Our designs are made to be worn stand-alone or stacked. Each is expertly crafted and features VRAI created diamonds.

VRAI craftsmanship

How to choose the right bracelet

One of the most popular styles of bracelet is a tennis bracelet that features an array of diamonds lined up side by side. While tennis bracelets are perfect for special occasions, many choose to add this bold design to their everyday look.

Bezel or Bezel Station bracelets are also sought-after for their light, effortless look. These styles are easy to stack and wear daily.

A tennis bracelet features diamonds linked together one after the other on a tennis chain (named after its similarity in appearance to strings in a tennis racket). The diamonds are the main feature of the bracelet; the chain and setting are minimal, creating a bold and elegant all-diamond look.

A bracelet is measured in inches, making finding your size quite easy. If you have a tape measure, simply wrap it around your wrist. If you only have a ruler, wrap a strip of paper or string around your wrist to measure, then lay it down along the rule to discover your size.

Most bracelets are between 6 to 8 inches in length, depending on the design.

A lab-grown diamond bracelet features man-made, above-ground diamonds. Lab-created diamonds are anatomically identical to mined diamonds; the only difference between the two is point of origin.

Choose from a variety of cuffs, chains, and tennis bracelets to pair together on the wrist in bangle-like fashion. Try and choose varying designs so that the chains do not tangle easily with one another.

You may choose one metal color or a variety to mix and match. Stacking bracelets of varying metal colors and with different diamond shapes creates bold and dramatic style.