The signature engagement ring, the hover engagement ring, the curator engagement ring
The signature engagement ring, the hover engagement ring, the curator engagement ring

Top Engagement Ring Settings

Angelica Frey | July 18, 2023

When the time comes for you and your partner to buy an engagement ring, narrowing down your selection can seem daunting. Some feel particularly drawn to a specific diamond shape and start the process by selecting a diamond. The other option, however, is to find the setting or style of ring you’d like first.

For as many lab-grown diamonds there are to choose from, there are often even more setting options. VRAI offers ten different diamond shapes, but sixteen different setting styles, as well as custom-made designs. It’s important to familiarize yourself with your many choices so that you can select the engagement ring setting featuring VRAI created diamonds that’s right for you.

What Is An Engagement Ring Setting?

An engagement ring setting refers to the overall design of a ring. Some jewelry companies will call the structure that holds the diamond in place the setting, but VRAI considers every detail, from prongs to style of band, important to take into consideration. The setting is another way of expressing your personal style, whether it's classic, modern, or vintage-inspired.

Although nearly any diamond shape can work in most engagement ring settings, certain settings better highlight specific grades of diamonds. For example, a Two Tone engagement ring pairs best with colorless diamonds as the platinum prongs will not imbue the center stone with added color. A Halo or Bezel engagement ring will often make diamonds of a lighter carat weight appear larger on the finger. Consider these pairings when it’s time to choose your setting and buy a diamond.

For personal guidance through our collection of engagement rings, speak with our diamond experts.

What Are Popular Engagement Ring Settings?

When it comes to finding the engagement ring setting that’s right for you, follow your personal preferences rather than trends. However, understanding which engagement ring settings are timelessly beloved is a great way of narrowing down your choice. Below are styles that are sought after again and again.

Solitaire Engagement Ring Settings

A Solitaire engagement ring is an engagement ring setting that highlights one single diamond. The word solitaire comes from the French word for single or alone, and differentiates this setting from both Toi et Moi and Three Stone engagement rings.

The round brilliant signature engagement ring with pave band

The Signature Solitaire

The Signature is our response to the enduring simplicity of a classic solitaire engagement ring. Designed to sit low on your finger and flush with your wedding band, our signature sling dips slightly below the band, drawing in light so your diamond shines bright.

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The classic round brilliant engagement ring with yellow gold band

The Classic

With clean fluid lines, the Classic engagement ring honors its moniker with a touch of modernity. Four curved prongs solely caress the center stone, allowing light to enter from all directions for maximum brilliance.

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The oval knife edge engagement ring with yellow gold band

The Knife Edge

The Knife-Edge engagement ring is our contemporary rendition of a classic style. Sloping edges form a subtle meeting point creating an elegant silhouette with minimalist appeal. A slightly tapered band adds depth and dimension spotlighting your diamond’s brilliance.

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The oval signature 6 prong with yellow gold band

The Signature 6-Prong

The Signature, reimagined. Elegant and timeless, the Signature 6 Prong setting is the quintessential engagement ring. With universal appeal lasting more than a century, its minimal design accentuates the brilliance and beauty of the center stone while enhancing its security.

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The marquise signature east west engagement ring with yellow gold band

The Signature East West

The Signature East West is similar in style and structure as our Signature Solitaire. However, the diamond is positioned horizontally (east to west) instead of vertically (north to south) for a clean, linear look.

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Cathedral Engagement Ring Settings

A Cathedral setting is an engagement ring that features two metal arches on either side of the center stone. These arches gently lift and secure the solitaire diamond in place. It is named after the arches found in Gothic cathedrals around Europe.

The round brilliant cathedral engagement ring with yellow gold band

The Cathedral

A toast to everlasting beauty and elegance, the Cathedral engagement ring is our modern take on a traditional design. Graceful arches are formed by the style’s long, architectural lines for a beautiful duality of minimal and artistic appeal.

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Two Tone Engagement Ring Settings

A Two Tone engagement ring setting features two different metal colors. Most feature a solid yellow or rose gold with platinum or white gold prongs. This contrast in tones makes the diamonds appear to “float” above its gold band; this is also best for colorless diamonds, as they won’t be imbued with color from yellow or rose gold prongs.

The Classic Two Tone

The Classic Two Tone

The Two Tone engagement ring combines the elegance of our Classic Solitaire design with the versatile appeal of a two-toned setting. Discover your favorite combination of 18k solid yellow or 14k solid rose gold and platinum. The contrast in metal colors enhances the band’s shine and lets your VRAI created diamond shine brighter than ever.

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Halo Engagement Ring Settings

A Halo engagement ring is typically a solitaire ring whose center stone is surrounded by a circle — or “halo”— of smaller diamonds. For the Hidden Halo, these diamonds are placed inside an elevated prong setting. The halo they form is best seen from the side, instead of looking straight down, which is what gives this ring its “hidden” name.

the round brilliant halo engagement ring with yellow gold pave band

The Halo

The Halo engagement ring is our rendition of a classically romantic setting. A series of individually handset pavé diamonds accent your center stone. Thoughtfully designed to sit low on your finger and flush with your wedding band, our signature sling dips slightly below the band, drawing in light so your diamond shines bright.

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The Hidden Halo

The Hidden Halo

The clean, fluid lines of our Classic solitaire engagement ring pair with an intricate array of handset pavé diamonds in this unique setting where the halo is placed within four curved prongs. The recycled solid gold placement and matching band secure a halo of VRAI created diamonds, creating an unforgettable luminary effect that shines from all directions.

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Bezel Engagement Ring Settings

A bezel setting is a platinum or solid gold setting that wraps around the entire circumference of a diamond. It not only highlights the diamond’s shape, but holds it in place. This makes a bezel different from engagement rings that feature prong settings.

The emerald signature bezel engagement ring with yellow gold band

The Signature Bezel

The Signature Bezel engagement ring combines historic sensibility with modern and thoughtful details. Balanced securely within a minimal gold rim, our knife-edge bezel setting draws in and bounces light in every direction so your diamond shines bright.

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The Signature East West Bezel

The Signature East West Bezel

This twist on our Signature Bezel style turns your VRAI created diamond on its side for a thoroughly modern look. Designed to sit low on your finger and flush with your wedding band, our signature sling dips slightly below the band, spotlighting your stone’s radiance.

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Toi et Moi Engagement Ring Settings

A Toi et Moi ring is an engagement ring that features two diamonds or gemstones instead of one. This duo of center stones either sit atop a traditional band or can be featured on either end of an open cuff ring. The name “Toi et Moi” comes from the French for “you and me” and often symbolizes two people coming together as one.

The Toi et Moi

The Toi et Moi

VRAI’s two-stone design features a combination of Round Brilliant, Oval, Emerald, and Pear-shaped VRAI created diamonds in a platinum or solid gold prong setting that allows light to enter from all directions for maximum brilliance.

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Three Stone Engagement Ring Settings

A Three Stone engagement ring is a setting created to feature three diamonds instead of one. There is a larger center stone surrounded on either side by two smaller diamonds. A Three Stone engagement ring can feature three diamonds of the same shape, such as three Emerald in a row — this style is sometimes referred to as a trio. Or it can feature one diamond shape at its center with side stones of a different shape.

The emerald three stone engagement ring with trillion side stones and yellow gold pave band

The Three Stone

Our Three Stone engagement ring features two side stones that enhance the brilliance of the VRAI created center diamond, telling the past, present and future tale of your relationship. With secure, contoured cusps and a signature low-set sling, this setting lets your story shine.

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Vintage-Inspired Engagement Ring Settings

A vintage-inspired ring is a modern engagement ring that was designed in a vintage-era style. Many vintage-inspired rings are crafted to look similar to Art Deco engagement rings. They have a vintage look and feel that can be accentuated with a pavé band and romantic diamond shapes such as the Marquise or Pear.

The oval duet engagement ring with yellow gold pave band

The Duet

Inspired by the beauty of two things coming together, the Duet engagement ring merges a balanced form with a graceful silhouette. A slender shape rounds out a refined profile that modernizes this classic ring style.

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the round brilliant curator engagement ring with yellow gold pave band

The Curator

The Curator engagement ring is decidedly different from any other design in our collection. A freshly rounded band balances symmetry and substance, creating a pleasing proportion with an artistic edge. Our cardinal setting is a distinct and thoughtful detail that puts your diamond’s brilliance on display.

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the emerald hover engagement ring with yellow gold band

The Hover

Created to inspire joy, the Hover engagement ring features a floating solitaire diamond with surrealistic appeal. This mesmerizing ring shows off your diamond in an unexpected way. Our signature cup setting keeps your stone secure while hovering above your finger for an infinitely dreamy effect.

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The round brilliant signature v engagement ring with yellow gold band

The Signature V

A future classic, the Signature V engagement ring is at once timeless yet untraditional. Contoured cusps nestle a sustainably created diamond between the band’s dipping center for a unique adaptation of the classic solitaire. Elegant in its craftsmanship, this design can be worn with the V facing either direction.

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What Are Different Types Of Ring Settings?

Not every ring is an engagement ring — and not every engagement ring has to be worn in a romantic context! The traditional definitions of different ring settings can help you understand which design works best for you. Then you can choose to define what each setting means to you.

Engagement Ring Settings

In most cases, an engagement ring is a platinum or solid gold band that features a solitaire diamond at its center. Variations of this style exist, such as three-stone settings with a prominent solitaire diamond surrounded by side stones, or two-stone settings like the Toi et Moi.

In the past, one person — the individual proposed to — wears an engagement ring. This tradition has evolved in recent years as couples have decided to exchange pairs of engagement rings, or purchase another piece of fine jewelry alongside an engagement ring to signify their commitment.

Wedding Ring Settings

Traditionally, a wedding ring is a platinum or solid gold band that lays flat against the finger, with no prominent stone at its head. It can be embellished with diamonds, but these are usually secured inside the ring’s setting instead of on top. While an engagement ring is exchanged at the time of the proposal, wedding rings are generally saved for the wedding ceremony itself.

Today, some couples choose certain wedding ring styles, particularly diamond-accented bands, as their engagement ring. These styles can also be worn for everyday style.

Fine Jewelry Ring Settings

Fine jewelry rings can be designed similarly to engagement rings and wedding bands, but often feature less expensive materials — such as 14k solid gold instead of 18k — as well as smaller diamonds. These rings are generally made in bulk rather than made to order. This is because they are meant for everyday wear or gifting and are more budget-friendly than engagement rings, which are considered an investment. They should, however, be designed thoughtfully, made with sustainable materials, and worn as a reflection of your style and values, regardless of their more accessible price point.

Fine jewelry rings can be worn on any finger (engagement rings and wedding bands are traditionally worn on the left ring finger). Examples of fashion rings include Signet rings, Tetrads, and stackable rings like Bezel or Tiny Diamond rings.

Can You Change An Engagement Ring Setting?

Most engagement rings are customizable — meaning you can choose the metal color or details such as a pavé band. To completely alter a setting, book an appointment for a custom-design engagement ring. From adding a bezel setting to your Toi et Moi engagement ring to having a Two Tone Three Stone setting, speak with our design experts to see what changes are possible in order to bring your dream ring to life.

What Are High Engagement Ring Settings?

Certain engagement rings feature settings that lift the diamond higher off the finger. The benefit of these settings is that they can create the optical illusion of a larger diamond, since the center stone will be slightly closer to your eyes. The Classic Solitaire, the Signature 6-Prong Solitaire, and the Cathedral are high engagement ring settings.

What Are Unique Engagement Ring Settings?

Unique or non-traditional engagement rings are designs that veer away from a classic solitaire engagement ring setting. From slight variations in the band to additional diamonds to maximize shine, these creative styles always garner attention. Some unique looks include the Duet engagement ring, the Hover engagement ring, the Toi et Moi engagement ring, or the Three Stone engagement ring.

Speak With Our Diamond Experts

Our diamond experts can guide you through our collection of engagement rings and help you select the style that pairs best with your personal style. Receive in-depth diamond education and a look at VRAI’s Lifetime Care Package so you can choose your engagement ring with confidence and enjoy them for a lifetime.