lab-grown diamond ring
lab-grown diamond ring

Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Rings: The Best Rings for Any Style

Alicia Briggs | February 08, 2023

Choosing a lab-grown diamond engagement ring is a wonderful way to celebrate your love and your values. When you select a VRAI created diamond over a mined diamond for your engagement ring, it means you’re choosing a diamond that is free from environmental and human toll. If you’re trying to decide on the perfect lab-grown engagement ring for you, we’ve got you covered. Read on to discover the top styles of lab-grown diamond engagement rings, or receive personalized guidance by speaking with our diamond experts.

Lab-Grown vs Mined Diamond Engagement Ring

A lab-grown diamond engagement ring features a diamond that was man-made in a laboratory setting instead of mined. Both lab-grown diamonds and mined diamonds are the same when it comes to their chemical composition. The only difference between the two is their point of origin. A lab-grown diamond has a guaranteed point of origin, while a mined diamond doesn’t come with such certainty.

Engagement rings featuring VRAI created diamonds go a step further than other lab-grown diamond rings. They feature diamonds sustainably created in a zero-emission foundry in the American Pacific Northwest. These diamonds are polished by international craftspeople to exacting standards, then set in engagement ring settings featuring platinum or recycled gold (never plated, filled, or vermei).

What are Lab-Grown Diamond Rings Made of?

Lab-grown diamond rings are made from carbon, just like mined diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are not moissanite or cubic zirconia, which are used as diamond simulants but have different chemical compounds. Lab-grown diamonds are considered real diamonds and have the exact same chemical composition as mined diamonds.

When it comes to how are diamonds made, the formation process for lab-grown diamonds is the same as mined diamonds, but they are produced in a laboratory setting, above ground. VRAI created diamonds are made in our zero-emission foundry where we convert greenhouse gas into sustainably created diamonds.

Once our diamonds are fully formed, they are then cut and polished by master craftspeople and set into a diamond ring. We use recycled solid gold and platinum for our diamond rings as well as reusable and recyclable packaging.

Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Valuable?

Yes, lab-created diamonds are valuable, just like mined diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds tend to be less expensive than mined diamonds because their production process isn’t as labor intensive, they have a shorter supply chain and, with VRAI, no middleman markups.

At VRAI, we’re there from the creation of the diamond to the finished ring. Each VRAI created diamond is produced and then set into jewelry in our certified carbon-neutral foundry, with no middlemen markups. This allows us to control our inventory and offer the most competitive diamond prices.

Should I Buy A Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring?

If you’re looking for an engagement ring, you should consider buying a lab-grown diamond engagement ring. Not only is a VRAI created diamond more sustainable than a mined diamond ring, but it’s also more affordable.

You can choose between hundreds of styles of VRAI engagement rings beautifully suited to your style or custom-design a one-of-a-kind ring. When you choose a lab-grown diamond engagement ring, you’re investing in an engagement ring that reflects both your love and your values.

How Do I Choose a Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring?

If you’re wondering how to choose the perfect engagement ring for you, we can help. An engagement ring includes a center stone, setting, and band. It’s important to find the perfect ring that you’ll love to wear, always.

First, consider your favorite diamond shapes and your style. You can explore our inventory of VRAI created diamonds online, or take our diamond quiz to see what shapes suit you best. Once you’ve chosen a shape, use the diamond 4Cs- cut, carat, and clarity, to ensure the diamond aligns with your preferences and budget.

After you’ve chosen a diamond, consider the setting that best compliments you and the diamond. Do you want the setting to highlight your diamond’s brilliance or size? Do you prefer side stones or pavé diamonds? You can view how different settings will look for each VRAI created diamond online.

Finally, when selecting a metal color, choose the tone that best compliments your diamond, your skin tone, and your style. You may want to consider a band that’s more durable if you live an active lifestyle or one that’s more cost-effective if budget is a concern.

How to Buy a Lab-Grown Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring has never been easier. The best way to buy lab-grown engagement rings is by speaking with our diamond experts either online or in one of our VRAI showrooms. They offer in-depth diamond education and personalized guidance to take the guesswork out of choosing a diamond and setting.

You may also buy a VRAI created diamond engagement ring entirely online. Start by selecting a VRAI created diamond or an engagement ring setting. Then, customize your design by selecting an engagement ring metal color or pavé band. You may also personalize the ring with an engraving. The entire process can be completed online with the ring then shipped to your door.

Which Of The Diamond 4Cs Is The Most Important For An Engagement Ring?

All of the diamond 4Cs should be taken into consideration when purchasing an engagement ring, however, certain Cs will matter more depending on your preferences. Overall, the diamond’s cut is generally the most important. The cut quality determines a diamond’s brilliance and therefore, how the diamond appears overall.

How Much Does the Average Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring Cost?

The cost of a lab-grown diamond engagement ring will vary greatly depending on the diamond shape, diamond grade, carat weight, as well as setting, and band.

The higher the carat weight, the higher the cost of the ring, particularly if you’re choosing popular diamond shapes like Round Brilliant Cut diamonds, for example. At VRAI, you’ll find options suitable for a range of budgets, with diamonds starting as low as .5 carats to over 11 carats.

How to Design Your Own Lab-Grown Engagement Ring

If you’d like to create a custom engagement ring, our VRAI Diamond Experts can help. Book an appointment to meet with a diamond expert online or in person. You can let them know exactly what you’re looking for and they’ll then create a one-of-a-kind design based on your preferences.

You’ll select your favorite VRAI created diamonds, approve the computer-generated mock-up, and your custom lab-grown diamond engagement ring will be created within 14 business days.

Best Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Rings By Style

Discover the best lab-grown engagement rings by style, below, to help inspire your selection.

Lab-Grown Solitaire Engagement Rings

Solitaire engagement rings are considered the most classic — and most popular — engagement ring setting of all time. VRAI offers a variety of Solitaire settings to choose from. The Classic, The Signature Solitaire, and The Signature 6-Prong are designs perfect for those with a more minimal, yet timelessly elegant style. This is a wonderful setting for those who prefer lab-grown Oval cut engagement rings or Round Brilliant cut engagement rings.

Lab-Grown Cathedral Engagement Rings

Cathedral engagement ringsare beloved for their clean, minimalist, and versatile look. This setting is named after Gothic cathedrals, due to its two metal arches that lift and secure the diamond. Cathedral settings also make your diamond look bigger by elevating the diamond. If you’d like to maximize your diamond’s size, prioritize an Oval Cathedral engagement ring, or, for a modern yet timeless feel, a Princess diamond.

Vintage-Inspired Lab-Grown Engagement Rings

A vintage-inspired lab-grown diamond ring brings together the best of two worlds. The historically romantic look coupled with a diamond sustainably created by VRAI celebrates both the past and the future. From The Halo to The Cathedral to The Duet, VRAI offers settings with a classically romantic twist. Although each setting is a modern interpretation of timeless styles, the vintage touch is beloved by those looking for an heirloom-like ring.

Lab-Grown Two Tone Engagement Rings

Two Tone engagement ringsbring a unique feel to a classic design. Two tone settings combine solid yellow or rose gold with platinum prongs. This setting beautifully highlights colorless diamonds, while the diamond appears to float above the band. This is a wonderful choice for those who love a modern look, however, it’s also suitable for those with vintage-inspired taste when paired with an art deco diamond shape such as Asscher diamonds or Pear diamonds.

Lab-Grown Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement rings are perfect for those who want an elegant engagement ring with maximum brilliance. Halo settings feature pavé set diamonds circling the center stone. For those who want to enhance the vintage feel of this setting, opt for a lab-grown Emerald engagement ring, Pear diamond, or Cushion cut diamond.

Alternatively, for a slightly more subtle look, consider Hidden Halo engagement rings. Hidden Halo settings still feature smaller diamonds circling a larger center stone, but are placed inside an elevated prong setting. They are only noticeable when admired from the side.

Lab-Grown Bezel Engagement Rings

Bezel engagement rings are considered the most secure engagement ring setting, perfect for those with an active lifestyle. A bezel setting surrounds the entire diamond for a sleek, modern look that holds the diamond in place and highlights its size. Bezel settings highlight the clean, linear look of a lab-grown Radiant cut engagement ring while Oval diamonds will add timeless elegance.

Lab-Grown Three Stone Engagement Rings

Three stone engagement rings are highly symbolic. The stones represent your relationship's past, present, and future, making them a highly romantic choice. This setting features three diamonds in a row, with a larger center stone. The diamonds can be the same or have matching side stones with a different center stone. This unique engagement ring helps highlight the brilliance of any diamond.

Get Expert Advice on Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

Our VRAI Diamond Experts can help you select the perfect ring for your budget and style when you schedule a consultation. You’ll also receive a $100 credit toward your engagement ring. Each VRAI Created ring comes with a Lifetime Care Package so your ring will always remain in beautiful condition.