VRAI x Malaika

Josh Barringer | September 12, 2023

VRAI is guided by the belief that the future is our most precious luxury, leading us to partner with organizations working to empower the next generation. One such partnership is with Noella Coursaris Musunka and the nonprofit she founded in 2007, Malaika.

Mona Akhavi, President of VRAI says: “Noella represents the epitome of a creator & changemaker committed to creating positive solutions in the world. She has been dedicated to empowering girls and the next generation of changemakers through several programs at Malaika and beyond. We’re thrilled to be in partnership with Noella and Malaika, celebrating the common values and commitment we share at VRAI to give back and protect the planet and its people.”

Locally-led in the village of Kalebuka located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Malaika equips girls and their families for a better future through access to clean water, a school for vocational, agricultural education, athletic and health programs, and a community center. Sustainability lies at the core of its approach – both the Malaika School and Community Center are powered by solar energy and Malaika grows organic produce onsite, providing meals for students and staff.

Before founding Malaika, the area had little or no access to electricity, clean water, education facilities, healthcare, or technology. A lot of progress has been made since then. Thanks to this partnership, VRAI has helped provide resources for refurbishing a well, giving access to clean drinking water for 1500 villagers. The Malaika School sees 430 girls come through its doors each day, providing a free, accredited primary and secondary education. Subjects range from science, technology, engineering and mathematics to art, music, theater, and sport.

Noella Coursaris Musunka, Founder and CEO of Malaika, says: “This is an incredibly special partnership and one that’s so close to my heart. VRAI’s integral role in funding the building of a well in the area of Kalebuka and now their creation of these two bracelets inspired by students of Malaika demonstrates their commitment to our mission and their belief in empowering a community in the Congo. We’re also so proud to share VRAI’s commitment to sustainability, and their efforts to create a mining free world. Giving back to people and the planet is at the heart of VRAI’s business model.”

hand showcasing the yellow aura solitaire bracelet

In the spirit of partnership and collaboration, VRAI is honored to create the yellow Aura Solitaire Bracelet, which was inspired by drawings from the girls of the Malaika School. These unique bracelets will be available online at vrai.com with 10% of the proceeds from the sale donated to Malaika.

To learn more about Noella and Malaika’s work in Kalebuka, visit malaika.org.