Simple Engagement Rings: 27 Looks For Every Bride

Kimberly Zerkel | September 8, 2022

Kimberly Zerkel | September 8, 2022

When you and your partner make the decision to buy an engagement ring, it’s important to follow your heart, not trends. While some express their love through big and bold engagement ring styles, others prefer the enduring elegance of a simple engagement ring.

“When shopping for something so timeless like an engagement ring, I always advise my clients to follow their personal style and keep in mind that they are shopping for something that will be treasured for their lifetime,” says Camilla Vendrame, VRAI’S West Coast Regional Manager and Melrose Showroom Manager. “Classics will never go out of style and focus on beautifully displaying your VRAI diamond, allowing for an endless possibility of wedding band combinations.”

With minimal gold and thoughtfully-chosen details, simple engagement ring settings with lab-grown diamondscan be subtle and impactful at the same time. Explore these delicate styles featuring VRAI created diamonds and discover how less is more when it comes to each setting.

What Are Simple Diamond Engagement Ring Styles?

Simple diamond engagement rings are often Solitaire engagement ring settings with a plain band and minimal embellishments. Classic and Signature Solitaire engagement rings are go-to examples of a simple diamond ring.

“Simple styles allow you to take subtle up a notch - turning minimalist into the max!” says Jen Kripas, VRAI’s Chicago Showroom Manager. “This allows your lab-created VRAI diamond to really be the star of the show.”

Other styles might include a few additional details, like a bezel setting or knife-edge band. But simple styles rarely feature additional diamonds, like Three Stone engagement rings or Toi et Moi engagement rings.

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What Are The Most Popular Simple Engagement Rings?

Simple engagement rings are often best-sellers. Classic, Signature, 6-Prong, and Knife-Edge Solitaire engagement rings are some of the most popular styles of all time. These looks are chosen time and time again for their effortless elegance and enduring sophistication.

Read on to discover 27 top looks and how to make this style your very own.

Simple Gold Engagement Rings

An 18k solid yellow gold engagement ring has a classic look and feel. That’s because yellow gold is the color most associated with gold itself. For those wanting both simple and traditional, these settings in yellow gold are sure to hit the mark.

#1. The Signature Round
#2. The Classic Oval
#3. The Knife-Edge Emerald

Simple Platinum Engagement Rings

Platinum engagement rings are the ultimate expression of indulgence and craftsmanship. Platinum is known for its luster, purity, and durability, which is why it’s so coveted. A simple platinum engagement ring is perfect for highlighting the elegance of this metal of choice.

#4. The Signature 6-Prong Radiant
#5. The Tapered Classic Trillion
#6. The Signature Bezel Marquise

Simple Round Brilliant Engagement Rings

Round Brilliant diamonds are the most sought-after diamonds in the world. Selecting a simple setting for your Round Brilliant engagement ring is ideal. The resulting look is one of long-lasting elegance.

#7. The Classic Round
#8. The Knife-Edge Round
#9. The Signature 6-Prong Round

Simple Oval Cut Engagement Rings

The Oval cut diamond is a shape that only continues to grow in popularity. That’s because it combines the elegance of a Round with the elongated form and maximized carat weight of other fancy shapes. The eye-catching brilliance of an Oval engagement ring is spotlighted to perfection in simple settings.

#10. The Classic Two-Tone Oval
#11. The Signature East-West Oval
#12. The Knife-Edge Oval

Simple Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Emerald cut diamonds are one of the oldest diamond shapes in the world. When paired with a simple engagement ring, they have the look and feel of a family heirloom passed down for generations. The long, clean lines of an Emerald cut engagement ring are brought to life in these minimal settings.

#13. The Hover Emerald
#14. The Tapered Classic Emerald
#15. The Signature Bezel Emerald

Simple Princess Cut Engagement Rings

The clean lines and sharp corners of the Princess stand out in a simple engagement ring. Minimal settings paired with this contemporary cut create a Princess cut engagement ring that is both modern and timeless.

#16. The Signature Princess
#17. The Cathedral Princess
#18. The Tapered Classic Princess

What Are Unique Simple Engagement Ring Styles?

Simple doesn’t mean boring. There are many simple but unique engagement rings that feature one or two thoughtfully-chosen details that make them stand out from the crowd. A hidden halo of pavé diamonds that can only be seen from certain angles, platinum prongs that highlight a colorless diamond, or a contemporary setting that makes the diamond appear to hover are just some examples of these styles.

Simple Engagement Rings With Unique Diamond Details

What makes these simple engagement rings stand apart isn’t visible to all. The small, hidden array of diamonds in the Classic Hidden Halo, the Floating Solitaire, and the Floating Split Band are visible when gazing at your engagement ring from the side, not the top down. This extra bit of shine that you can flaunt only when you choose to is perfect for those looking for simple with a twist.

#19. The Classic Hidden Halo Round
#20. The Floating Split Band Oval
#21. The Floating Solitaire Round

Simple Engagement Rings With Unique Settings

These simple engagement rings veer slightly away from tradition because of their diamond placement. The plunging lines of the Signature V gently wrap themselves around either side of your center stone, while the Hover makes your VRAI created diamond appear to float above the band. The Cathedral, named for its architectural arches, lifts a solitaire diamond up and off the finger — which usually results in the stone appearing slightly larger than its carat weight.

#22. The Signature V Princess
#23. The Hover Marquise
#24. The Cathedral Asscher

Simple Engagement Rings With Unique Bands

For these simple engagement ring styles, a subtle variation in the band adds just the right amount of extra allure. The Double Band is true to its name and features two bands that run side-by-side, creating a look of strength, The Curator features a prominent dome that gently lifts your diamond. And the Tapered Classic’s platinum or solid gold setting is tapered at the head, creating clean lines that draw attention to the solitaire VRAI created diamond. To keep these looks simple and subtle, choose a plain over pavé band.

#25. The Double Band Oval
#26. The Curator Pear
#27. The Tapered Classic Cushion

Why Should You Buy A Simple Engagement Ring?

As with any engagement ring, you should only choose yours because you find it beautiful and know you will cherish it for a lifetime. But many opt for simple styles, like a Signature or Classic Solitaire, because of its timeless elegance. Simple rings are not part of a trend; they will pair well with your style over time, whether it evolves or forever stays the same!

Other reasons to choose a simple engagement ring are more pragmatic. Depending on the style, most simple settings are less expensive. When a setting features multiple diamonds (like a Five Stone Heirloom, a Toi et Moi, or a Three Stone engagement ring), the price naturally increases. Even adding a pavé setting will slightly increase the price. So choosing a simple solitaire will allow more money in your budget for a larger diamond, for example. And because of its subtle style, it will allow the center stone to truly be the star of the show.

What Should You Prioritize When Choosing A Simple Engagement Ring?

The most important detail in a simple engagement ring is the diamond. So be sure to prioritize the diamond 4Cs. Choose the highest quality cut, color, or clarity that works for your particular diamond shape and setting — or move up in carat weight for a little extra shine.

Can I Upgrade My Simple Engagement Ring?

While adding embellishments like a pavé setting or side stones isn’t possible (without changing settings), diamond upgrades are possible.

Because the value of a VRAI created diamond is forever guaranteed, VRAI is proud to provide diamond upgrades to customers. A diamond of 1/2 ct and above can be returned for credit equivalent to the original purchase price and then used for a diamond jewelry purchase at least 50% greater in value. This is an ideal upgrade for special anniversaries or for renewing vows. Learn more by discovering our full lifetime care package.

Discover Simple Engagement Rings With Our Diamond Experts

Ready to make finding your simple engagement ring even easier? Book an appointment with our diamond experts. You’ll receive in-depth diamond education and personalized guidance so you can find the setting and VRAI created diamond meant just for you.


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