Square Cut Engagement Rings: How to Choose

Alicia Briggs | January 04, 2024

People often think square cut diamond rings are Princess cut rings, but there are numerous square cut engagement rings to choose from. Square cuts have a coveted linear shape that stands apart from traditional Round engagement rings, but are square diamonds right for you? Below, we cover the different types of square cut diamond rings and how to choose the perfect style for you.

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What Is a Square Engagement Ring Called?

A square engagement ring is an engagement ring that features a square center diamond. Square engagement rings are often called Princess cut engagement rings, but this name isn’t entirely accurate.

While the Princess cut is the only true square, several other diamond shapes are considered square cuts. Cushion, Asscher, Radiant, and Emerald cut engagement rings are also called square engagement rings.

What Does a Square Diamond Mean?

Square diamonds often mean Princess cut diamonds, but a square diamond is any diamond shape that has a square or rectangular silhouette. Square diamonds often symbolize strength, power, and modernity.

History of Square Diamonds

Square diamonds are a relatively recent cut. Variations of square cut diamonds (Emeralds, Cushions, and Asscher cuts) are seen throughout history, but the square cut wasn’t officially defined until the 1960s.

Diamond cutting tools had evolved and it was now possible for cutters to create more complex diamond cuts. Linear diamond shapes were no longer limited to a specific faceting structure (step cuts). Diamond cutters started to create square diamond shapes with modified brilliant cuts. This is how the Princess cut diamond was created, and square cut diamonds were finally defined.

Types of Square Diamond Engagement Rings

There are several types of square cut diamonds to choose from for an engagement ring. The overall look and feel of your engagement ring will change depending on the square center diamond you choose. Most shapes lend themselves well to modern yet timeless styles, but some are better suited to vintage-inspired settings. Explore each traditional square diamond shape below.

For a custom square cut diamond engagement ring, consider a VRAI Cut for You™ diamond shape. VRAI offers seven exclusive in-house square cuts: Elongated Cushion, Brilliant Emerald, Cushion Princess, Rand, Felix, Fusion, and Capri cut.

Princess Cut Engagement Rings

A Princess cut diamond features brilliant cut facets, similar to a Round Brilliant cut, with a distinctive square shape. The Princess is one of the most contemporary diamond shapes to date. It gives any setting a clean, modern look.

Solitaire settings are popular for Princess cut engagement rings, as are three or five-stone settings with a center Princess cut.

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

A Cushion cut diamond features brilliant cut facets with a square, cushion-like shape and rounded corners. A Cushion cut engagement ring almost always has a soft and vintage-inspired look, perfect for similar setting styles.

Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

An Asscher cut diamond is a square shape known for its mesmerizing step facets and Art Deco appeal. Almost any Asscher cut engagement ring embodies the Art Deco style, ideal for those seeking an heirloom appearance.

Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

An Emerald cut is one of the world’s oldest diamond shapes. Emerald cuts are known for clean, precise lines, a hall-of-mirrors shine, and a timeless rectangular shape.

Those who choose an Emerald cut engagement ring love its historic appeal and contemporary beauty. This style suits both classic, vintage, and modern ring settings.

Radiant Cut Engagement Rings

A Radiant cut diamond combines the clean lines of an Emerald with the brilliant cut facets of a Round. Those who choose a Radiant cut engagement ring love its modern appeal and extraordinary brilliance. Radiants have eye-catching scintillation and are best for contemporary tastes or maximalist styles.

Square Diamond Rings Pros and Cons

If you’re considering a square ring, weigh the pros and cons first.


  • Modern Appearance
  • Distinct, Linear Silhouette
  • Unique Light Reflection
  • Can Be More Affordable
  • Can Maximize Carat Weight


  • Some Shapes Are Harder to Find
  • Sharp Edges
  • Some Square Shapes Appear Smaller Face-Up
  • Certain Square Shapes Have Less Brilliance

How to Choose a Square Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

When choosing a square diamond engagement ring, consider the following.

Diamond Shape

The square diamond shape is the most important thing to consider when buying an engagement ring. Some square diamond shapes have step cuts while others have modified brilliant cuts.

Other shapes have a squarer, more modern look (like Princess cuts), while some have a more rectangular, historic appearance (like Emeralds). Each diamond shape has its own pros and cons, distinct style, and can vary in price. Choose the shape that suits your preferences and desired appearance.


Certain shapes hide color while others maximize their carat weight. Use the diamond 4Cs to determine the ideal diamond quality grade for your square diamond shape. A quality square diamond will have optimal brilliance and its coveted silhouette.

Ring Style

The setting and metal color you choose will greatly influence your ring style. Square diamonds have a naturally modern look, so consider whether or not you want the setting to enhance this or to create a different style.

Best Square Cut Engagement Ring Settings

The best engagement ring setting for a square cut diamond will protect any pointed edges and spotlight its distinct linear silhouette. There are multiple settings and metal colors to choose from to personalize your square cut engagement ring. Explore these popular square cut ring settings below.

Solitaire Square Engagement Rings

Solitaire settings offer the most variety and protection which makes them perfect for versatile square diamonds. A classic prong Solitaire setting is always a timeless choice for a Square cut diamond.

To enhance the modern look of a square diamond while offering unparalleled security, consider a Bezel setting. Bezel set engagement rings are sleek, minimalistic, and will spotlight the unique square silhouette more than any setting.

Most square cut diamonds are contemporary shapes, but when combined with a Halo setting, you’ll have a vintage, heirloom appearance. Halo settings fully encircle the diamond to add security and brilliance.

Multi-Stone Square Engagement Rings

Engagement ring settings with several diamonds are particularly popular for square diamonds. Square diamonds like Emerald and Asscher cuts embodied the Art Deco era.

Art Deco engagement rings often feature multiple diamonds, such as Three Stone engagement rings. To enhance the size, brilliance, and Art Deco style of a square diamond, consider a multi-stone setting.

Gold Square Engagement Rings

Square diamond engagement rings come in 18k solid yellow and white gold, or 14k rose gold. Which color you choose is entirely personal. Yellow gold engagement rings are often considered the most traditional. Yellow gold adds a classic, warm glow to your ring.

White gold engagement rings are modern and sleek, further highlighting the contemporary look and feel of square diamonds.

Rose gold engagement rings are romantic and vintage-inspired, perfect for an heirloom design.

Platinum Square Engagement Rings

Platinum engagement rings are considered the ultimate indulgence, famed for their durability and strength. Platinum creates a lustrous sheen that pairs beautifully with sleek, modern square shapes. Platinum will highlight the elegance of whatever setting style you choose.

Which Wedding Band Goes With Square Engagement Rings?

The best wedding band for a square engagement ring will pair flush with the elongated center diamond to prevent scratches or chipping. This is particularly important for a Princess engagement ring set, as Princess diamonds have four sharp corners. A VRAI diamond expert can ensure that the two rings will sit comfortably together on your finger.

Protection aside, the best wedding band depends on your personal preferences and your engagement ring.

For shoppers seeking a diamond-accented ring set, start by considering your center stone. If you have a brilliant cut Princess, Cushion, or Radiant cut diamond, a pavé set or Round Brilliant cut diamond band might be best.

If you have an Emerald or Asscher engagement ring, consider pairing a Baguette diamond band for a modern yet Art Deco ring set.

A matching or contrasting plain metal band, like the Round Band or Flat Band, offers a more timeless and traditional ring set.

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Square Cut Engagement Ring FAQs

Read on for answers to frequently asked questions about Square cut engagement rings.

Are Square Diamonds Princess Cut?

Square diamonds are Princess cut diamonds, but all square diamonds are not Princess cuts. The Emerald, Asscher, Radiant, and Cushion cut diamond are also square diamonds.

Are Square Cut Diamonds More Expensive?

Square cut diamonds are usually not more expensive than Round Brilliant cut diamonds. Square diamonds often cost the same as fancy-shaped diamonds of the same diamond grade, depending on the diamond shape.

Cushion cut diamonds and Princess cut diamonds are often some of the most affordable diamond shapes, depending on the retailer and quality.

What Are Rounded Square Engagement Rings?

A rounded square engagement ring is a Cushion cut engagement ring. A Cushion cut diamond is similar to a Princess, but its edges and corners are rounded. This gives the Cushion its pillow-like appearance and name.

Are Square Diamonds Good?

Square diamonds are great for people who love a modern diamond shape with a distinct, non-traditional silhouette.

Are There Square Diamond Wedding Rings?

There are square wedding rings. Many diamond wedding band designs offer square diamond shapes. An Eternity Band, for example, can feature either Emerald or Princess cut diamonds.

Several VRAI wedding bands offer Emerald, Princess, or Baguette diamonds. View all VRAI wedding band designs and filter by diamond shape to select your ideal square diamond wedding ring.

For wedding rings with a Cushion, Asscher, Radiant, or VRAI exclusive square diamond shape, book an appointment to create a custom design.