Tiny diamond necklace, Solitaire necklace, medallion
Tiny diamond necklace, Solitaire necklace, medallion

Wedding Party Jewelry Guide: What Should You Wear to a Wedding?

Alicia Briggs | October 11, 2023

One part of planning a wedding that often causes confusion is the wedding party jewelry. You may or may not have a preference on how your wedding party accessorizes, or you may not know how to pick their jewelry.

Use this guide to learn how to choose wedding party jewelry, and what type of lab-grown diamond jewelry each guest should wear.

What Is Wedding Party Jewelry?

Wedding party jewelry is the jewelry that your wedding party wears. The wedding party typically refers to the groomsmen, bridesmaids, maid of honor, and/or the parents of the bride and groom.

How to Choose the Best Jewelry For a Wedding

The best wedding party jewelry will perfectly pair with the wedding attire, the bride and groom, and the overall tone of the wedding.

Before choosing any jewelry, first decide how much thought you want to put into wedding party jewelry. Some people prefer for their bridesmaids and groomsmen to have a unified look. Other people are fine with everyone adding their unique touches. Some people don’t care at all about wedding party jewelry.

Next, decide whether you’d like to pick out the jewelry for your wedding party, or if you’re okay with people choosing or wearing their own jewelry. If you’re planning on giving gifts to your wedding party, jewelry is a fantastic wedding gift. If you have a strong preference for what type of jewelry your party wears, and/or your party has varying budgets, giving jewelry gifts is a thoughtful solution.

Lastly, decide what type of jewelry, and how much jewelry, each member of your wedding party should wear. If you prefer that your guests bring their own jewelry, ensure that no one wears the same jewelry as you do (unless you want them to). If there’s any concern that someone would show up wearing the same jewelry as you, inform your wedding party beforehand of what not to wear.

If you want to choose or plan your wedding party jewelry, or buy jewelry gifts, read on for the best types of jewelry for each member of your party.

Bridesmaid Jewelry Ideas

Bridesmaid jewelry often requires the most planning as far as wedding party jewelry goes. There are so many options to choose from, with endless possibilities of colors and styles.

What Jewelry Should the Bridal Party Wear?

Bridesmaids should wear elegant yet understated jewelry pieces that will complement, but not outshine, the bride’s. Bridesmaid jewelry should also be different than bridal jewelry. A simple pair of diamond earrings with a chain diamond bracelet or a Solitaire necklace make timeless choices for bridesmaid jewelry.

Is Jewelry a Good Bridesmaid Gift?

Jewelry is a perfect bridesmaid gift. If you’re giving your bridesmaids jewelry gifts, you usually have two options. Either give your bridal party matching jewelry designs to wear on the big day, or pick out something that’s tailored to each of them. If you choose the former, the wedding style and bridesmaid dress inform the jewelry type.

If you choose the latter, also consider their unique style, preferred metal color, or favorite jewelry types. You can even create personalized bridesmaid jewelry by engraving or customizing a bracelet, necklace, or ring.

Should a Bridal Party Wear the Same Color Jewelry?

Bridesmaids typically wear different jewelry than the bride, whether that’s different metal colors, gem colors, and/or styles. Different color accents create an eye-catching contrast between you and the bridal party.

However, that doesn’t mean every color needs to be different when it comes to jewelry. Afterall, certain colors will go best with the color scheme of your wedding. You can wear matching metal colors, or gem colors, but try to choose noticeably different types or styles of jewelry than your bridesmaids.

Best Jewelry For Bridesmaids

Necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are all fantastic jewelry options for bridesmaids. Earrings are one of the easiest and most beautiful choices for bridesmaids. Let the neckline of the dress, and the earrings you’re wearing, determine the ideal type of bridesmaid earrings. If your earrings dangle or drop, consider diamond studs, dazzling Eternity Hoops, or sleek Huggie Hoops for your bridesmaids.

If your bridesmaids will be holding flowers, consider diamond shapes and metal colors that match both their attire and the flowers. Floral designs are very popular choices for bridal party jewelry, like VRAI’s Perennial Cuff.

Simple bridesmaid jewelry sets are an effortless and chic choice for bridesmaid jewelry. Choose matching styles for earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Timeless Solitaire styles, like Bezel Solitaire Studs, Petite Solitaire Pendant, or V Flex Bangle, all have matching designs to easily create a set.

Groomsmen Jewelry

Men’s wedding party jewelry adds personal style and subtle flair to classic groomsmen attire.

Is It Traditional to Give Groomsmen Gifts?

Traditionally, grooms choose to give gifts to their groomsmen as a way to say thank you for all their help on your special day. Groomsmen's gifts are often personalized, timeless mementos that they can treasure for years to come. Diamond lapel pins, engraved necklaces, and chain diamond bracelets make excellent groomsmen jewelry gift ideas.

Personalized Groomsmen Jewelry

Creating custom groomsmen jewelry is a thoughtful way to have matching jewelry on your special day. Engrave a meaningful message, such as the date, or their initials, or add custom details that reflect them.

Personalized jewelry is best as a thank-you gift that they can wear on your wedding day versus something that your groomsmen need to order themselves. For unique groomsmen jewelry, consider VRAI’s Solitaire Bar Necklace or Pendant. You can engrave up to 8 characters on a sterling silver bar with a Round Brilliant diamond.

Groomsmen Jewelry Ideas

Groomsmen Jewelry should add some shine and style to a groomsman’s outfit, without standing out too much (unless that’s the goal). Groomsmen's jewelry often differs from the groom's, and the style and colors shouldn’t conflict with what he’s wearing. Some grooms like to have a matching personalized accessory with their groomsmen, such as matching jewelry.

Lapel pins in complementary or contrasting metal colors look fantastic with a suit, as do classic Solitaire Studs if your groomsmen have pierced ears. Chain necklaces can be simple, unique, or bold, and they pair well with any other chain necklace, as do chain bracelets. A symbolic Signet Ring also makes an excellent choice for groomsmen jewelry.

Mother and Father of the Bride Jewelry

The mother and father of the bride are essential figures in the wedding party. Since they both spend several memorable (and photographed) moments with the bride, consider putting some thought into their jewelry choices.

What Type of Jewelry Should the Mother of the Bride Wear?

The mother of the bride often assumes the role of hostess on the wedding day. Her jewelry should reflect her special status and beauty, without outshining the bride’s. Classic, timeless pieces that pair with the bride are perfect for mother-of-the-bride jewelry.

A stunning, elegant statement piece like a Tennis Bracelet, pearl necklace, or Duo Dangle earrings are also great choices. To keep the look understated and appropriate, minimize other pieces of jewelry.

Does the Father Wear the Same Jewelry as the Groomsmen?

The father of the bride does not need to match the groomsmen or the groom’s jewelry. The father of the bride has more flexibility in what he wears, but it’s still important that his choices and colors complement the bride's. Especially if he’s walking her down the aisle. A simple gold diamond lapel pin, chain bracelet, or cuff links are perfect jewelry pieces for the father of the bride.

Wedding Party Jewelry FAQs

For further wedding party jewelry inspiration, consider the following.

Is Jewelry a Good Wedding Party Gift?

Fine jewelry is an excellent wedding party gift. You can personalize jewelry to the wearer for a thoughtful touch. Plus, it’s something they can take home with them and wear for years to come.

Can You Mix Silver and Gold Jewelry for a Wedding?

You can mix silver and gold jewelry for a wedding, as long as they complement each other. For example, it’s best to choose metal colors that work with the bridal colors, as well as the attire of the wearer.

Who Buys Bridesmaid Jewelry?

Bridesmaids typically pay for any accessories or attire for a wedding, including jewelry. Some brides pay for the bridesmaid's jewelry, especially if they are choosing specific pieces, or giving jewelry gifts. This is a personal choice, however, and up to you.

Do Bridesmaids Wear Their Own Jewelry?

Bridesmaids can and often do wear their own jewelry to weddings.

Does the Mother of the Bride Wear Pearls?

Pearls have long been worn at weddings by either the bride, wedding party, or guests. Bridal pearls are sometimes given to the bride on her wedding day by her mother. Pearls are also a wonderful choice for the mother of the bride to wear, such as a pearl necklace or earrings.

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