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Wedding rings & wedding bands

Explore classic wedding bands, lab grown diamond wedding rings, eternity rings, and anniversary bands. Create sparkling memories with the perfect symbol of your love.

Explore classic wedding bands, lab grown diamond wedding rings, eternity rings, and anniversary bands. Create sparkling memories with the perfect symbol of your love.

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For every carat of our VRAI created diamonds produced,we save:


lbs (65kg) of carbon dioxide


ounces (57 kg) of air pollution


tons (227 tonnes) of earth

Wedding ring faq

Wedding rings are rings that are exchanged between partners when they get married. Wedding bands are worn to symbolize their commitment.

Wedding rings and wedding bands are the same thing. These two terms are used interchangeably.

Wedding bands are traditionally used during the wedding ceremony after each partner says “I do.” They are then worn to represent their commitment and love.

Wedding rings vary in what they look like as technically, any ring can be used as a wedding ring. Traditionally, wedding rings consist of a band made from platinum or gold. Wedding rings are often either plain or feature diamonds.

The cost of a wedding ring is determined by the metal, design, width, and whether or not it has diamonds. VRAI wedding rings start at $550 and the price goes up from there depending on those details.

Traditionally, each partner buys the other partners wedding ring. Wedding rings are meant to be exchanged on your wedding day. However, it’s entirely up to you who buys the wedding rings as everyone’s financial situation and preferences are different.

When buying wedding rings, make sure to allow adequate time for your ring to be made and delivered to you. How far in advance you should purchase your wedding ring will depend on the retailer and the design.

Numerous VRAI wedding rings can be made-to-order within 10 business days. When you choose a VRAI wedding ring, the anticipated ship-by date and available shipping times are provided before you buy. This ensures that you can plan accordingly and purchase a wedding ring that will arrive before your wedding day.

During a wedding, two rings are traditionally given - one wedding ring for each partner.

A wedding ring is a highly personal choice but certain VRAI diamond wedding ring styles are consistently sought after.

For a dazzling, diamond-forward wedding band that’s highly symbolic, consider the Eternity Band, Devotion Band, or Infinity Band. If you’re seeking a minimalist wedding band with a diamond accent, The Inlay Band, Half Pave Band, and The Pave Border are popular choices.

Book a complimentary appointment with a VRAI diamond expert for personalized assistance in choosing the right wedding ring design for you.

Traditionally, the majority of people in Western cultures wear their wedding fing on the ring finger of their left hand. But, wedding rings have been worn on both hands, on numerous fingers throughout history depending on your culture, country, and tradition.

In the majority of Western cultures, men wear their wedding rings on the left ring finger. However, this tradition differs depending on the country you live in, the religious community you belong to, or personal preference.

People may choose to wear a wedding ring on the right hand for numerous reasons. In certain religious communities and countries, wearing your wedding ring on the right hand is a traditional practice. Some LGBTQ couples also choose to wear their wedding ring on the right hand instead of the left.

Wedding ring sets refer to an engagement ring and wedding band that are chosen together, to be worn together. If you’re planning to wear both rings, choosing a wedding ring set is a wonderful way to ensure that they can comfortably and beautiful be worn together.

VRAI offers numerous matching engagement ring and wedding ring sets. Our Diamond Experts can also help you create your own.

Many people choose to wear their wedding band with their engagement ring, on the same finger - but this is up to you. Before wearing your rings together, ensure both designs are compatible. If they rub against eachother, this can scratch or damage your rings.

Many shoppers choose to buy their engagement ring with their wedding ring, or base their wedding ring design on how it looks with their engagement ring. This way, you can ensure a comfortable, cohesive ring stack.

Many people choose to wear their engagement ring and wedding together. The third ring that you may see people wearing is an anniversary ring. Couples may gift anniversary rings, such as the symbolic Eternity Ring, to rings to mark a notable relationship milestone like a child.

Your wedding ring should not be loose or tight - it should fit just right. A wedding ring should be tight enough that it will stay on your finger securely, but not too tight that it squeezes your finger or reduces circulation.

Before buying a wedding ring, measure your ring size to ensure a perfect fit. You can order a complimentary VRAI ring sizer to find our ring size at home.

You can gently clean your wedding ring at home using 1 tsp dishwashing soap and 1 cup of warm water. Mix this solution together in a shallow bowl, then dip your wedding ring in it. Lightly scrub using a soft, non-abrasive cloth. Rinse your ring off with lukewarm water and let dry. We recommend cleaning your wedding ring regularly or as needed to ensure to prevent dullness or damage.

All VRAI wedding rings include a complimentary annual professional cleaning.

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