three engagement rings in classic solitaire styles in yellow gold, white gold and platinum
three engagement rings in classic solitaire styles in yellow gold, white gold and platinum

The Symbolism and Meaning Behind Different Engagement Ring Shapes

Alicia Briggs | February 13, 2024

Selecting the perfect engagement ring isn’t simply about the brilliance or the size of the diamond, it’s also about the meaning behind the ring shape. Many shoppers wonder, "What does each diamond shape say and how does it reflect my relationship?" Every diamond tells a unique story. Understanding the symbolism and meaning behind different engagement ring shapes will help you select a ring that’s both beautiful and personally meaningful.

This guide will help you navigate the meanings behind various popular ring shapes so that you can find the perfect symbol for your unique love story. To further your inspiration, explore VRAI’s 30 lab-grown diamond shapes online or at a showroom near you.

What Do the Shapes of Engagement Rings Mean?

Every engagement ring tells a story that starts with the center diamond. Each diamond shape has its own meaning and unique beauty, just like each relationship. When choosing an engagement ring, understanding the symbolism of each diamond shape will help you find the one that best represents you.

Below we break down what the most popular diamond shapes for engagement rings mean. While reading, think about which shape reflects you and your partner.

Round Brilliant Cut: Traditional and Elegant

Round cut engagement rings are timeless and enduring, representing endless love. Round Brilliant cut diamonds are the most popular and classic shape. They are perfect for people who cherish traditional values and universal beauty.

The Round Brilliant cut diamond started the now universal trend of wearing diamond engagement rings to symbolize love and commitment. This versatile, round shape has timeless appeal and undeniable brilliance, perfectly representing eternal love burning brightly.

The 360-degree circular symmetry of a Round diamond symbolizes balanced, harmonious relationships that will stand the test of time.

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two engagement rings next to a ring sizer and package

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Princess Cut: Modern and Bold

With its square edges and modern flair, the Princess cut is for the trendsetter with a bold and adventurous spirit. The Princess cut is the only true square diamond and one of the newest diamond shapes. With striking pointed corners, Princess cut diamonds have an undeniable presence that’s perfect for innovative trailblazers.

Princess cut diamond rings are a symbol of strength, clarity, and forward-thinking love; ideal for couples forging their unique path in the world.

With four equal sides, sharp yet delicate corners, and a regal, feminine name, Princess cut diamonds are a testament to the balance between strength and vulnerability. Known for its fire and sparkle, this shape is best for people who live passionately and boldly.

Oval Cut: Unique and Classic

Oval diamond engagement rings offer a distinctive twist to a classic Round. They're ideal for distinguished, creative people who elegantly stand out from the crowd.

Oval shaped diamonds are both traditional and unique. They have a vintage allure and undeniable brilliance. With a symmetrical, elongated shape, and soft curves, the Oval shape embodies balance — the perfect blend of unique yet classic as well as contemporary yet historic.

An Oval cut engagement ring is meaningful for couples whose captivating love story has a modern twist. If you and your partner are forward thinkers who value tradition, but who still find beauty in the unconventional, then an Oval cut engagement ring may be the perfect shape for you.

Emerald Cut: Sophisticated and Historic

Emerald cut engagement rings are a nod to the Art Deco era of sophisticated glamor. The Emerald is a historic diamond shape with a modern feel, thanks to its long, clean lines, rectangular shape, and step cut faceting.

Emerald cut diamonds represent strength, sophistication, elegance, and an appreciation for history and tradition. Emerald cuts are perfect for lovers who honor the allure of the past but look forward to the promise of the future.

Emerald cut engagement rings are often favored by modern minimalists. But with a captivating subtle depth, Emerald cut diamonds are also meaningful for relationships that have endured through time, just like this shape.

What Do Custom Diamond Engagement Rings Mean?

Custom engagement rings are personalized love symbols which are tailored to reflect the unique journey you share with your partner. Choosing a custom diamond shape for your engagement ring is the ultimate expression of individuality and a wonderful way to honor your love.

How to Choose a Meaningful Shape for Your Engagement Ring

should also hold the right meaning for your relationship. Each shape has its own character and charm — just like each love story.

Consider the following to choose the best diamond shape for your engagement ring:

It Tells Your Love Story

Consider what each shape symbolizes and how it aligns with your love story. Does your relationship reflect classic, romantic tales or take the form of a modern love story? Do you appreciate the epic romances of the past or celebrate the uniquely modern aspects of your relationship?

Think about the stories you’ve shared, the milestones you’ve celebrated, and the future you envision. The right diamond shape should echo these sentiments and values.

It Represents Your Partner

Whether it’s the timeless allure of the Round cut or the vintage style of a Pear shaped diamond, every diamond cut has a personality. Choose the diamond shape that represents your partner’s style and personality.

It's Your Preferred Look

Each diamond shape offers a unique look. The engagement ring you choose should be meaningful but it should also be one that your partner will love to wear.

If you don’t think your partner will like the way a diamond shape looks, then it’s not the right shape for their engagement ring. Prioritize the appearance of the diamond shape when finalizing your engagement ring selection.

Receive Expert Guidance on Engagement Rings at VRAI

Just like every unique love story, each diamond cut has its own origin story and meaning. That’s why VRAI offers 30 different lab-grown diamond shapes. Each shape is cut and polished to the highest standards in the industry by our fourth-generation master craftsman.

From the very first atom, VRAI created diamonds are grown in the world’s first zero-emission foundry, crafted from 100% renewable energy. When you choose VRAI engagement rings, you’re choosing a meaningful engagement ring that symbolizes both your love and your values.

The easiest way to choose the perfect shape for your engagement ring is to book a complimentary appointment with a VRAI diamond expert. We listen to your stories, understand your preferences, and offer insights that help you make the most meaningful decision for you.

Engagement Ring Shape FAQ

Read on for frequently asked questions about the meaning behind engagement ring shapes.

To choose the right diamond shape for an engagement ring for your partner, consider their preferences. What jewelry styles do they currently adore? Think about their personality, lifestyle, and even their hand shape.

Different diamond shapes will affect the perceived size of the diamond. Diamonds with an elongated shape, like the Oval and Marquise, often appear larger than Round cut diamonds of the same carat weight.

How the shape carries its carat weight and interacts with light also impacts how big it appears.

The shape isn’t the only way to personalize engagement rings. You can personalize your engagement ring through the ring setting, engravings, and metal color.

Alternatively, you can create a custom-designed engagement ring with entirely original details.

The ring setting and diamond shape determine what an engagement ring symbolizes. Each shape and setting has its own meaning and style.

Round cut engagement rings symbolize eternal love and traditional values.

The diamond shape will influence the overall look of an engagement ring. Each shape brings a different aesthetic and character to the ring setting.

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virtual appointment with diamond expert meeting with potential customers over a call on a computer

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Speak with our diamond experts and enjoy personalized guidance to select your ring, in-depth diamond 4C education, exclusive in-store fittings or virtual try-ons, custom design options.