2 Carat Pear Cut Diamond Engagement Rings: A Styling Guide

Angelica Frey | March 21, 2023

The only asymmetrical diamond shape, a Pear cut diamond makes every engagement ring a unique creation. Its signature teardrop shape can be oriented in a number of different ways, and at two carats, a VRAI created Pear cut diamond combines curves, sharp corners, and scintillating brilliance. Experts can uniquely advise you in choosing a VRAI created Pear cut diamond.

What Is A 2 Carat Pear Cut Diamond Ring?

A 2 carat diamond engagement ring featuring a Pear cutis an engagement ring featuring a 2 carat Pear cut center stone. It’s a timelessly elegant shape, whose tapered outline uniquely flatters the finger, combining the brilliance of a Round Brilliant cut with the elongating effects of the Marquise diamond. At this carat weight, this cut does tend to show more color than the Round Brilliant, so take that into account when choosing the color grade. Like the Oval cut, the Pear shaped diamond can show a dark pattern across its width that resembles a bow tie: choosing a higher-grade cut can minimize this characteristic. Much like Marquises, Pears have points that are vulnerable to damage if they’re not covered by prongs

How Do You Choose A 2 Carat Pear Cut Diamond?

When it comes to choosing a 2 carat Pear Cut diamond, you need to pay attention to the bow-tie effect.

“Elongated diamond shapes like pear have a faceting pattern that is different in the center section than at the edges, creating the look of a bowtie across the center of the diamond where the diamond facets are larger,” explains Grace Taylor, VRAI’s Chief of Sales and Customer Experience. “The bowtie is not necessarily a bad thing, but in some cases it can appear darker than the rest of the diamond, which is undesirable. You want to find a pear that has good light return throughout the whole diamond.” You also need to be mindful of color distribution. “You also want to make sure that any presence of color is evenly distributed throughout the diamond - pears can have a color pooling effect in the tip and end of the diamond, leaving the center less colorful than the ends,” Taylor continues.

What Is The Price Of A 2 Carat Pear Cut Diamond?

A 2 Carat Mined Pear Cut diamond with VVS-VS clarity grade, and F-G color, will cost from $20,000 to south of $40,000. VRAI-created Pear cut diamonds with the same parameters will cost from $3,355 (G, VS2) to $4,797 (F, VVS1): lab-grown diamonds with the same parameters cost at least 75% less.

The advantages of lab-grown diamonds extend beyond their price tag. In fact, they undergo the same growth process by being exposed to extreme heat and pressure, and as a result, they share the same chemical and physical properties with mined diamonds. They have to be cut and polished just like their mined counterparts and are graded with the same criteria in terms of color, cut, clarity, and carat weight, so they’re optically identical as well, provided you’re comparing two diamonds with the same cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. The only difference is the point of origin, and, unlike a mined diamond, a lab-grown diamond such as a VRAI created diamond has guaranteed origin.

What Is The Actual Size Of A 2 Carat Pear Cut Diamond On Your Finger?

A 2 carat Pear Cut diamond measures between 11.53 by 6.95mm and 11.73 by 7.15 mm. This means that it will cover around 42% of a size 6 finger. The weight of the stone is 0.4 grams. It’s worthy of note that the length of a 2 carat Pear diamond is larger than the diameter of a 5-carat round brilliant cut diamond. In addition, since it’s an elongated cut, there are also length-to-width ratios to be mindful of: the most popular length-to-width ratio for Pears is between 1.50:1 and 1.75:1.

What Are The Best Styles For A 2 Carat Pear Cut Diamond Engagement Ring?

A 2 Pear engagement ring suits classic, dainty, vintage-inspired and more modern styles effortlessly. That being said, the best styles for a 2 carat pear cut diamond are the ones that are protective of the stone, as the pointy tip is fragile.

Classic Pear Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

A Pear-cut solitaire will have the same finger-flattering effects as rings featuring elongated shapes such as Emerald, Oval, and Marquise, but with the added benefit of asymmetry. Having one prong to protect the pointy tip flatters both the stone and the overall design of the setting. Choose a Classic solitaire if you like the bold, swishing curves of the prongs; a Signature solitaire, on the other hand, will allow your 2 carat diamond to sit lower on your finger while also maximizing its brilliance. A Halo, with its pavé of individually hand-set diamonds, fully emphasizes this unique diamond shape.

Vintage-Inspired Pear Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

The Three Stone setting is a quintessentially classic design. “A pear in a Three Stone setting is the most classic in my eyes - you'll see tons of vintage rings from the 20s in this type of design,” says Taylor. A Toi et Moi featuring a Pear will make the design dynamic and elegant. If you want a vintage-inspired design that is more ethereal than maximalist, a Graduated Band with a 2 carat Pear diamond as a center stone will yield a romantic, scalloped look.

Modern Pear Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

The asymmetry of a 2 carat Pear diamond makes it the perfect material for modern jewelry designs. The Signature V, for example, has both curves and sharp corners, and a 2 carat Pear cut diamond nestles perfectly in the band’s dipping center. A bezel setting, with its polished rim, directly retraces the shapes of a Pear cut diamond.

Shop For A 2 Carat Pear Cut Diamond With Our Experts

A 2 carat Pear Cut diamond is unique in its brilliance, asymmetry, and color distribution. With these characteristics in mind, an expert can help you choose a diamond that will result in an engagement ring that will be passed down through generations.