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VRAI Created Diamonds Cut for You™

We are creators, not dealers.

We grow our own rough diamond with zero emissions in America’s beautiful Pacific West. Now we offer to cut & polish it to order for you – into any shape and size.

Avoid dealer markups & experience the craftsmanship of diamond creation.

Frequently asked questions

Cut for You™ opens the world of diamond creation to you: We cut & polish the world’s most impeccable rough to your exact specification.

Unlike stock diamonds which are limited to the shapes and sizes that dealers want you to buy, we offer a wide selection of diamond shapes and carats that cater to your preference.

As creators not dealers, we own each step in the diamond supply chain from growing rough diamonds in our zero-emission foundry in America’s beautiful Pacific West to the cutting and polishing in our workshops overseas.

We do not rely on mining, cartels, or dealers for our diamonds – which is why we are able to lead the industry in offering cut-to-order diamonds.

Yes, our engagement ring settings, available both online and in our showrooms can be fitted with Cut for You™ diamonds.

Once you have selected your engagement ring setting, check our inventory to see if there is a VRAI created diamond available in your desired shape and carat size. If your choice is out of stock, choose a “Cut for You” diamond.

Yes, designing a custom engagement ring with a Cut for You™ VRAI created diamond begins by booking an appointment with one of our diamond experts.

Schedule a consultation online or in-store to discuss your custom engagement ring. Our diamond experts will guide you through the Cut for You™ process and answer any questions you have.

Creating custom jewelry with Cut for You™ diamonds is the same as with engagement rings.
Begin by speaking with one of our diamond experts who will assist you with bringing your dream earrings, necklace, bracelet, or ring to life. They will also let you know what designs are feasible and provide you with in-depth information and guidance to make sure your Cut for You™ diamonds are the right fit for your bespoke pieces.

Yes, ordering a loose diamond "cut for you" is an option. After choosing the shape, carat weight and polishing details, you can place your Cut for You™ VRAI created diamond order directly on our website. Alternatively, you can speak with one of our diamond experts virtually or in-person, who will guide you through the process.

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