What Is Diamond Certification?

VRAI | March 28, 2024

Purchasing a diamond is often considered an important investment. Diamond certification provides you with the details you need to purchase your lab-grown diamond with confidence. Understanding what is in a diamond certificate allows you to enjoy the beauty of your VRAI created diamond while knowing that your investment was worthwhile.

What Is Diamond Certification?

Diamond certification is documentation that includes diamond grading, the process through which a diamond’s quality and value is identified. A certified gemologist starts by grading a diamond based on the 4Cscut, color, clarity, and carat. They then record the results of their evaluation in their report.

The 4Cs determine a diamond’s worth — the larger the carat weight and the higher quality of cut, for example, will make a diamond more valuable. This is important information to have when purchasing your diamond, as well as insurance for your diamond.

A diamond certificate will have diamond grading listed alongside other pertinent information describing the diamond.

At VRAI, a diamond certificate goes beyond documenting a VRAI created diamond’s quality and value based on the 4Cs. VRAI diamond certification includes country of origin — all of our diamonds are grown in the United States. We also guarantee the grade of your diamond created by VRAI with our Full Lifetime Warranty and value guarantee.

The VRAI difference

From the moment VRAI created diamonds are grown from the first atom to the moment they reach our customers, they never leave our hands.

With the help of advanced equipment and scientific techniques, our foundry is in a unique position to assess the quality of every diamond we create. By utilizing technology to aid in the grading process, we have been able to measure and store more than one billion data points about each carat of diamond grown.

In other words, we are well-equipped to assess the quality of each diamond grown in our zero-emission foundry.

At VRAI, we utilize a carefully-selected group of GIA-trained gemologists who are certified to be diamond graders. We empower them with our data and technical advantages to create accurate diamond grades for our lab-grown diamonds. We then back this up with a full guarantee. While other diamond reports, including those from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), do not contain guarantees or carry disclaimers, our Diamond Certificate offers a GIA Gemologist Grading Report, and guarantees the grade of your VRAI created diamond, backed by a Full Lifetime Warranty.

In the unlikely case that your diamond turns out not to meet or exceed a grade stated on its certificate, our foundry will accept the return of the diamond and provide you with a refund of the full purchase price or replace it with a new VRAI created diamond that meets the graded characteristics. Learn more by reading our warranty and guarantee.

Why We Don’t Use Third-Party Grading

It’s important to have your diamond graded by a trustworthy source. Here are a few reasons why we don’t use third-party grading:

It matters who certifies a diamond.

Although the International Gemological Institute (IGI) and the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) are considered prominent organizations in the diamond grading industry, there are several issues and debates surrounding their grading systems. They include inconsistencies, influence on market value, subjectivity, and lack of consumer transparency. This is why VRAI uses state-of-the-art equipment and has trained in-house gemologists for diamond certification.

Not all diamonds are graded the same.

One of the major concerns with diamond grading is inconsistency. Even within the same organization, different graders remain subjective and may assess diamonds slightly differently. VRAI has tested many of the leading grading laboratories and found great variations between their results, including different results for the same diamond.

Third-party grading is not guaranteed.

Grading agencies face a difficult job. They receive a diamond with no context or other input and must detect inclusions and various degrees of color with only the help of a microscope with their own eyes. Inconsistencies happen — which is why even the most celebrated grading agencies offer no guarantee on their grades. VRAI created diamond certifications, however, are backed by a lifetime warranty and value guarantee.

Diamond grading is not the same across the globe.

As the diamond industry is global, the practices and standards of grading can vary from one region to another. Although labs strive to maintain global consistency, differences in training, equipment, and local market preferences can influence grading outcomes.

VRAI Diamond Certification
VRAI Diamond Certification

The VRAI Grading Process

VRAI’s diamond grading process for color, clarity, and craftsmanship is meticulously structured throughout our entire manufacturing journey. With over twenty years of invaluable experience and expertise, we have implemented a system that underscores the accuracy, reliability, and consistency of our grading standards. Having graded tens of thousands of stones annually, we have earned a reputation as a trusted and esteemed partner in the industry.

Our approach to grading stones sets us apart from other entities, as we assess them from the rough stage through the entire cut and polishing process until they reach the final polished state. We incorporate numerous checking points after each manufacturing step to ensure thorough evaluation and quality control.

Here is the journey of how our diamonds are graded:

Stage 1 – Planning: Our process begins with assessing clarity in our rough planning department, utilizing the highest standard planning equipment available.

Stage 2 – Blocking: In this pivotal stage, we carefully place the stone into a model, tailoring it to the specific shape and design chosen for the stone.

Stage 3 - Bottom Part Polishing: Our skilled bottom polishers meticulously refine the lower portion of the diamond. Upon completion, the stone is then passed to our bottom QC team for evaluation.

Stage 4 - Top Polishing: Our proficient top polishers commence the polishing of the upper portion of our diamond. During this stage, only the initial 8 top facets are polished, with additional facets for enhancing brilliance addressed in subsequent stages.

Step 5 - Girdle Polishing, Star Facets, and Halves Facets: This stage marks a pivotal moment as it stands as the final step before completion, demanding utmost concentration and attention.

Step 6 - Final Grading: Upon completion of the polishing process, the finished stone is handed over to our expert gemologists for final grading. Each facet is examined, and even the slightest imperfection prompts immediate correction by our skilled polishers.

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