Diamond Shapes Guide: What Are They

Alicia Briggs | May 22, 2023

When it comes to choosing a diamond, the first thing to consider is the diamond shape, as it is the diamond’s most noticeable feature. Understanding what the different diamond shapes are will help you choose the best shape for you and that perfectly represents your love. Use this diamond shape guide to find the VRAI created diamond that truly suits you.

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What Are Diamond Shapes?

A Diamond shape is the diamond’s physical, geometric form. It’s usually the most distinguishable feature of a diamond, considered its personality and a symbol of self-expression.

Diamond shapes are split into two categories: round diamonds and fancy-shaped diamonds. The diamond shape is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a diamond, as it will greatly determine the appearance, meaning, and value of a diamond.

What Is The Difference Between A Diamond Shape And A Diamond Cut?

Diamond shape and diamond cut are often confused as they both play an important role in the appearance of a diamond. However, they are two different things.

Diamond shape refers to a diamond's exterior form, noticeable even from a distance. The diamond cut refers to a diamond’s facets and is best seen up close. Different diamond cuts will determine how the diamond reflects light, i.e. how brilliant a diamond is.

How Many Different Diamond Shapes Are There?

You choose between 31 different VRAI created diamond shapes, both classic and unique.

Diamonds can be cut into any shape, which means there are numerous possibilities for different types of diamond shapes. That being said, there are 10 main diamond shapes that you’ll consistently find, featured below. These timeless shapes are commonly featured in rings or bought as loose diamonds.

There are then numerous unique diamond shapes that are harder to find and rarely used as center stones. These shapes are typically used for fine jewelry or side stones, such as Baguette cut diamonds.

What Is The Best Diamond Shape?

The best diamond shape is the one that you love. Every diamond shape is beautiful and offers something special. Certain diamond shapes are better for size, brilliance, different styles, or jewelry types.

Overall, the Round Brilliant is by far the most popular diamond shape in the world, accounting for 50-75% of all diamonds. Oval shaped diamonds, however, are the most sought-after VRAI created diamonds.

What Are The Best Diamond Shapes For Engagement Rings?

When choosing a diamond shape for an engagement ring, personal preference and taste must come first. That being said, the most popular diamond shapes for engagement rings, and wedding rings, are the 10 classic shapes featured below.

10 Top Types Of Diamond Shapes

The following 10 diamond shapes are the most beloved and enduring diamond shapes. These shapes are primarily chosen as the center stone for engagement rings or wedding rings. They will look beautiful in any piece of diamond jewelry, however. We’ve included what makes them special and which of the diamond 4cs to prioritize.

1.Round Brilliant Diamond Cuts

The Round Brilliant cut diamond is a classic shape that stands the test of time and is the perfect balance of proportion and symmetry. The Round Brilliant’s poetic curves come full circle to signify eternal love, beautifully highlighted in any VRAI engagement ring setting.

Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds
  • Facets: 57, triangular and kite-shaped
  • Cut: Brilliant
  • Known for: Being the most popular and classic diamond shape
  • Prioritize: Cut. Thanks to their much-desired brilliance, you can compromise on carat size, color, or clarity before cut quality for maximum shine.

2.Oval Cut Diamonds

This soft silhouette with its elongated shape is one of our most sought-after shapes. Oval cut diamonds have a slender body that makes them appear larger and your fingers slimmer. Oval cut diamonds are less prone to chipping and hide inclusions well.

Oval Cut Diamonds
  • Facets: 57, triangular and kite-shaped
  • Cut: Modified Brilliant
  • Known For: Comparable brilliance to a Round Brilliant, elongated form
  • Prioritize: Carat. Oval’s maximize carat weight because of its large surface area.

3.Emerald Cut Diamonds

Emerald cut diamonds are one of the oldest diamond shapes, beloved for their clean, linear lines. This rectangular shape is a testament to exacting precision with long, symmetrical facets that draw light in and add depth and dimension. This sophisticated and sleek shape makes an elegant and modern engagement ring.

Emerald cut diamonds
  • Facets: 49, rectangular
  • Cut: Step
  • Known for: Being one of the oldest diamond shapes, “hall of mirrors” effect,
  • Prioritize: Clarity. The step-cut facets make natural inclusions more visible, so opt for VS1 or higher grades.

4.Pear Cut Diamonds

The Pear’s teardrop silhouette leads to a single point, balancing brilliant facets with a pleasing proportion and depth while elongating the fingers. Pear cut diamonds, once preferred for fine jewelry, have now gained popularity as engagement rings with their romantic and symbolic shape.

Pear shaped diamonds
  • Facets: 56, triangular and kite-shaped
  • Cut: Brilliant
  • Known for:“Tears of joy” shape, appearing larger than other diamond shapes of the same carat weight
  • Prioritize: Color, clarity or cut. Pear cut diamonds feature a large face and facets and may possess a slight "bow-tie" effect in the center. Prioritize these 3cs before carat size to minimize the bow-tie and for maximum brilliance.

5.Radiant Cut Diamonds

The perfect balance of beauty and strength, Radiant cut diamonds combine the unmatched brilliance of the Round Brilliant with the distinct silhouette of the Emerald.

Admired for its impeccable symmetry and fiery appearance, this unique shape is an ideal center stone for any of our customizable engagement ring settings.

Radiant cut diamonds
  • Facets: 70
  • Cut: Brilliant
  • Known for: Unique cut and proportions, durable shape perfect for those with an active lifestyle
  • Prioritize: Cut. This shape hides inclusions and beautifully reflects light, so cut comes before the other 3cs.

6.Cushion Cut Diamonds

Cushion cut diamonds are named after their pillow-like appearance, with a soft square shape and rounded corners.The Cushion cut diamond is considered to be one of the diamond shapes that shines the most vividly due to its fire. This contemporary shape is a modern version of the Old mine Cut, giving it a vintage-inspired look.

Cushion cut diamonds
  • Facets: 77, triangular and kite-shaped
  • Cut: Modified Brilliant
  • Known For: Pillow-like appearance,“crushed ice” reflection
  • Prioritize: Clarity. The large open table spotlights the diamond’s inclusions.

7.Princess Cut Diamonds

Princess cut diamonds were invented in 1979 and are one of the most sought-after diamond shapes for engagement rings. With an equilateral design, strong edges and pointed corners, Princess cut diamonds effortlessly combine classic brilliance with a clean cut, modern design.

Princess cut diamonds
  • Facets: 57, triangular and kite-shaped
  • Cut: Brilliant
  • Known for: Being the only true square diamond, Chevron-shaped bottom facet
  • Prioritize: Clarity or cut. They feature a large, open table, so clarity and cut affect its overall brilliance.

8.Marquise Cut Diamonds

Marquise cut diamonds are a historically notable shape wih a vintage-inspired, whimsical silhouette. Marquise diamonds are the picture of tradition and romance with a stunning elliptical shape that maximizes carat weight and brilliance.

Marquise cut diamonds
  • Facets: 56, triangular and kite-shaped
  • Cut: Brilliant
  • Known for: Long, narrow “navette” shape, appearing larger than its carat weight
  • Prioritize: Color, clarity, or cut. Their large face and possible bow-tie effect mean that carat size should come last for maximum brilliance and beauty.

9.Trillion Cut Diamonds

A thoroughly modern diamond shape, today’s Trillion cut diamonds are at once soft and sharp with a triangle shape. Eye-catching and unexpected, Trillion cut diamonds have three equal sides and fiery brilliance.

Trillion shaped diamonds
  • Facets: 37, triangular and kite-shaped
  • Cut: Modified Brilliant
  • Known for: Sleek, futuristic look, triangular shape, appearing larger than other diamond shapes by carat weight
  • Prioritize: Color, clarity, or cut. They feature a large face-up size for their weight, so carat comes last.

10.Asscher Cut Diamonds

The Asscher cut diamond marries the elegance and glamour of the Art Deco era with modern style and fine craftsmanship. This octagonal diamond's X-shaped facets and clean geometric lines give this shape a distinctive and glamorous look.

Asscher shaped diamonds
  • Facets: 74, triangular and trapezoidal
  • Cut: Step-cut
  • Known for: Vintage look, square outline with distinct X-pattern,“hall of mirrors” effect
  • Prioritize: Color. The larger facets spotlight color more than brilliant cuts.

21 Top Unique Diamond Shapes

The following 21 VRAI created diamond shapes are thoroughly unique, perfect for those who prefer non-traditional jewelry or a truly unique engagement ring. Many of the diamond shapes below are exclusive in-house VRAI created diamond shapes, only available as part of our cut to order process.

Passion cut diamond rings

1. Passion Cut Diamonds

  • Facets: 73
  • Cut: Brilliant

Passion cut diamonds are an exclusive VRAI created diamond cut, with a similar shape and cut to a Round Brilliant. With a double pavilion and additional facets Passion cut diamonds have a truly superior light reflection.

Floating Solitaire Regulus Diamond Ring

2. Regulus Cut Diamonds

  • Facets: 105
  • Cut: Brilliant

The Regulus cut diamond is another exclusive in-house cut, with a round shape and top facets similar to a Round Brilliant cut. Regulus cut diamonds have a modified pavilion and additional facets on the halves that distinctly and uniquely reflect light.

Harmonia Cut Diamonds

3. Harmonia Cut Diamonds

  • Facets: 78
  • Cut: Mixed

Harmonia cut diamonds are a unique diamond shape, exclusive to VRAI. Harmonia’s have a similar cut to Round Brilliants, with additional facets on the top and bottom of the diamond. This innovative faceting structure gives Harmonia cut diamonds an elegant brilliance and memorable appearance.

Round Rose Cut Diamonds

4. Round Rose Cut Diamonds

  • Facets: 3-24
  • Cut: Rose cut

Round Rose cut diamonds have a warm, romantic look that differs from other modern diamond shapes. Rose cut diamonds have a faceting pattern that resembles rose petals and varies in complexity. Round Rose cut diamonds have a large surface area with stunning scintillation, making them a subtle alternative to a Round Brilliant cut.

Oval Rose Cut Diamond

5. Oval Rose Cut Diamonds

  • Facets: 3-24
  • Cut: Rose cut

Oval Rose cut diamonds have an elongated shape but the same faceting pattern as any other Rose cut diamond. If you gravitate toward Oval shaped diamonds instead of Round Brilliant cut diamonds, the Oval Rose cut is a rare, vintage-inspired alternative.

Fusion Cut Diamonds

6. Fusion Cut Diamonds

  • Facets: 51
  • Cut: Mixed

Fusion cut diamonds are another creative in-house cut, crafted by our Master Diamond Cutters. This innovative diamond shape resembles an elongated Oval but with angular edges and a blended faceting pattern. Fusion diamonds have peak brilliance and a mesmerizing appearance.

Brilliant Emerald cut diamonds

7. Brilliant Emerald Cut Diamonds

  • Facets: 45
  • Cut: Mixed

Brilliant Emerald cut diamonds offer a distinct alternative to the classic Emerald cut. They have the signature elongated, rectangular shape but with a brilliant cut instead of a step-cut. This adds dispersion and fire, creating an entirely different look and feel.

Lucky cut diamonds

8. Lucky Cut Diamonds

  • Facets: 73
  • Cut: Brilliant

Lucky cut diamonds are an exclusive VRAI created cut and a variation of the Long Octagon cut. Lucky cut diamonds have eight sides with truncated corners and a brilliant cut for peak scintillation.

Capri cut diamonds

9. Capri Cut Diamonds

  • Facets: 73
  • Cut: Mixed

Capri cut diamonds are only found at VRAI, inspired by the beloved and classic Oval cut, Cushion cut, and Emerald cut diamonds. Its soft, elongated shape stands out with an innovative faceting pattern that combines step-cut facets on the bottom and both step and brilliant up top.

Rand cut diamonds

10. Rand Cut Diamonds

  • Facets: 45
  • Cut: Mixed

The Rand cut diamond is a thoroughly modern diamond shape that resembles the rectangular outline of an Emerald cut but with more brilliance. Rand cuts have a similar faceting pattern to Radiant cut diamonds but with a smaller table and pavilion. This distinctive diamond shape offers an innovative alternative to other elongated diamond shapes.

Felix cut diamonds

11. Felix Cut Diamonds

  • Facets: 35
  • Cut: Brilliant

Felix cut diamonds are similar to Emerald cut diamonds but with triangular-shaped facets instead of step-cut facets. This elongated diamond shape has stunning brilliance and scintillation, becoming increasingly popular today for engagement rings.

Cushion Princess cut diamonds

12. Cushion Princess Cut Diamonds

  • Facets: 57
  • Cut: Brilliant

An exclusive VRAI created diamond shape, Cushion Princess cut diamonds combine the best of two beloved modern diamond shapes. They feature the soft, square-shaped silhouette of a Cushion cut diamond with the coveted chevron pattern and brilliance of a Princess cut diamond.

Elongated Cushion cut diamonds

13. Elongated Cushion Cut Diamonds

  • Facets: 77
  • Cut: Brilliant

Elongated Cushion cut diamonds have all the beauty of a classic Cushion cut diamond but with an elongated form. With a modern yet timeless look, Elongated Cushions are perfect for those who love a contemporary yet vintage-inspired diamond that maximizes its carat weight.

Shield cut diamonds

14. Shield Cut Diamonds

  • Facets: 43
  • Cut: Brilliant

Embodying strength, luster, durability, and light, Shield cut diamonds feature a truly unique outline resembling a shield. Shield cut diamonds appear larger than they are and are commonly featured in dangle earrings and pendants.

Octavia cut diamonds

15. Octavia Cut Diamonds

  • Facets: 80
  • Cut: Step

With the unrivaled radiance of a Round Brilliant and an octagonal silhouette, Octavia cut diamond present one-of-a-kind brilliance. An extremely challenging shape to cut, the classic and elegant Octavia cut is considered the most brilliant square diamond shape.

Signature 6 Prong Hexagon Ring

16. Hexagon Cut Diamonds

  • Facets: 31
  • Cut: Step

Hexagon cut diamonds are a modern interpretation of the timeless Rose cut with geometric step-cut facets that draw attention to the center of the stone. Hexagon diamonds have a vintage appearance that pairs well with a variety of ring settings.

Long Hexagon cut diamonds

17. Long Hexagon Cut Diamonds

  • Facets: 31
  • Cut: Step

With an elongated six-sided outline, Long Hexagon cut diamonds have the timeless appeal of an Emerald with a distinctive contour. This angular shape is perfect for those who desire a modern yet vintage look and a diamond that appears larger than its carat weight.

Lozenge cut diamond

18. Lozenge Cut Diamonds

  • Facets: 21
  • Cut: Step

Lozenge cut diamonds are named after the original French word for a diamond’s shape. They perfectly resemble a rhombus with streamlined faceting. Lozenge cuts are classically elegant and embody the Art Deco era.

Kite cut diamonds

19. Kite Cut Diamonds

  • Facets: 21
  • Cut: Mixed

Kite cut diamonds are named after their symmetrical, kite-like shape. This rare diamond shape combines step-cut and brilliant-cut facets for a subtle yet stunning brilliance. Kite cut diamonds’ alluring and elongated shape make a beautiful selection for those who want an engagement ring that stands out.

The Signature Heart Ring

20. Heart Shaped Diamonds

  • Facets: 57
  • Cut: Brilliant

Few diamond shapes are as romantic and symbolic as a Heart cut diamond. Just as its name suggests, its heart shape makes a truly meaningful choice as a gift to a loved one. Heart shaped diamonds have undeniable brilliance and a distinct form, best seen at higher carat weights.

Baguette cut diamonds

21. Baguette Cut Diamonds

  • Facets: 14
  • Cut: Step

Both classic and modern, Baguette cut diamonds are rectangular in shape. Its long sleek lines and symmetrical faceting draw in light for unparalleled depth and dimension. Baguettes are a wonderful diamond shape for earrings, jewelry, or as a side stone for engagement and wedding rings.

What Diamond Shape Is Best For You?

The best diamond shape for you will depend on your budget, style, personal preference, and the type of jewelry you’re choosing. When it comes to selecting your shape, consider your personal style first.

Round Brilliant, Oval, and Emerald shapes are thought of as classic. Pear, Marquise, and Asscher shaped diamonds are considered vintage-inspired and romantic. Trillion and Radiant are considered to be modern-yet-timeless. For those with non-traditional tastes or who prefer to stand out, one of our unique diamond shapes may be best for you.

Our VRAI Diamond Experts can help you find a diamond shape that truly represents and aligns with your budget and preferences.

Why Should You Choose Lab-Grown Diamonds?

When you choose VRAI created diamonds, you’re choosing lab-grown diamonds with no human or environmental toll. VRAI diamonds are grown in our own zero-emission foundry, resulting in carbon-neutral jewelry that’s better for you and the planet.

Since we control each step of the production process, from the creation of each diamond to when it's set in jewelry, we can offer the most competitive diamond prices, with no middlemen markups.

For high-quality certified diamonds, choose from our 31 VRAI created diamond shapes, including shapes specifically Cut for You by our Master Diamond Cutters.

Diamond Shape FAQs

Which Diamond Shape Sparkles The Most?

Round Brilliant cut diamonds “sparkle” the most. Sparkle actually refers to a diamond’s fire and scintillation. The rounded shape and angled sides accentuate a Round Brilliant’s 57 facets, but cut must be prioritized to ensure its brilliance. All diamonds have their own stunning brilliance but different diamond shapes will have different kinds of brilliance due to their cut and cut quality.

Which Diamond Shape Costs The Most?

Round Brilliant cut diamonds are the most expensive diamond shape, due to their popularity and cut. That being said, the diamond grade, especially diamond carat price, will also determine the overall price of a diamond. VRAI created Round Brilliant cut diamonds are priced competitively to suit a range of budgets, making it possible to find a high-quality Round Brilliant cut diamond at a lower price point.

Which Diamond Shape Looks The Biggest?

Marquise, Pear, Oval, and Emerald shaped diamonds appear the largest, due to their elongated form. These styles are perfect for those wanting to maximize the size of their engagement ring.

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virtual appointment with diamond expert meeting with potential customers over a call on a computer

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Speak with our diamond experts and enjoy:

  • Personalized guidance to select your ring
  • In-depth diamond 4C education
  • Exclusive in-store fittings or virtual try-ons
  • Custom design options