Our Guide to Diamond Wedding Rings

VRAI | February 04, 2022

Choosing a diamond wedding ring is a wonderful way to celebrate your love and personal style. By selecting a wedding ring featuring lab-grown diamonds, you are also celebrating your values. The array of sustainably created diamonds featured in your setting are free from human or environmental toll.

By championing sustainability and innovation, VRAI creates diamonds in the world’s first certified carbon-neutral foundry. And by focusing on quality and timeless style, VRAI designs unisex wedding rings fit for any style.

Read on to discover our guide to diamond wedding rings. Or receive personalized guidance by speaking with our diamond experts.

What Are Lab-Grown Diamond Wedding Rings Made Of?

Lab-grown diamond wedding rings are made of man-made, above-ground diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are anatomically identical to mined diamonds; the only difference between the two is point of origin.

Wedding bands featuring VRAI created diamonds go a step further than other lab-grown diamond rings. They feature diamonds sustainably created in a zero-emission foundry in the American Pacific Northwest. These diamonds are polished by international craftspeople to exacting standards, then set in wedding ring settings featuring platinum or recycled solid gold (never plated, filled, or vermeil).

Wedding Bands vs. Wedding Rings

A wedding band and a wedding ring mean the same thing and are used interchangeably. Both refer to the rings that are exchanged during a wedding ceremony, then worn to symbolize marital commitment.

Diamond Wedding Rings By Style

Wedding rings featuring VRAI created diamonds are modern-yet-timeless and crafted to last a lifetime. Whether it’s a simple solid gold band with minimal details or an alluring Eternity Band that is a never-ending ring of diamonds, there is a look for each and every couple to symbolize their love and commitment.

Classic Wedding Rings

Whether your taste leans more traditional in general, or you simply want a more classic look for such a symbolic piece, there is a variety of styles to choose from. Choose platinum or solid gold rings with minimal detail, or forever-elegant Eternity and Devotion Bands to achieve a classic look. Discover the classic wedding rings that are right for you and your spouse.

Classic Diamond Wedding Rings

Classic Platinum and Solid Gold Wedding Rings

Vintage Wedding Rings

Vintage-inspired wedding rings are often sought after for their heirloom look and feel. When it comes to selecting a vintage ring, favor special designs such as Curator or Chevron band, and consider details such as a pavé or channel setting or yellow or rose gold. Vintage-inspired wedding rings featuring VRAI created diamonds are the perfect nod to the past while also being forward-thinking and sustainably minded.

Unique Wedding Rings

For many, a wedding ring is an expression not only of their commitment, but of their everlasting style. These individuals are looking for a band that is timelessly sophisticated, but also alluring and a conversation starter.

Unique wedding rings, such as the dramatic Signature V, the freshly contemporary Baguette Infinity, and the beautifully-detailed Knife-Edge bands are a perfect fit for those searching for a wedding ring that stands out from the crowd.

Popular Wedding Rings For Women

These well-loved and timeless designs are sought after time and time again for their beauty and master craftsmanship.

Popular Wedding Rings For Men

These modern-yet-classic unisex designs can be enjoyed by anyone, but are best-sellers for soon to be husbands and partners.

How To Wear An Engagement Ring With A Wedding Ring

Traditionally, if an engagement ring and wedding ring are worn together on the same finger, the wedding ring goes on first. But there is no right or wrong way to wear your rings together. The most important rule is to wear them in a way that is most beautiful and most comfortable to you. For some, this means stacking the rings together. For others, this means wearing the rings on separate fingers or hands.

The best thing to do to prepare for wearing your engagement ring and wedding ring together is to measure the finger(s) where you’ll wear the rings. You should also try on the rings together, especially if they are stacked, to make sure they fit comfortably side by side.

Many engagement ring styles have matching wedding bands. Here are some examples of wedding rings and engagement rings you can pair together:

The Chevron band pairs perfectly with the Duet engagement ring, but can also easily match with a Solitaire or Three Stone setting (the same is true of the Signature V).

For Halo engagement rings, Signature or Classic Solitaires, and all varieties of Three Stone engagement rings, the choice of paired wedding rings is up to you. Many love the added brilliance of Eternity, Devotion, and Infinity bands with these settings however, or opt for a classic Round or Flat band in matching metal color.

Speak With Our Experts

Our diamond experts can guide you through our collection of wedding rings and help you select the style that pairs best with your engagement ring or with your partner’s ring. Receive in-depth diamond education and a look at VRAI’s Lifetime Care Package so you can choose your wedding rings with confidence.