Valentine’s Day Earrings: Top 8 Romantic Styles

Kimberly Zerkel | December 08, 2022

The most romantic day of the year is on its way. And this Valentine’s Day, no more holding back! It’s time to love out loud with fine jewelry gifts that are unapologetically romantic. Lab-grown diamond designs, no matter how great or small, spell romance. And when that design is earrings featuring VRAI created diamonds, your gift is more than just a romantic gesture — it’s a reflection of your values and love for the planet.

What earrings or other Valentine’s Day jewelry is going to express your love (or self-love) this February 14th? Read on to discover our top styles for dialing up the romance.

Should You Gift Earrings On Valentine’s Day?

Earrings are a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your beloved. With many different styles and price points, there’s a pair for nearly anyone. The most important thing to ask when deciding on what jewelry to gift on Valentine’s Day is what your partner regularly wears. If their daily look is never complete without earrings, then a diamond-studded pair is the ideal present! Princess cut lab-created diamonds are a great choice for a Valentine's Day earrings gift.

What Are Popular Valentine’s Day Earrings?

When it comes to buying earrings for your very own Valentine, follow their personal preferences, not trends. If you’re looking for a little extra inspiration, however, these popular styles are here to provide a little spark. From studs made for daily wear to show-stopping hoops and drops for special occasions, shop looks made for expressing your love.

1.Valentine’s Day Diamond Earrings

Although our entire list features designs featuring VRAI created diamonds, these looks are the most diamond-forward. For the ultimate indulgence that you can feel good about, enjoy these styles that scintillate from every angle.

2.Valentine’s Day Stud Earrings

Let them carry their Valentine with them every day for the rest of the year with effortless and versatile studs. Whether they want just the right amount of shimmer or a slightly bolder and brighter style, there is an array of stud styles perfect for their look.

3.Valentine’s Day Drop Earrings

Are they flirtatious, whimsical, and playful? Match their personality with earrings true to who they are! These drop earrings strike the right balance between romantic and refined and can be worn for special occasions or no occasion at all.

4.Valentine’s Day Dangle Earrings

Your beloved already turns heads. Now accentuate their allure with dangle earrings made to catch the light with their every move. These dangle earrings are some of the season’s most sought-after designs because they shimmer as they sway.

Earrings For Valentine’s Day By Style

You love them for who they are. So indulge in fine jewelry that reflects their personal style. Are they timeless and traditional? Or do they love drama and maximalist style? Regardless of their look, they’ll be wearing these lab-grown diamond earrings on repeat.

5.Classic Valentine’s Day Earrings

For the partner who has timeless and more traditional style, these earring designs will fit in perfectly with their daily wear. And because they’re not only classic, but crafted to last a lifetime, these gifts are sure to become future heirlooms.

6.Modern Valentine’s Day Earrings

They love a sleek look with clean, modern lines, or something avant-garde and unexpected. These modern earrings are the perfect romantic gesture for those who aren’t looking for traditional designs. Show them your love with these contemporary styles.

7.Vintage-Inspired Valentine’s Day Earrings

An heirloom-inspired look is always romantic and full of historical appeal. From Art Deco favorites, like Halo and Bezel settings, to regal drop earrings, these vintage-inspired styles are ideal ways to express your love this Valentine’s Day.

8.Unique Valentine’s Day Earrings

Your love is extraordinary, so your Valentine’s Day gifts should be as well! These unique looks are sure to stand apart from tradition. But because they’re still crafted to be timeless, each pair will be beloved for generations to come.

Shop Valentine’s Day Earrings And More

Don’t hold back on the romance this year — celebrate Valentine’s Day with unforgettable fine jewelry gifts. From the perfect pair of earrings, to necklaces, bracelets, and more, explore Valentine’s Day jewelry featuring VRAI created diamonds.