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Engagement rings

Choose from an array of timeless settings and your favorite VRAI created diamond shapes for an engagement ring that’s true to your values and style.

Choose from an array of timeless settings and your favorite VRAI created diamond shapes for an engagement ring that’s true to your values and style.

Engagement rings by shape

From classic Rounds and Emeralds, to bold Ovals, Pears, and Marquise, select the diamond shape that perfectly reflects your personal style.

Find your engagement ring

Our guide to finding the engagement ring you'll say yes to.

Diamond shapes are the “personality” behind an engagement ring. Understanding your style and what shapes you gravitate toward is an important step in finding the right ring. Look at your current diamond jewelry to start. Diamond engagement ring shapes include:

Round Brilliant rings

The most popular of all diamond shapes, Rounds create a look of undeniable elegance that stands the test of time.

Oval cut rings

A soft silhouette that elongates the fingers and maximizes carat weight, the Oval is one of VRAI’s most sought-after shapes.

Emerald cut rings

One of the oldest diamond shapes and beloved for its clean, linear lines, the Emerald is a testament to exacting precision.

Pear shaped drings

Tapered to perfection, the Pear is renowned for its deeply symbolic teardrop design.

Radiant cut rings

The Radiant combines linear edges and brilliant facets for a look of beauty and strength.

Cushion cut rings

A pillow-like appearance and curved edges make the Cushion a modern favorite.

Marquise cut rings

The Marquise’s unique navette shape adds romance and whimsy to contemporary settings.

Trillion cut rings

A contemporary shape with three equal sides, the Trillion is faceted for fiery brilliance.

Asscher cut rings

A study in geometry and Art Deco design, the Asshcher is a vintage-inspired favorite.

Princess cut rings

Equilateral sides and pristine shine are what give the Princess modern appeal.

Select your engagement ring setting to put your love on full display. But remember that the setting, or style of ring, is all about your personal taste. Engagement ring settings include:

Halo engagement rings

This beloved setting is named for the “halo” of melee diamonds circling a center stone.

Toi et Moi engagement rings

French for "you and me,” Toi et Moi engagement rings celebrate a perfect pairing of two unique shapes.

Vintage-Inspired engagement rings

Modern takes on classic styles, vintage-inspired rings reimagine tradition.

Hidden Halo engagement rings

A hidden circle of melee diamonds give the Hidden Halo its intriguing luminary effect.

Two Tone engagement rings

Two Tone engagement ring settings combine classic design with versatile appeal.

Bezel engagement rings

Bezel engagement rings feature a delicate rim surrounding a center stone for a modern take on a classic setting.

When selecting an engagement ring metal, it’s important to consider the fine jewelry you already own. Most people have a strong preference for yellow, rose, or white gold, for example. Your engagement ring should ideally match your existing collection since you’ll be wearing them together.

Engagement ring metals include:

Platinum engagement rings

Platinum engagement rings are beloved for their incredible luster. And, as platinum is slightly harder than solid gold, those who choose it do so for its extra durability and strength

Yellow Gold engagement rings

18k solid yellow gold is the color most associated with gold itself. Choosing this hue will give your ring a look of timeless elegance.

Rose Gold engagement rings

14k solid rose gold pairs well with yellow and white gold, or can stand alone, making it the ideal option for those whose fine jewelry collection features a variety of metal colors.

White Gold engagement rings

18k solid white gold creates a look of modern sophistication and, like platinum, highlights colorless diamonds to perfection.

Now that you have found your VRAI created diamond and engagement ring setting, it’s time to propose! And while we have many ideas on ways to pop the question, we’ll leave that decision up to you. But you can be assured that the sustainable engagement ring you’re offering is a reflection of both your love and values.

Not only is your VRAI created diamond free from the human and environmental toll of mining, but it is created by converted greenhouse gas. And with modern, timeless styles, as well as master craftsmanship, you can be assured that your ring will last a lifetime.

Because we believe in true transparency, we invite you to learn more about our process. Discover why the VRAI created diamonds in our sustainable engagement rings are truly unmatched.

After exploring our settings and browsing our diamond collection, letting our diamond experts assist you is always encouraged. They offer in-depth diamond education and guidance through your many options. Booking an appointment with our team means that you will receive immediate feedback on all your questions concerning the 4Cs, budget, setting styles, and more.

These well-loved appointments are often quite celebratory. Not only can you and your beloved attend the appointment together and enjoy selecting an engagement ring side by side, but you can also return to select your wedding bands, or invite family and friends to select wedding jewelry later on.

Our diamond experts are available to speak with you inside our Los Angeles and San Francisco diamond showrooms. But they are also available wherever you are in the world! Book a virtual appointment and you can choose the ring you’ll say yes to from the comfort of your own home.

Frequently asked questions about engagement rings

A lab-grown diamond engagement ring is an engagement ring that features a man-made, laboratory-created diamond instead of a mined diamond. The only difference between the two diamonds is the point of origin. Because a lab-grown diamond did not have to be mined, the engagement ring is free from human and environmental toll.

A VRAI created lab-grown diamond engagement ring goes even farther, however. We convert greenhouse gas into sustainably created diamonds in a zero-emission, hydropowered foundry.

The best way to find your ring size is to have it professionally measured by a diamond expert. However, there are also ways of measuring it on your own.

Measure a current ring

Choose a ring that correctly fits the finger you are purchasing the ring for. Lay the ring over each of the sizes on a ring size chart until you are able to find a match. The inside of the ring should match as closely as possible to the circle on the guide.

Print your sizer

Print and then cut out a ring sizer. Wrap the ring sizer snuggly around the widest part of the intended finger so that the numbers are visible to you, then insert the pointed end through the slit you made in the sizer. Make note of the number that lines up with the slit — this is your ring size.

Order a ring sizer

VRAI’s complimentary ring sizers can be ordered and shipped to your home.

Many choose to wear an engagement ring on their left ring finger. Once married, both partners wear their wedding band on this finger as well. How you wear your engagement ring is a personal choice, however, so choose what is right for you.

Traditionally, if an engagement ring and wedding ring are worn together on the same finger, the wedding ring goes on first. The most important rule is to wear them in a way that is most beautiful and most comfortable to you.

The best thing to do to prepare for wearing your engagement ring and wedding ring together is to measure the finger(s) where you’ll wear the rings. You should also try on the rings together, especially if they are stacked, to make sure they fit comfortably side by side.

You have options as to where and how you should buy your engagement ring. Your first option is to complete your purchase on Choose your setting, metal color, band details, and VRAI created diamond entirely online. Then finalize your purchase and have it shipped straight to your home.

We also encourage customers to book an appointment with our diamond experts. You can attend a virtual appointment and buy your engagement ring with their help from the comfort of your home.

We now have diamond showrooms around the world. Make an in-store appointment with our diamond experts and select your engagement ring in person.

It was once believed that an engagement ring should cost the equivalent of two months’ salary. But your budget is personal to you and your partner.

VRAI offers settings at a variety of prices, depending on metal and band details. Starting with diamonds at 0.50 carats, there are center stones available for each and every budget.

Rings with pavé bands, halo settings, or three stone settings will naturally be at a higher price point because of their multiple diamonds. Diamonds of greater carat weight, and higher quality of cut, clarity, and color are also more valuable and higher in price.

We are vertically integrated — we create the diamonds that we use in our designs. Our diamonds have no middlemen markups. Therefore, the price of your VRAI created diamond is often lower than that of mined diamonds.

Traditionally, an engagement ring features a diamond or series of diamonds attached to the top of a band with a prong or bezel setting. The diamonds are the main feature on display.

A wedding ring is usually a band with no setting attached. It usually lies flat against the finger and can be made entirely out of platinum or solid gold, or feature diamond accents.

Go to our Custom Engagement Ring page to begin the process. You will book an initial consultation with our diamond experts to discuss your style options. Then your original inspiration will be translated into a VRAI design. Once you set your budget, we will assist you in selecting and purchasing your VRAI created diamond(s) so that the creation process can begin. You are provided with a computer-animated design (CAD) for your customized piece.

The most important thing to remember about the 4Cs — cut, color, clarity, and carat weight — is that one rule does not apply to all diamonds. Select your diamond shape and engagement ring setting first to know which of the 4Cs to prioritize.


A high quality diamond cut is important as it will affect how light enters and exits a diamond. We encourage customers to select an Excellent cut for all diamond engagement ring shapes, or Ideal and Ideal + Hearts for Rounds, for maximum shine.


Diamond color is graded on the absence of color. Colorless diamonds are ideal for those wanting a platinum or white gold engagement ring setting that will not imbue the diamond with additional color. For yellow or rose gold settings, Near Colorless diamonds are a wonderful choice.


Clarity measures the visual purity of a diamond and takes inclusions and blemishes into account. Very, very slightly included (VVS) or Very slightly included (VS) diamonds feature inclusions that are invisible to the naked eye. These grades are a wonderful choice for your engagement ring.


Carat refers to a diamond’s weight. Certain shapes maximize carats, making a stone appear larger than its weight. Engagement rings featuring Marquise, Pear, Emerald, and Oval shaped diamonds tend to look bigger on the finger than a Round Brilliant diamond that weighs the same.

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