Top 10 Timeless Engagement Ring Styles

Angelica Frey | June 28, 2023

Ideally, you will wear your engagement ring for the rest of your life. For this reason, you will want something timeless. Timeless does not necessarily mean classic, as timeless is more tied to the wearer rather than the trend cycles.

If you want your engagement ring to be timeless, understanding your own style and your own aesthetic is the first line of action in your journey. At VRAI, all timeless engagement ring styles are set with a VRAI created diamond. VRAI created diamonds are grown in our certified zero-emission foundry using 100% renewable energy.

What Makes an Engagement Ring Timeless?

Your engagement ring will be timeless regardless of its actual setting, diamond shape, and degree of ornamentation if it matches with your own sense of style and fashion. Timelessness is often associated with a more minimalistic and streamlined style. Selecting a setting that emphasizes the diamond over the metalwork is one way to ensure that your ring will withstand the endless cycle of fashion trends. Even the more elaborate Edwardian and Art Deco inspired rings are still timeless in their design.

Diamond shapes are not immune to trends either, but most cuts are classic expressions of the centuries-old tradition and legacy of diamond cutting. The Emerald Diamond, for example, originated 500 years ago Ultimately, it all comes down to the personal preference of the wearer.

Are Solitaires a Timeless Style?

While not all timeless engagement rings have a sleek setting, the Solitaire is one of the designs that embodies the definition of timeless. A plain or pavé-decorated band puts the spotlight on the center diamond, and the prongs actually further accentuate the shape of the stone. Four-prong settings are non-intrusive, but six-prong settings uniquely highlight the curves of Round and Oval diamonds.

Compass-set prongs, which are oriented like the four cardinal points, are ideal if you want your square diamond in a kite setting (rotated 45 degrees, with the four corners arranged in the North, South, East, and West position). In case you’re afraid your solitaire is too common, rest assured that solitaires can combine timelessness and uniqueness. In the case of VRAI created diamonds, our Cut for You™ process allows you to choose from 31 different diamond shapes, from storied to in-house exclusive cuts.

Are Vintage-Inspired Styles Timeless?

Vintage-inspired settings and styles can absolutely be timeless. Art Deco, for example, which references “les arts decoratifs” and defined the style and shapes of the 1920s, has an emphasis on geometry and intricate, yet clean lines. Step-cut diamonds like Emerald, Asscher, and Baguettes were signature shapes from that era, and they immediately infuse any setting with elegance and sophistication.

The Three-stone settings exploded in popularity in the Victorian era and had a revival between the 1930s and 50s. Now a three-stone setting, especially if it features tapered side stones, is one of the most timeless choices you could make if you want both brilliance and extensive finger coverage.

Are Bolder Styles Timeless?

Bolder styles are timeless especially when the setting, metalwork, center, and side stones match with your style and the rest of your jewelry. Styles like Toi et Moi, for example, use asymmetry to create a uniquely elegant look, while the four baguettes that serve as stones to the Five Stone Heirloom ring can seamlessly pull off any diamond, both brilliant-cut and step cut.

Popular Timeless Diamond Shapes

Round diamonds are perhaps the most popular diamond shape currently available. Over 50% of the engagement rings featuring round diamonds as their center stone. Still, each diamond shape has its own characteristics that make it timeless. Emerald and Asscher diamonds play with geometry and clean lines, and their step-cut facets produce a coveted “hall of mirrors” effect. The Marquise and the Pear combine curves and pointy edges, while the Oval has a brilliance and faceting similar to a Round (with an elongated shape that flatters most hands and finger shapes). Princess diamonds combine modernity and sophistication, while Radiant has the sophisticated silhouette of the Emerald shape (with a brilliant-cut faceting pattern).

Top 10 Timeless Engagement Rings

Graduated Round Brilliant Engagement Ring

The Graduated Round Brilliant Engagement Ring

The graduated Round Brilliant Engagement Ring features an array of eight VRAI created diamonds in graduated size in a shared-prong setting. This diamond-forward take on a classic design is timeless in its romantic look and can be easily dressed up or down.

Five Stone Emerald Engagement Ring

The Five Stone Heirloom Emerald

The Five Stone Heirloom engagement ring features four Baguette side stones that are set to enhance the brilliance of a VRAI created diamond. If you choose an Emerald as a center diamond, you will create an infinite hall of mirrors effect.

Classic Emerald Engagement Ring

The Classic Emerald Engagement Ring

VRAI Classic Emerald Engagement Ring combines the clean, fluid lines of the band and the prongs with the elegant geometry of an Emerald-cut diamond, creating an elegant harmony of lines, edges, and curves.

Single Shared Prong Cushion Ring

The Single Shared Prong Cushion Solitaire

12 VRAI created diamonds flank the center stone in this diamond-forward reinterpretation of VRAI’s Classic Solitaire, giving this engagement ring an ethereal, filigree-like effect. Pairing it with a Cushion cut turns this ring into a turn-of-the-century-inspired creation.

Floating Solitaire Marquise Diamond Ring

The Floating Solitaire Marquise

The Floating Solitaire engagement ring features a unique setting that gently lifts your VRAI created diamond and its hidden halo. Pairing this setting with a Marquise creates a unique balance between elegance and strength, in a design that is both delicate and bold.

The signature 6 prong round brilliant engagement ring

The Signature Six Prong Round Brilliant

The Six Prong engagement ring features a low setting thanks to our signature sling that slightly dips below the band and six prongs that firmly secure your stone in place while also highlighting the curves of a Round Brilliant diamond.

Classic Two Tone Asscher Diamond Ring

The Classic Two Tone Asscher Engagement Ring

If you like colorless diamonds, but prefer a warm-toned metal for your band, the Two-Tone engagement ring pairs VRAI’s Classic Solitaire model with a warm-toned metal band that features prongs in white gold or platinum. This is an ideal solution for step-cut diamonds such as the Asscher cut, which due to their wider, more open faceting tend to show color more than brilliant-cut diamonds.

Emerald Diamond Bezel Ring

The Signature Bezel Emerald Engagement Ring

The Bezel setting has existed since the earliest documentations of jewelry. When metal encircles an Emerald diamond, it emphasizes its step-cut facets and clean geometry, balancing minimalism and artistry.

Halo Oval Diamond Ring

The Halo Oval Engagement Ring

An Oval diamond is the ideal complement to a Halo engagement ring. With a radiant series of individually hand-set pavé diamonds, the Halo engagement ring maximizes the brilliance of the center diamond while also making it appear larger. In addition, the Oval will also make your hand and fingers appear longer and more slender.

Signature Pear Diamond Engagement Ring

The Signature Pear Engagement Ring

The Signature is VRAI’s reinterpretation of the classic solitaire, featuring a lower setting thanks to a slightly dipping sling that draws in light to maximize brilliance. A Pear diamond will also uniquely flatter your finger, making it appear longer and slimmer.

Knife Edge Princess Diamond Ring

The Knife Edge Princess Engagement Ring

The Knife-Edge solitaire engagement ring features sloping edges that take the gaze directly to the diamond. A Princess diamond emphasizes this balance of curves and edges for a quintessentially timeless and modern design.

What Is the Best Metal for a Timeless Style?

Each metal can create a timeless ring if it works both with the color of the diamond and with your personal preferences and skin tone. Yellow gold will create a classic look, and it highlights the unique coloring of faintly colored diamonds, whose cream cast is both romantic and sophisticated. Rose gold is vintage-inspired and romantic, and complements diamonds of all colors. White gold highlights the white cast of colorless diamonds. Platinum has a similar effect, which is why the material was highly coveted at the height of Art Deco jewelry.

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virtual appointment with diamond expert meeting with potential customers over a call on a computer

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Speak with our diamond experts and enjoy:

  • Personalized guidance to select your ring
  • In-depth diamond 4C education
  • Exclusive in-store fittings or virtual try-ons
  • Custom design options