Cathedral engagement rings

Arches lift your VRAI created diamond to perfectly catch every ray of light.

Expert advice
Expert advice

Expert advice

Complimentary appointments, in person or online, with our diamond experts.

Complimentary appointments, in person or online, with our diamond experts.

Most popular Cathedral engagement rings

How to buy a Cathedral engagement ring

Our guide to finding the Cathedral engagement ring that's right for you.

A Cathedral setting is an engagement ring setting that features two metal arches on either side of the center stone. These arches gently lift and secure the solitaire diamond in place. It is named after the arches found in Gothic cathedrals around Europe.

Start by setting a budget. This will help you and our diamond experts narrow down your options as you consider what diamond to purchase, and other details, such as metal and pavé setting.

Next, measure your fingers — usually the left ring finger — so that you purchase the right size of engagement ring. After that, decide on which diamond shape you would like to be featured in your Cathedral engagement ring, as well as if you would like a pavé setting or engraving. As always, the most important rule for how to buy an engagement ring is to find the one that is right for you.

Engagement rings and wedding rings should be cleaned once a week to keep them shining bright and germ-free. This is especially true of Cathedral rings whose arches and extra crevices can attract more dirt.

A simple weekly cleaning routine involves soaking your ring in a small bowl filled with warm water and a few drops of liquid dishwashing soap. After thirty to forty-five minutes, remove the ring and brush it gently with a soft-bristle toothbrush, then rinse and pat dry with a soft towel. VRAI engagement rings are also eligible for a complimentary annual cleaning through our Lifetime Care Package.

While your Cathedral engagement ring can be worn throughout most of the day, it’s best to remove it for manual work like gardening, or for exercise that involves your hands, like weight-lifting or yoga. For comfort, you should also remove your ring while sleeping.

When it comes to choosing the diamond shape for your Cathedral setting, take your own personal taste, not trends, into consideration. However, there are certain shapes that are sought after again and again.

Oval Cathedral engagement rings

This diamond shape not only adds classic elegance to the Cathedral’s overall look, but also maximizes carat weight. The arches of the Cathedral elevate the elongated form of an Oval-shaped diamond, making it appear larger on the finger.

Princess cut Cathedral engagement rings

The equilateral edges of a Princess-cut diamond pair with the arches of a Cathedral setting to create a solid, clean architectural look that is modern yet timeless.

Round Brilliant Cathedral engagement rings

For those looking for a traditional or vintage-inspired look, the Round Brilliant diamond is the perfect pair for a Cathedral setting. The raised setting elevates this classic diamond shape to perfectly catch every ray of light.

By selecting a Cathedral engagement ring featuring diamonds sustainably created in our zero-emission foundry, as well as platinum or recycled solid gold, you are celebrating your values alongside your love. The sustainably created diamond featured in your setting is free from human or environmental toll — which means you can enjoy its beauty, guilt-free.

Cathedral engagement rings FAQ

A Cathedral setting can make your diamond look slightly bigger. This is because it elevates the center stone, bringing it closer to the eyes. Even this slight elevation makes a difference in how large the diamond appears on your finger.

A Cathedral engagement ring is designed to pair flush with your wedding band, which means that most wedding band styles sit snuggly next to the ring.

When pairing, consider wedding ring styles like an Eternity, Infinity, or Devotion band or a Flat or Round band that can nestle next to the engagement ring with ease. Matching metal colors and pavé settings is also a popular way of pairing your Cathedral engagement ring with your wedding band, but is not obligatory.

When looking down at a Cathedral ring, the featured diamond might appear larger because of its slight elevation. When looking at a Cathedral from the side, the arches are visible and the center stone is noticeably raised.

In short, a Cathedral setting can be more secure than other engagement ring settings. But all of VRAI’s engagement ring designs are secure and crafted to last a lifetime. The elevated sides and setting in a Cathedral, however, provide added security.

Speak with VRAI’s design experts for a custom-designed engagement ring. Tell them your ideas for a custom Cathedral setting — whether it’s adding a halo or featuring a unique diamond shape, for example. They’ll help you understand which custom details are possible, then guide you through the white-glove design process.