Diamond rings of different sizes
Diamond rings of different sizes

Wedding Ring Stacks: How To Create The Perfect Stack

Angelica Frey | January 31, 2023

Many couples limit the rings they wear to commemorate their love story to their engagement ring and their wedding band, but there is really no preset limit to how many rings one can add. The wedding set is just the foundational block of a wedding ring stack, a set of multiple rings that are an expression of your style, a visual manifestation of your love story, and a celebration of your own personal journey and milestones.

Today, we have many options that go beyond classic styles such as eternity and half-eternity bands. With different diamond shapes, widths, metal colors, and settings, VRAI offers an ample selection of styles that remain timeless and modern. A diamond expert can guide you through the perfect wedding-ring stacking options.

What is a Wedding-Ring Stack?

A wedding-ring stack is a set of multiple rings that is worn alongside your wedding and engagement rings. Adding more rings to mark anniversaries, special occasions, and even just to experiment with style variations are all great ways to build a stack. A perfect wedding-ring stack is more than a set of rings worn on the same hand: even when experimenting with different colors, shapes, and styles, finding an element that ties them all together is the best way to ensure a combination that is timeless, modern, and an heirloom unto itself. Below are examples of how you can match your wedding band and your engagement ring with other rings by metal color, diamond cuts, and overall style.

How Do You Stack Wedding Rings?

There really is no wrong or right way to stack wedding rings: some prefer putting the wedding ring at the very bottom, then the engagement ring in the middle and then another band on top, so that the engagement ring appears sealed in for a more symmetrical look. As an alternative, the engagement ring can serve as a base, and wedding rings and other bands can be layered on top of it. Those who prefer symmetry should opt for an odd number of rings in their stacks, but that’s just one among countless creative possibilities.

Can You Mix Metals in a Wedding Ring Stack?

A resounding yes! One way to obtain the perfect wedding stack is by mixing different-colored metals: a platinum three-stone engagement ring, coupled with a yellow-gold knife-edge wedding band, and topped with a rose-gold Devotion band, for example, creates a timeless and modern stack. One thing to keep in mind is to find a unifying element in the stack: if you like to mix metals, for example, opt for a consistent style and aesthetic, whether it be the design) or through the cohesive use of some diamond shapes. There are endless possibilities for you to create a wedding-ring stack that is a work of art.

Yellow Gold Wedding Ring Stacks

Yellow gold is a timelessly elegant choice when it comes to wedding rings and wedding ring stacks, and they add a touch of classic charm to any stack.

Rose Gold Wedding Ring Stacks

Thanks to its rose-red hue, rose gold symbolizes true love and romanticism. In addition, it pairs well both with yellow and white gold and it can stand alone.

Platinum and White Gold Wedding Ring Stacks

Sleek and modern, the cool-toned platinum wedding rings and white gold wedding rings uniquely bring out the sparkle of our diamonds. While they’re pretty similar from a visual point of view, platinum is also slightly harder than its white-gold counterpart, which makes it the ideal choice for those who have concerns regarding durability.

How to Mix Different Shapes in a Wedding Stack

Most of VRAI’s wedding rings feature either Round brilliant cut diamonds and Baguette shaped VRAI created diamonds, and combining them together creates a classic and unique look. For example, the Alternating Shapes Band is the perfect starting point for a stack, as it combines both brilliant and step-cuts diamonds. You can pair it both with a Baguette Bar Band, a Devotion Band, and an Eternity Band, as they have similar profiles.

What Is The Best Engagement Ring Setting For Stacking?

The setting and the center stone of your engagement ring will be a determining factor in your wedding ring stack. In fact, the height of your setting may or may not allow the rings in your stack to sit flush against them. In addition, the cut and shape of the center stone of your engagement ring will be the focal point of the stack, and the starting point of all the other style choices.

High Vs Low Ring Settings

A high setting has a number of advantages when it comes to stacking. In fact, it will work with almost any ring and band, both straight and curved. In addition, the higher setting will make the diamond appear larger, making it the centerpiece of any wedding-ring stack. However, higher settings are more prone to snagging and make the stone more susceptible to damage. Our Cathedral setting accommodates a wide variety of styles, including the Eternity Band and the Inlay Band.

Low settings are more protective of the stone. However, this limits the possible wedding-band combinations, and might restrict the wearer to curved bands or bands with specific gaps to accommodate the engagement-ring stone. VRAI’s Signature Bezel Engagement Ring pairs well with Chevron bands, one worn facing your knuckles, the other facing your fingernails, with the engagement ring in the middle.

Straight vs Curved Bands

Straight bands are a timeless choice that seamlessly allows stacking across a variety of stones, shapes, and styles. They work best with higher ring settings. V-shaped and Chevron wedding rings perfectly accommodate your engagement ring, whether the stone be a Marquise, Pear, and even a Round Brilliantcut, and flawlessly complement a Halo-style engagement ring. V-shaped and Chevron wedding bands are also ideal for stones that are large enough to create a gap when worn with a band, regardless of the height of the setting.The fact that they’re specifically designed to fit with a stone makes them more comfortable for everyday wear. As a downside, they’re more delicate and less easy to resize.

Book an Appointment With a Diamond Expert

With so many options and combinations to choose from, the best way to start building your perfect wedding stack starts with a direct visual representation of your desired styles (plus a few variants) all stacked together. Create your perfect stack with expert advice.