How To Pair Your Pear Shaped Engagement Ring With A Wedding Band

Angelica Frey | January 31, 2023

A Pear shaped engagement ring is a modern and elegant cut that combines the characteristics of a Round Brilliant cut and a Marquise diamond. Pairing its unique teardrop shape with a wedding band has a lot of variables: there is no right way when it comes to wearing your Pear shaped engagement ring, and the choice of the wedding band depends on how you decide to set the diamond Whether you decide to wear it in the way that reflects its teardrop shape, with the pointed end facing your knuckles, or in an East-West setting, wedding bands made with VRAI created lab diamonds can accommodate any style choice.

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What Is A Pear Shaped Engagement Ring?

A Pear shaped Engagement Ring is an engagement ring featuring a Pear shaped diamond. It’s a timelessly elegant shape, whose tapered outline uniquely flatters the finger, combining the brilliance of a Round Brilliant cut with the elongating effects of the Marquise diamond. Due to its shape, it tends to show more color than the Round Brilliant, so take that into account when choosing the color grade. Like the Oval cut, the Pear shaped diamond can show a dark pattern across its width that resembles a bow tie: choosing a higher-grade cut can minimize this characteristic.

What Is The Best Band That Goes With A Pear Shaped Engagement Ring?

The best wedding band for your Pear engagement ring is the one you love the most in terms of comfort and beauty, but you can still benefit from a few tricks of the trade to curb decision fatigue to some degree.

One main thing to consider is deciding on the setting of your Pear shaped engagement ring first before determining a matching wedding band. The engagement ring’s overall style and design will determine what band will match best.

The Best Wedding Band for Pear Shaped Solitaire Rings

Pear Solitaire rings are timeless, modern, and delicate, and the combination of curves and pointed edges gives them an Art Nouveau-like appearance. Pear solitaires create a look that elegantly subverts expectations while retaining a classic look with an edge.

Our Signature solitaire settings pair well with a Round Band, petite Eternity Bands, or Chevron Band, but these are only a few of the many options.

The best Wedding Band for Halo Pear Ring

Quintessentially romantic and vintage-inspired, the Halo Pear engagement ring highlights the brilliance of the center stone while also making it appear visually larger thanks to a series of hand-set pavé diamonds. An Infinity or Half Pavé band will complement this design.

The Best Wedding Band For Three Stone Pear Engagement Rings

In VRAI’s Three Stone Pear engagement ring, two side stones accent the beauty of the Pear diamond, enhancing its brilliance and providing ample finger coverage. Our Alternating Shapes and Devotion bands complement the opulence of the Three Stones design without sacrificing elegance.

The Best Wedding Band For Toi et Moi Engagement Rings

VRAI’s Toi et Moi ring pairs a Pear diamond with options including Round Brilliant, Oval, and Emerald. A Round or a Flat Band will highlight the unique design of the Toi et Moi ring, offsetting its signature asymmetry with its clean lines.

Are Curved Bands the Best Bands For A Pear Shaped Engagement Ring?

With its unique shape, a Pear engagement ring has countless possibilities when it comes to pairing it with a wedding band. Whether you opt for a straight or a curved band is completely up to personal preference.

What Is A Curved Wedding Band?

Curved wedding bands pair seamlessly with engagement rings because of the way they frame the center diamond, by dipping or curving around it. There are a variety of styles available, such as Chevron bands with a slight, curved dip, and V-shaped bands which, as the name suggests, come with a more dramatic and defined V-shaped dip.

Chevron Curved Bands With A Pear Ring

Inspired by a classic chevron band, VRAI’s Chevron Band elegantly complements a Pear engagement ring with its gentle contours, soft curves, and sleek design.

Signature V Curved Bands With A Pear Ring

Timeless yet thoroughly modern, VRAI’s Signature V Band pairs seamlessly with a Pear engagement ring, and given the depth of the dip, it can be worn facing either way, at the top or at the bottom. The V Curved band also features its own engagement ring style, where contoured cusps nestle a sustainably created diamond between the band’s dipping center.

Shop Pear Shaped Engagement Rings With A Diamond Expert

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