loose and rough VRAI created diamonds
loose and rough VRAI created diamonds

Diamond Cut Price: How Does Diamond Cut Affect Diamond Price?

Alicia Briggs | March 01, 2023

There are several factors that will impact the total cost of a diamond, including diamond cut. Understanding how diamond cut prices are determined will help you choose the right diamond for you and your budget. Read on to learn what diamond cut is, why it’s important, and how different types of diamond cuts and cut grades will affect both the price and appearance of your diamond.

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What are the Different Diamond Cuts?

Diamond cut is one of the diamond 4Cs and it refers to the arrangement of a diamond’s facets. The way that a diamond’s facets are arranged, i.e. the diamond cut, determines how light interacts with a diamond. As such, the diamond cut is what dictates a diamond’s brilliance.

There are seven different diamond cut grades. Diamonds with a higher cut grade will be more symmetrical with perfect proportions and the light will enter and exit through the diamond’s table. Lower-quality cut diamonds will have less exacting proportions and the light escapes from the bottom or sides.

The different diamond cut grades from highest to lowest are:

Ideal + Hearts:

This is the highest cut grade, only reserved for VRAI Round Brilliant cut diamonds. Only <1% of diamonds have this cut quality.


This cut grade is also only for VRAI Round Brilliant diamonds and is the second-best cut grade. These diamonds have perfect proportions and maximum brilliance.


For all other diamond shapes, Excellent is the highest cut grade available. This premium cut has perfect proportions that provide maximum brilliance for all diamond shapes.

Very Good:

The next best diamond cut grade, these diamonds will be at a slightly lower price point due to inclusions that aren’t visible to the naked eye.


While this cut grade is lower, the defects that these diamonds have are also not visible to the everyday person.


Diamonds with this cut grade will have slightly visible defects.


The lowest cut grade, Poor cut diamonds will have visible defects.

VRAI created diamonds range from Excellent to Ideal + Hearts.

Aside from diamond cut grades, there are also different types of diamond cuts. The different types of diamond cuts will dictate how the diamond reflects light, impacting its overall appearance, as well as the diamond cut price.

There are three different types of diamond cuts: Brilliant Cut, Step Cut, and Mixed Cut. Each type of cut will reflect light differently, so which cut is best depends on your personal preference. Brilliant cuts, however, are the most expensive type of diamond cut and are mostly found in Round Brilliant cut diamonds.

Why Is Diamond Cut Important?

Diamond cut is one of the most important factors in determining the overall appearance and beauty of a diamond, including its brilliance. While many people prioritize diamond carat weight, a poor quality cut diamond of a higher carat weight can appear smaller and less brilliant than a lower carat weight diamond with an excellent cut.

Does Diamond Cut Affect Diamond Pricing?

Yes, diamond cut affects diamond prices. A diamond with a higher cut grade will usually cost more than a diamond of a lower cut grade. However, other factors such as carat weight, diamond shape, and diamond grade will determine the total diamond price.

Why Does Diamond Cut Make a Diamond Cost More?

A higher diamond cut will typically increase the total cost of a diamond for several reasons. Higher cut grades, especially at higher carat weights, are rarer. They also mean that a larger percentage of the rough diamond was disposed of during the cutting process.

That’s why fancy-shaped diamonds of a higher cut grade typically cost less than Round Brilliant cut diamonds of the same cut grade, as fancy-shaped diamonds use more of the rough diamond.

Do Certain Diamond Cuts Cost More?

When comparing diamond cut prices, expect to pay more per diamond carat with each increase in cut quality. Diamonds with a higher cut grade use less of the rough diamond and require diamond cutters to spend more time on the diamond cut, which is why they cost more.

What Is The Most Expensive Diamond Cut?

Round Brilliant cut diamonds are the most expensive diamond cut overall. This is primarily due to high demand and rarity. The most expensive diamond cut grade is Excellent for fancy-shaped diamonds and Ideal + Hearts for Round Brilliant cut diamonds.

What Is the Most Affordable Diamond Cut?

The most affordable diamond cut will be diamond cuts that utilize the highest percentage of the rough diamond, and require the least amount of labor. This means fancy-shaped diamonds with a Poor cut grade, will be the most affordable diamond cut.

At the time of publication, VRAI created Marquise cut diamonds, and Pear cut diamonds, with an Excellent cut grade, are the most affordable diamond cuts available.

How Do Different Diamond Shapes Affect The Price?

The Diamond cut price difference for diamonds with the same cut quality and carat weight often comes down to the diamond shape. The more popular and rare the diamond shape, the more it will cost. Round Brilliant cut diamonds are the most popular diamond shape, so they usually cost more than other diamond shapes.

Different diamond shapes require different cutting processes, using less or more of the rough diamond. This will also influence the overall price of the diamond.

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Price

Round Brilliant cut diamonds are the most expensive diamond cut. This shape and cut requires a large percentage of rough diamond to be discarded and is a labor-intensive cut. However, investing in a high-quality cut is essential for Round Brilliant diamonds to ensure peak beauty, a larger appearance, and maximum brilliance.

At the time of publication, a .33 carat VRAI Created Round Brilliant cut diamond with an Excellent cut begins at $490. The price will increase depending on the setting and metal you choose.

Square Shaped Diamond Prices

Square-shaped diamonds tend to be more affordable. While these shapes often have labor-intensive cuts, and differences in popularity, they use more of the rough diamond which lowers the total price.

Even though Princess diamonds are quite popular, for example, Princess cut diamond prices are more affordable than Round Brilliant diamonds as this shape uses 80% of the raw material. Another affordable square-shaped diamond is the Cushion cut diamond. VRAI Created Cushion cut diamond prices start at $701 for an Excellent.1.1-carat diamond.

Fancy Shaped Diamond Prices

The remaining fancy-shaped diamonds are also more affordable than Round Brilliant cut diamonds of the same cut grade since they use more of the rough diamond. Some of these diamond shapes, such as Oval cut or Pear Cut diamonds, appear larger than Round Brilliant diamonds while still costing less. If you’re on a budget, consider fancy-shaped diamonds with high-quality cuts.

Why Should You Choose VRAI Created Lab-Grown Diamonds?

All VRAI Created Diamonds feature premium cuts with perfect proportions, expertly cut and polished in-house by our skilled craftspeople. You’ll never find a VRAI created diamond for less than an Excellent cut, with brilliant options up to Ideal + Hearts.

Unlike other lab-grown diamonds or mined diamonds, VRAI Created diamonds are produced in our zero-emission foundries, meaning your diamonds are free from human or environmental toll. Less than 1% of all diamonds available meet the same quality standards as us.

Investing in a high-quality cut is essential to ensure a beautiful and brilliant diamond, but you can do this for less when you choose VRAI created diamonds. Our lab-grown diamonds are available at some of the most competitive prices, since we produce our diamonds from start to finish, with no middlemen. This way, you can easily invest in a higher cut grade, even if you’re on a lower budget.

Explore Diamond Cut Pricing with a VRAI Diamond Expert

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