3 Carat Round Diamond Rings: A Shopping And Styling Guide

Angelica Frey | March 14, 2023

A 3 carat Round diamond engagement ring perfectly combines a considerable carat weight, a substantial size – an ideal cut measures 9.3 mm in diameter – and versatility. 3 carat Round Brilliant cut diamond rings shine in a minimalist setting, whether delicate or more substantial, that can make the center diamond the center of attention. In addition, this size and weight works with a number of styles that range from classic to vintage-inspired to modern. Book an appointment with an expert to see what styles for this carat size best complement your hand and to see which VRAI created diamond is right for you.

What Is A 3 Carat Round Diamond Engagement Ring?

A 3 carat round diamond ring features a 3 carat round diamond as its center stone. A Round Brilliant, reports GIA’s Diamond Essentials, “ in most retail settings, is by far the most popular diamond cut. It has 57 or 58 facets, depending on whether there’s a culet or not.”

The facets are either triangular or kite-shaped and radiate from the center toward the girdle. 3 carats weigh 0.6 grams, while the diameter for a 3 carat diamond with an Excellent or Ideal cut rating is 9.3 mm. Size-wise, it is a little less than 30% bigger than a 1 carat Round Brilliant diamond, which measures 6.5mm.

VRAI’s Round diamonds are cut to maximize cut and brilliance, and the cut grades only include the highest standards: Excellent, Ideal, Ideal+Hearts.

Ideal+Hearts is a grade reserved for Round Brilliant cut diamonds, which comprises perfect optical symmetry displaying hearts and arrows-shaped patterns when viewed from the table down and up

What To Look For In A 3 Carat Round Diamond

VRAI created 3 carat Round Brilliant cut diamonds are cut to maximize their cut, not their carat weight or size. In fact, the highest-cut grade called Ideal+Hearts is reserved for Round cut diamonds: its symmetry results in hearts and arrow-shaped patterns when viewed from the top.

In general, for all carat weights of Round cut diamonds, cut is the most important parameter of all the 4Cs.

“Experts estimate that this cut alone accounts for more than 70% of all diamonds sold today,” reports GIA’s online resource 4Cs. “The quality of a Round Brilliant diamond’s cut determines how much the diamond sparkles.”

However, given the higher carat weight, color and clarity have to be taken into consideration as well: a larger table, for example, makes inclusions and blemishes more visible, and it also makes the presence of any color more apparent.

How Much Does A 3 Carat Round Diamond Cost?

A mined 3 carat Round Brilliant diamond with F-G color, VVS-VS clarity grade will cost from $42,870 to $91,550. In the case of lab-grown diamonds, which sport the same chemical, physical, and optical characteristics as mined diamonds, the price is significantly lower. VRAI created diamonds in the 3 carat range, with F-G color and VVS-VS clarity grade, cost between $5,305 (H, VS2) and $7,881 (for F, VS1). If you want to go a little lower in color, you can find a J, VVS2 for $4,388.

Price is only one of the reasons to love lab-grown diamonds: since the growing process is the same for both mined and lab-grown diamonds, lab-grown diamonds do sport the same clarity characteristic and range of colors as their mined counterpart and are graded with the same criteria. In addition, we can’t forget that lab-grown diamonds are all of guaranteed origins and without the human and environmental toll of mined diamonds.

How Big Is A 3 Carat Round Diamond On My Hand?

The diameter of a 3 carat Round diamond is between 9.26 and 9.46mm, so it covers 0.56 of the width of a size 6 finger, which measures 16.5mm in width. Round Brilliant diamonds are not a shape that faces up particularly large, as their weight is evenly distributed between crown and pavilion. Don’t automatically go for the larger face-up size, though, as a shallower pavilion might result in less brilliance. If size is what matters to you the most, look into a modified brilliant cut such as Oval and Marquise: they pair an elongated cut (which is flattering, too!) with brilliant-cut facets.

1 Vs 3 Carat Round Diamond Engagement Ring

1 carat Round diamonds measure between 6.4 and 6.6 mm in diameter. A 3 carat diamond weighs 3 times as much but, since it measures between 9.26 and 9.46 mm in diameter, is only 30% larger.

2 Vs 3 Round Carat Diamond Engagement Ring

2 carat Round diamonds measure between 8.07 and 8.27 mm diameter. A 3 carat diamond weighs 1.5 times as much but, since it measures between 9.26 and 9.46 mm in diameter, will only appear 1.15x bigger.

What Are The Best Settings For A 3 Carat Round Engagement Ring?

The best settings for your 3 carat Round engagement ring are the ones that put the center VRAI created diamond in the spotlight without sacrificing wearability and design.

“Most clients have not seen a 3.00ct diamond on their hands before, so actually seeing a live 3.00ct on their hands is the biggest "WOW" moment that they have,” remarks GIA gemologist Queena Chang, our resident diamond expert. The Brilliance of this cut is equally as stunning: people don't realize how much brilliance is lost over camera, so being able to see and enjoy the full rainbow flashes (fire) and reflections of light (scintillation) is always an amazing moment to behold.

Solitaire 3 Carat Round Engagement Rings

A solitaire will put your 3 carat Round diamond front and center. Our Signature Solitaire combines a low setting with maximum brilliance, while keeping the diamond secure. Given the substantial carat weight, a Signature 6-Prong will make sure it stays in place while also highlighting the shape and the unique brilliance of the diamond. Do you like the white cast of your diamond’s brilliance while preferring warmer-colored metals for the band? The Classic Two Tone setting with platinum prongs on a yellow or rose gold band will make sure that the color of the band won’t affect the diamond’s brilliance.

Vintage-Inspired 3 Carat Round Engagement Rings

VRAI’s vintage-inspired settings complement your 3 carat round diamond without overshadowing it. For a 3 carat diamond, our Three Stone engagement ring works great with Trillion cut side stones, which give the whole ring a sleek, elegant overall shape.

The Twisted Classic juxtaposes the considerable size of the center stone to two delicate, twisted bands alternating pavé and plain patterns. Combining vintage feel with sleek modernity is the Cathedral setting, which supports the stone while allowing the light to enter from all directions.

Modern 3 Carat Round Engagement Ring

Playing with symmetry and negative space when it comes to choosing a setting for your engagement ring can uniquely showcase your 3 carat round diamond in unexpected, unforgettable ways. VRAI’s Signature V has contoured cusps that nestle a sustainably created diamond between the band’s dipping center. The Curator combines compass prongs with a freshly rounded band, for an artistic play on symmetry and substance. Our Hover model shows off the diamond by having it float parallel to the band.

Shop 3 Carat Round Diamonds With The Help of our Experts

A 3 carat Round diamond is a significant purchase, and given its substantial carat weight, it needs the right style and settings. Talking to an expert will help you choose the right color and clarity grade, and the perfect setting to show it off.