14k Gold Rings: Your Perfect Everyday Staples

Kimberly Zerkel | October 18, 2022

Whether as an engagement ring, wedding ring, or stackable ring for your daily look, 14k solid gold rings are perfect staples to add to your collection. Not only are they renowned for their beauty, but these rings are also durable enough to wear every day and pure enough for those with skin sensitivities.

A wide array of stacking and statement rings are available in 14k gold, as are certain engagement rings and wedding bands. Because they are available in multiple colors and designs, there’s a 14k gold ring for every style. Which solo ring or brilliant stack featuring VRAI created diamonds is right for you?

Find your very own 14k ring with help from our diamond experts.

What Is a 14k Gold Ring?

A 14k gold ring means that the material used for making the ring is 14 parts pure gold, 10 parts other alloys. Other alloys are most often silver and copper, added in different amounts depending on color. Gold is most often classified by a numerical value followed by ‘k’, for karat. Karatage is a value that tells us what percentage of pure gold your jewelry contains.

Alloys increase gold’s strength. Pure gold is called 24k gold; it is far too soft and malleable for jewelry. When alloys are mixed in, it gives the material strength and a more solid structure. It can also be altered to create different colored gold. When combined, this entire material is called “solid gold”

Even though it is combined with other alloys, 14k gold is still pure enough that most people with metal sensitivities are able to wear it. And because it is more durable than 18k solid gold, you can keep it on throughout your busy day.

14K vs 18k Gold Rings

What’s the difference between 14k vs 18k solid gold? For 18k solid gold, the ratio of pure gold to alloys is higher. It contains 18 parts of pure gold to 6 parts other alloys. Because 18k pieces are mostly pure gold, they tend to be slightly softer and their coloring is a shade brighter. Most engagement rings and wedding bands are made from 18k solid gold. The only exceptions are rose gold engagement rings, which are always 14k in order to achieve their rosy hue.

White gold engagement rings and yellow gold engagement rings feature 18k solid gold. These 18k solid gold rings are crafted to last a lifetime, just like 14k gold rings. However, because they aren’t quite as durable, they are more prone to scratching or scuffing. So 18k solid gold rings should be removed for labor-intensive work.

Whether 14k and 18k, both are considered “solid gold.” VRAI only uses solid gold, never plated, vermeil or filled. Both are appropriate for people with certain skin sensitivities.

How Much Is A 14k Gold Ring?

A 14k gold ring is less expensive than a 18k gold ring (note that 18k gold rings are less expensive than platinum). Along with their durability and long-lasting value, this is yet another reason why 14k gold rings are perfect everyday staples to add to your collection.

Does 14K Gold Tarnish?

Designs made with 14k solid gold are built to last and not tarnish or change color over time. Tarnishing is more likely to happen in plated, filled, or vermeil designs that contain less gold.

Rings made from 14 karat gold or above should be regularly cleaned and taken care of, but they will see very little tarnishing if any at all. This is because, the higher the karat of gold, the less base metals used and the less likely the ring is to tarnish.

What Are Popular 14k Gold Rings?

14k gold rings can be white, yellow, or rose colored. Yellow gold is often the most popular color, but choosing which shade is right for you is entirely up to personal preference.

Traditionally, 14k yellow gold is considered best for those with neutral to warm skin tones, while 14k white gold is often preferred for those with neutral to cool skin tones. 14k rose gold is considered neutral and pairs well with both yellow and white gold.

14k White Gold Rings

14k white gold rings are undeniably sleek and modern. From delicate bezel essentials to more substantial tetrad styles, these settings are the definition of contemporary classics. Choose a variety of shapes and styles for the ideal white gold stack.

14k Rose Gold Rings

Rose gold, like all 14k solid gold, is made of 14 parts pure gold and 10 parts other alloy — most often copper. More copper results in a more pronounced red color. All of VRAI’s rose gold rings, from engagement rings to wedding bands, are composed of 58.5% gold and 41.5% copper. Which rosy ring would you choose?

14k Yellow Gold Rings

14k yellow gold rings are best-selling staples. From fashion-forward bypass rings to head-turning statement rings, there is a 14k yellow gold ring for everyone. Explore timeless styles that you’ll be wearing for a lifetime.

14k Gold Diamond Rings

Just because 14k gold is durable and perfect for every day, that doesn’t mean that a diamond or two can’t be added in the mix! While certain infinity styles, like the Infinity or Eternity Band, should be removed during strenuous work, these long-lasting designs are still perfect for adding to your everyday look.

What Are Different Styles Of 14k Gold Rings?

Because this solid material is just the base for any and every design, there are different styles of 14k gold rings that work for everyone. Explore men’s, women’s, and unisex 14k gold rings to gift to others — or to yourself.

Men’s 14k Gold Rings

These enduring classics are sure to add a look of bold sophistication to his daily look. Whether worn as a simple band or as a dramatic pinkie ring, these men’s 14k gold rings are here to help him shine bright.

Women’s 14k Gold Rings

Build up her collection with 14k gold rings meant to stand the test of time. From vintage-inspired to modern and minimalist, there are rings in every gold color that she’ll want to incorporate into her daily look.

Unisex 14k Gold Rings

For you, for them, or for everyone on your gift list — unisex 14k gold rings add extra brilliance to everyone’s look. Show your love and appreciation with unisex 14k gold rings that are perfect for any and every style.

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