How to Match His and Her Wedding Bands: Choosing the Perfect Pair

Alicia Briggs & Kimberly Zerkel | December 13, 2023

Choosing his and her wedding bands (also known as matching bands) is a popular and historic way to express your unity. Today, there are numerous ways to match your wedding rings that go beyond the traditional matching wedding set. Use this guide to learn how to match his and her wedding bands while still staying true to your unique style.

Discover our curated collection of his and her wedding bands featuring VRAI created diamonds to find your perfect pair.

Do His and Hers Wedding Bands Have to Match?

His and her wedding bands do not have to match. His and her wedding bands are often similar in style, or they have the same metal color or diamond shape, but they don’t have to be the same ring

Couples often choose to match their wedding bands to create a cohesive, unified look. However, there are no rules that say you have to have matching rings.

Even if you choose matching wedding bands, you can still select different details to personalize your bands. Many of VRAI’s wedding bands come in an array of sizes and widths, meaning you and your spouse can still customize each ring to fit each individual’s unique needs. For example, our Eternity Bands are available in Petite, Medium, or Large widths, with four different diamond shapes to choose from.

When deciding on matching wedding rings, consider what you want to wear, and what works best for you as a couple.

Matching Wedding Bands Pros and Cons

If you’re contemplating matching wedding bands, consider the following pros and cons:


  • Represents unity
  • Can be customized to tell your love story
  • Narrows down ring selection


  • Limits options
  • May not suit both of your preferences

How to Match His and Her Wedding Bands

The easiest way to match his and her wedding bands is to choose the same wedding band design. However, if you each prefer different rings, there are several other ways to match your wedding bands without sacrificing the ring you love.


Style is an easy way to match your wedding bands. Are you both drawn to vintage-inspired rings? Consider mixing and matching Curator Bands with Round Bands. Do you both love a sleek, minimal design? A Brushed Baguette Band paired with a Baguette Infinity Band might be a perfect pair.

If you’re not sure how to match your rings by style, consult with a VRAI diamond expert for personalized guidance.

Diamond Shape

Many wedding ring designs feature diamonds, be it diamond accents, a diamond band, or pavé set diamonds. If you both prefer a wedding band with diamonds, you can match your rings by diamond shape.

For example, pair The Pavé Border Band with The Half Pavé Band for a subtle, matching shine. Choose Oval diamonds for The Five Stone Band and Tetrad Ring for a bold and harmonious pair.


Matching your wedding bands by metal color is perhaps the most classic way of pairing your rings. Do you both love the extra durability of platinum or the romantic hue of solid yellow gold? Do you gravitate toward the clean luster of solid white gold or the regal romance of solid rose gold?

Choosing wedding bands with the same metal color means you and your spouse can match in hue, even if you don’t match in style.

Top Styles of His and Hers Wedding Bands

Use the following popular styles of his and hers wedding bands to inspire your matching wedding set.

His and Her Wedding Bands With Diamonds

Diamond accents are among the most sought-after looks in his and hers wedding bands. Delicate Infinity Bands, daring Eternity Bands, and sophisticated Devotion Bands are all examples of symbolic, diamond wedding bands tailor-made for a brilliant and bold couple.

Unique Matching Wedding Bands His and Hers

Many couples today prefer a non-traditional set of rings to exchange. There are numerous contemporary and innovative styles to choose from to create a unique wedding set. The Alternating Shapes Band is ideal for those wanting a playful mix of diamond shapes. The Single Shared Prong Band has a diamond-studded silhouette that stands apart.

Alternatively, pairing a plain and pavé Signature V Band creates a distinctly modern wedding set.

Gold Wedding Rings His and Hers

Solid gold wedding bands are timeless designs that are beloved by couples who prefer a more classic pair. That doesn’t mean that solid gold bands have to be traditional. A modern Flat or Brushed Band, a curved Chevron Band, or the textured Rope Band will add personal flair to your matching gold set.

How to Buy His and Her Wedding Bands

There are three primary ways to buy his and hers wedding bands from VRAI. You can book a complimentary appointment with a VRAI diamond expert, buy a wedding ring set online, or create matching custom-designed wedding bands.

All VRAI wedding bands come with a lifetime care package that includes a full warranty, annual professional cleaning, and resizing up to one ring size. Note that Eternity rings cannot be resized.

Consult With a Diamond Expert

The best way to buy matching his and her wedding bands is to book an appointment with our diamond experts virtually or in person at one of our showrooms. They will guide you through our expertly crafted wedding ring collection to find the perfect pair that aligns with your budget and preferences.

Choose a Wedding Ring Set

If you prefer to buy your wedding bands without assistance, choosing an existing wedding ring set online is an easy way to do so. Start by browsing our couples rings or explore our full inventory of customizable wedding rings.

Once you’ve found the perfect style, simply select your preferred details and your ring size. Your wedding bands will then be made to order and shipped directly to you.

Design Your Own His and Her Wedding Bands

For truly unique matching wedding bands, book an appointment with our diamond experts to custom-design your ring. You can feature a one-of-a-kind Cut for You™ diamond or fuse your favorite details from existing designs. Our diamond experts will walk you through our white glove custom design process and bring your dream wedding ring design to life.

Shop All VRAI Matching Wedding Band Sets

Explore our full inventory of wedding rings featuring our Carbon Neutral Certified lab-grown diamonds. Take the next step towards saying “I do,” by speaking with our diamond experts for help choosing matching weddings. You’ll receive $50 towards your wedding band after your personalized consultation, and a fully insured set of matching rings to cherish for a lifetime.

His and Her Wedding Bands FAQs

Read on for more answers to frequently asked questions about his and hers wedding bands.

Do People Wear Matching Wedding Bands?

Yes, people do wear matching wedding bands. Traditionally, wedding bands matched, but today, some couples choose to wear different wedding bands. Ultimately, the wedding band design that you both choose should make the most sense for each of you - matching or not.

What Do Matching Rings Symbolize?

Matching wedding rings symbolize the unified commitment and love between a married couple.

Do Couples Choose Wedding Rings Together?

Traditionally, couples choose wedding bands for each other, and the ring is a surprise until it’s exchanged during the wedding day. However, many couples now choose to pick out their wedding bands together, or they discuss each other's preferences beforehand.

Do Wedding Band Colors Have to Match?

Wedding band colors do not have to match, even for a matching set. If you want matching bands with different metal colors, you can pair other details instead, such as style, setting, or diamond shape.

Who Pays for Wedding Rings?

Historically, each partner (or their family) pays for the other person's ring. However, everyone has different preferences, finances, and traditions. It's up to you who pays for the wedding rings.