How To Pair a Three Stone Engagement Ring with a Wedding Band

Angelica Frey | April 06, 2023

Three-stone engagement rings are a timeless and classic choice that provides extended finger coverage and maximum brilliance. This style usually represents the past, present, and future of a relationship. Three stone rings made with VRAI created diamonds accommodate a wide variety of styles, from classic to vintage inspired, from bold to modern. All this brilliance means that they need a suitable wedding band. Book an appointment with our experts, who can show you a number of combinations.

How do I Choose a Wedding Band with a Three-Stone Ring?

Three-stone diamond engagement rings allow you to create a perfect trio from a variety of diamond shapes. The side stones uniquely enhance the brilliance of VRAI created center diamonds, and, when the time comes to choose a wedding band, the best wedding bands are those that, while subtler, are not overshadowed by a three-stone ring and its band. Engagement ring styles like the Alternating Shapes Band, with its combination of Baguettes and Round diamonds, the Medium Round with its semi-rounded polished surfaces and the Devotion band with its channel-set pavés are versatile choices that work well both as wedding rings and as right-hand rings.

Do Wedding Bands Sit Flush With a Three-Stone Ring?

When a three stone engagement ring and a wedding band sit flush, it means that they touch and stack seamlessly, with no negative space in between. A non-flush fit has negative space between the wedding band and the engagement ring. VRAI’s three-stone engagement rings have a secure, contoured cusps and that, combined with its signature low-set sling, allows for a low setting and a flush fit. This allows for countless stacking possibilities that are not just limited to an engagement-ring and wedding-band set.

Is a Curved Band Best for a Three Stone Engagement Ring?

With its center dip, curved wedding bands such as VRAI’s Chevron and Chevron Signature V band elegantly frame a three-stone setting, especially one featuring a center diamond in an elongated shape (Marquise, Oval, Emerald). However, a curved band is only one option. Our Three-stone settings allow for wedding bands to sit flush, so you don’t necessarily need a curved band. Whether or not you gravitate towards it is a matter of personal preference.

Best Three-Stone Wedding Ring Sets

At VRAI, we have a great selection of wedding rings to pair with a three-stone engagement ring. “The Large Infinity Band is a great choice for if you want something a little flasher to pair with our Three Stone,” says Queena Chang, a GIA graduate gemologist and VRAI’s chief diamond expert. I also found a lot of customers opting for our Medium Round Band , which has a little bit of thickness to stand out against the Three Stone while emphasizing the existing diamonds.” If you’d rather create contrast, The Single Shared Prong Band has avery defined outline to stand out against the engagement ring,

Classic Three-Stone Ring and Wedding Band Pairings

The Three-Stone Engagement ring with a round center diamond is a classic design, and, whether you’re opting for Round side stones or Pear side stone, the result is a harmoniously tapered silhouette. A Medium Round band will let the center diamond of the engagement ring take center stage, while the infinity band’s brilliance will effortlessly complement the fire and brightness of the three stones of your engagement ring.

Sleek Three-Stone Ring and Wedding Band Pairings

Combining your center diamond with baguette side stones yields a sleeker, yet equally stunning engagement ring. In addition, this more streamlined design can allow for a more substantial wedding band, as the side stones won’t occupy too much space and finger width. The Devotion Band with baguette will complement the luster of the engagement ring’s side stones; the Single Shared Prong setting creates a welcoming contrast in outlines and textures.

Vintage-Inspired Three-Stone Ring and Wedding Band Pairings

Three-stone engagement rings are a vintage-inspired design, and opting for an Emerald-cut three-stone creates an Art-Deco, Hall-of-Mirrors effect that is both vintage-inspired and timeless. The Alternating Shapes band combines luster and brilliance, while also having a beautiful, filigree-like look, while the Baguette Bar Band, with its emphasis both on metalwork and diamonds, is both modern and nostalgic.

Curved Wedding Band and Three-Stone Ring Pairing

If you really want to frame the elongated center diamond of your Three stone ring, a curved band will elegantly complement its length. The choice of band depends on personal preference. The Chevron has soft curves, while the Signature V band has more dramatic, yet equally harmonious curved lines.

Make an Appointment With our Experts

Choosing how to pair a wedding band to an engagement ring can feel overwhelming, but our diamond experts can live demo any combination you might think of, while also suggesting some unexpected, yet stunning pairings. That being said, keep in mind that you can add more rings to your stack, so whatever you end up setting aside can always be added to commemorate an anniversary, the birth of a child, or other milestones.

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