Tennis Bracelets: Top 9 Styles For All Occasions

Kimberly Zerkel | December 07, 2022

Tennis bracelets are known for the unapologetic glamor they add to any look. The name itself comes from professional tennis player Chris Evert, who refused to be parted from her diamond jewelry, even while on the court. No matter the moment, lab-grown diamond tennis bracelets are there to effortlessly elevate your look.

Here are our top 9 favorite styles featuring VRAI created diamonds meant for all occasions— even if there’s no occasion at all!

What Is A Tennis Bracelet?

Tennis bracelets are one of the most iconic bracelet and tennis jewelry designs. In fact, tennis jewelry gets its name from the tennis bracelet. This style contains a row of diamonds linked together one after another by a solid gold chain. Traditionally, the diamonds are all the same shape and size, but newer variations featuring mixed shapes exist today.

Why Is It Called A Tennis Bracelet?

Professional athlete Chris Evert was known not only for her fierce tennis game but also for her on-court style, which has influenced many tennis players today. She often wore diamond jewelry while playing. During the 1987 US Open, her all-diamond bracelet (then called a line bracelet) flew off her wrist during a play. She stopped the game to search the court for her jewelry, and the style was named “tennis bracelet” from that day forward.

How Many Carats Should A Tennis Bracelet Be?

There’s no right or wrong answers when it comes to carat weight. On average, however, most tennis bracelets are 2 to 3 carats.

Depending on size and diamond shape, VRAI’s tennis bracelets can be between 2 ½ carats to 8 ½ carats. Newer designs, such as the Unity Bracelet or Illuminate Bracelet, can go all the way up to 19 carats.

What Diamond Shapes Are In A Tennis Bracelet?

Traditionally, tennis bracelets have featured an array of Round cut diamonds, the most popular diamond shape in the world. Baguette shaped diamonds are also considered classic and are a popular choice for tennis bracelets. Over time, more shapes have been included in tennis designs, including Half Moon, Hexagon, Lozenge, and Marquise cut diamonds. Tennis Bracelets such as the Mixed Shape Bracelet alternate between diamond shapes, as well.

Top Diamond Tennis Bracelet Styles

Diamond tennis bracelets add instant shine to any look, whether dressed down or going out. From timeless and classic styles to contemporary takes, there’s a tennis bracelet style for everyone. Discover these top picks and choose how to make them your very own!

Women’s Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Whether worn solo to truly stand out, or stacked with multiple bracelets for outstanding everyday style, consider these women’s diamond tennis bracelets to be a go-to staple. The classic Round Brilliant Tennis Bracelet or the Linked Tennis Bracelet are ideal for adding to your daily rotation. The Illuminate Bracelet, with 19 carats worth of VRAI created diamonds, is a statement piece tailor-made for special occasions.

Men’s Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Paired with a favorite watch or chain bracelet, or tucked elegantly beneath a suit sleeve, these mens’ diamond tennis bracelets give him a look of instant sophistication. Favorites include the Baguette Tennis Bracelet, or softly daring looks like a petite Round Brilliant Tennis Bracelet. Perfect as a gift, these styles are heirlooms in the making.

Gold Tennis Bracelets

When you love the look of yellow gold as much as you love the brilliance of diamonds, these particular styles are must-haves. The Baguette Tennis Bracelet or Mixed Shape Bracelet in yellow gold are ideal for every day. The Unity Bracelet, with over 12 carats of VRAI created diamonds and extra gold that “unites” each shape together, is the perfect addition to your wedding or event style.

Top Celebrity Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Although it became famous on the tennis court, tennis bracelets have always been a staple on the red carpet. Which celebrities are choosing tennis bracelets featuring diamonds sustainably created in our zero-emission foundry? Kendall Jenner stunned at a Met Gala after-party wearing what could perhaps be named the ultimate tennis bracelet design. The G-Chain Bracelet, designed by Givenchy in collaboration with VRAI, featured over 352 VRAI created diamonds as well as recycled solid gold. Rita Ora wore both the Illuminate Bracelet and Unity Bracelet together as statement pieces. And Gwen Stefani sported the classic Round Brilliant Tennis Bracelet while filming a music video.

Want to discover all the celebrities wearing VRAI’s tennis bracelets and more? See which stars are spotted wearing VRAI created diamonds.

Shop Tennis Bracelets And All Tennis Jewelry

Make this undeniably elegant style your own by shopping all tennis jewelry styles. Choose from bracelets, necklaces, and more, then customize in your favorite diamond shape and metal color. Or book an appointment with a diamond expert for white-glove fine jewelry shopping.

Because VRAI created diamonds are made by converting greenhouse gas in our zero-emission foundry, you can indulge in these decadent designs, guilt-free.