautiful graduation gift and can be worn by all, with anything. Consider the timeless Duo Lariat Bracelet, ideal for those who love subtle yet diamond-accented jewelry. The Orion Bracelet is a unique design inspired by the skies, perfect for those looking forward to the future. The Perennial Cuff features six VRAI created diamonds clustered together to resemble a floral bloom which beautifully represents your graduate's blooming future.

Graduation Necklaces

A necklace is a popular and classic jewelry gift for graduation. Our Keystone Semi-Bezel Necklace has a futuristic design that symbolizes the hope of today and the future possibilities for your graduate. For those who prefer elegant yet minimal jewelry, The Duo Lariat Necklace features two Round Brilliant diamonds and a plunging gold chain that is perfect for special occasions. For your younger graduates or those who don’t wear jewelry often, the Aura Ceramic Solitaire Necklace features a colorful ceramic halo encircling a Round Brilliant diamond on a sterling silver chain.

Graduation Rings

A ring for graduation is a meaningful and traditional gift. It can beautifully symbolize a class ring and serve as a daily reminder of your accomplishments. The celestial Orion Ring features three VRAI created diamonds symbolizing what you love and who you are. The Mixed Cuff Ring pairs two different diamond shapes together, which can represent the bond between two people, such as a parent and a child. The Aura Solitaire Ring is a simple yet playful design, perfect for daily wear.

Graduation Earrings

Earrings make a beautiful graduation gift, adding personal style to a cap and gown. Our stunning Pave Hoops offer just the right amount of shine for any outfit. The Petite V Studs are a modern take on a traditional wishbone design and will bring luck to all who wear them. For those who want their earrings to represent their unique selves, the timeless Knife-Edge Semi-Bezel Studs will do just that, thanks to the various unique diamond shapes available for this design.

Graduation Jewelry Gifts For Her

If you’re looking for graduation jewelry gifts for your daughter, consider one of these meaningful VRAI jewelry designs. The diamond-forward Eternity Hoop reflects your eternal love for her, which she can now wear everywhere. The Blossom Necklace features five Marquise diamonds in the shape of a flower, perfect for those whose life is just beginning to bloom. For a truly exquisite gift, the Tennis Bracelet is a refined and historic design featuring hand-polished diamonds that will shine as bright as she does.

Graduation Jewelry For Him

There are numerous options for men’s graduation jewelry as all VRAI jewelry designs are unisex. Consider the Pave Signet Ring for a gift that can be used as a symbol of who he is and who he’s becoming. The classic Solitaire Stud is an elegant piece of diamond jewelry that will always be in style while the North Star Medallion is a gift that will remind him of home, no matter where he goes.

How Do You Buy Personalized Graduation Jewelry?

If you’d like to buy personalized graduation jewelry, consider our engravable Solitaire Bar Pendant or our sterling silver Solitaire Bar Necklace. This sleek and timeless design features one VRAI created Round Brilliant diamond with ample room for a personalized engraving up to 12 characters. You can work with our VRAI Diamond experts to design a horizontal engraving for a custom jewelry graduation gift they can wear close to their heart.

Why Should You Choose Lab-Grown Diamond Graduation Jewelry?

There’s no better choice than lab-grown diamonds for a graduation gift. The class of 2023 displays more passion and drive than ever before. As they go out into the world, they will undoubtedly move forward with the same sense of conviction and heart for activism that the world has seen from them throughout. This generation is particularly inspiring because of their stance on climate change and the focused action they take on behalf of the planet. As your graduate sets off to create a better future, give them a gift that does the same.

VRAI’s sustainable values align with those of this conscientious generation, making any VRAI created diamond jewelry gift perfect for their graduation. VRAI jewelry is carbon neutral with diamonds grown in our zero-emission foundry and set in recycled solid gold. When you choose a VRAI jewelry design for a graduation gift, you’re choosing a gift that honors the values and aspirations of your graduate.

Explore All Graduation Jewelry Ideas

For more ideas on how to make Graduation 2023 a VRAI moment, book a virtual appointment with our diamond experts to discover further unisex gifts.

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virtual appointment with diamond expert meeting with potential customers over a call on a computer

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Speak with our diamond experts and enjoy:

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  • In-depth diamond 4C education
  • Exclusive in-store fittings or virtual try-ons
  • Custom design options