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Style me Pretty x VRAI rings

How to Style Bridesmaid and Bridal Jewelry

VRAI | January 11, 2022

Selecting bridesmaid and bridal jewelry for your wedding should be an enjoyable experience that adds one more layer of elegance to your upcoming event. But with so many options to choose from — not to mention the varying styles of each member of your wedding party — the task can become overwhelming.

In this guide on how to style your bridesmaid and bridal jewelry featuring VRAI created diamonds, you’ll discover tips to help you and your closest circle of friends shine bright on your wedding day and every day that follow.

Best Bridesmaid Jewelry Styles

The best bridesmaid or wedding party jewelry style is simple yet elegant. Selecting light and delicate pieces that add the perfect amount of shine is important for several reasons.

First, the wedding party’s look should not detract from the stars of the show — i.e., you and your future spouse. Those standing at your side should look and feel their best, but not necessarily have pieces that are bigger or brighter than what you yourself are wearing. Secondly, more subtle and effortless designs are sure to please a variety of different styles and tastes. Although your friends will do their best to accommodate you on your wedding day, those not used to wearing lots of jewelry or those with minimalist style might look or feel out of character in heavier pieces.

And lastly, bridesmaid jewelry should fit into your or their budget, depending on who is making the purchase. Each piece should be a cherished gift that helps them remember you one your special day without becoming too much of a financial burden.

Bridesmaid Jewelry Sets

Gifting a bridesmaid jewelry set that includes matching earrings and bracelets is a popular way to style those in your wedding party. Consider pairing together VRAI x Style Me Pretty matching designs, such as the Perennial Studs and Perennial Cuff for a beautifully-coordinated look

Other options for matching bridesmaid jewelry sets include pairing Solitaire or Bezel necklaces and studs. Solitaire classics in particular come in a variety of diamond shapes and customization options, so you can create a wedding party look unique to your special day, or let your friends choose a style that works best for them.

Bridesmaid Earrings

The best bridesmaid earrings are lightweight and easy to wear throughout the day. Perennial Studs from the VRAI x Style Me Pretty collection are perfect for a floral-themed spring or summer wedding. For ceremonies year-round, consider versatile and timeless Bezel Earrings or Bezel Drop Huggie Hoops that are sure to please everyone in your party.

Bridesmaid Bracelets

A bracelet is a perfect fine jewelry selection for your bridal party. They are often easy to wear and incorporate into every style. And they make wonderful gifts that can be enjoyed well beyond your wedding day. The Perennial Cuff and Petal Cuff from the VRAI x Style Me Pretty collection pair perfectly with the bouquet or corsage your wedding party member might be carrying. The cuffs are designed to be worn together, but can also be worn as solo pieces. Bezel or Bezel Station Bracelets are also classic designs that will compliment any style.

Bridesmaid Necklaces

When it comes to bridesmaid necklaces, a little bit of shimmer can go a long way. The VRAI x Style Me Pretty Perennial Necklace is a beautiful compliment to a delicate bridesmaid look, and can complement the look of a bride wearing several other pieces from the collection. Other favorite options include the Bezel Station Necklace, available in three different diamond shapes, or the Tiny Station Necklace, available in 14k solid yellow or white gold.

Bridesmaid Jewelry Gifts

Offering bridesmaid jewelry gifts is a wonderful way to thank those who stood by your side on this important day. While these gifts can be worn during the ceremony, they should also be pieces that your friends will want to wear for years to come. Consider the trio of rings from the VRAI x Style Me Pretty collection. The Petal Ring is a beautiful unisex design perfect for those with minimal taste. The Perennial Ring is a bright classic, ideal for a traditional maid of honor or best friend. And the bold and alluring Trellis Ring is for those in the group with the most daring style. Each ring pairs well with the others, making them a wonderful way to symbolize your connection.

What Color or Metal Should You Choose for Your Bridesmaid Jewelry?

Choosing 14k solid gold for your bridesmaid jewelry is not only ensuring its quality, but also taking your wedding party’s skin sensitivities into consideration, as plated or vermeil styles can wear down and cause irritations.

The choice of color is much more personal. Although optional, matching with other members of the bridal party, or with the bride or groom’s jewelry, gives your wedding-day look a more cohesive feel.

Yellow Gold Bridesmaid Jewelry

Yellow gold is the color most associated with gold itself, and often a favorite. Yellow gold is also perfect for warm-weather weddings, or bridal party members with neutral or warm skin tones. Choosing yellow gold bridesmaid jewelry, such as the Tiny Necklace, the Bezel Bracelet, or Pavé Huggie Hoops, will give your bridal party a polished look and leave each member with a gift to wear for years to come.

Rose Gold Bridesmaid Jewelry

Rose gold bridesmaid jewelry creates a romantic and vintage-inspired look for any wedding. Rose gold is also the most versatile choice; it pairs well with warm, cool, and neutral skin tones and fits in well with your loved one’s yellow or white gold jewelry collection. Solitaire Studs and Necklaces in a rose gold setting, or Pavé Huggie Hoops in rose gold make effortless bridesmaid gifts.

White Gold Bridesmaid Jewelry

White gold bridesmaid jewelry is beautiful year-round, but is especially alluring for a winter wedding or any ceremony involving cool colors. This hue is also ideal for members of your bridal party with cooler skin tones, or simply a preference for its pristine look. The Baguette Semi-Bezel Necklace and Baguette Semi-Bezel Stud in white gold, or a Tiny Cuff Ring in white gold are designs they’ll hold onto for a lifetime.

Should Bride and Bridesmaid Jewelry Match?

Bridal and bridesmaid jewelry do not have to match perfectly, but many prefer to choose pieces that compliment one another. Usually, this means selecting one color of gold for all wedding-day jewelry — and that choice usually starts with the engagement ring or wedding bands, but not always.

If a bride has a platinum engagement ring as well as a platinum wedding ring, they might want to select white gold jewelry for themselves and everyone else to match. If the bride is wearing floral designs, such as those in the VRAI x Style Me Pretty collection, floral bridesmaid designs from the same collection are perfect for coordinating.

If the bride has a favorite diamond shape — Round Brilliant diamond jewelry, for example — they can have bridesmaids jewelry that features that shape exclusively.

Best Bridal Jewelry

The most important style rule to follow on your wedding day is to choose a look that makes you feel beautiful, comfortable, and entirely yourself. The idea is to enhance your natural beauty and style, not obscure it through wardrobe, hair, makeup, and jewelry selections that make you uncomfortable.

The best bridal jewelry is therefore an extension of the jewelry you already love and wear. Do you have classic or minimalist style and prefer lighter pieces? Do you love romantic or vintage-inspired jewelry? Do you regularly wear bold, eye-catching designs? There are bridal jewelry looks to highlight who you are every day and on your special day

Bridal Earrings

Perennial Studs are bright and delicate floral designs inspired by flowers that bloom year after year; although they would work for any season, they would be ideal for a garden-themed spring or summer wedding. Chateau Studs are classic and regal, perfect for a formal or black-tie ceremony. And diamond ear arcs, particularly the 7-stone Baguette Ear Arcs, are a wonderful way of incorporating bold style into your nuptial look.

Bridal Bracelets

The Perennial and Petal Cuff from VRAI x Style Me Pretty are designed to be stacked together and create a light and elegant look. Round Brilliant Tennis Bracelets] are perfect for adding the right amount of shine to a classic look. And the Unity Bracele is dramatic in style and meaning, as its multiple diamond shapes represent individuals unifying together as one.

Bridal Necklaces

The Perennial Necklace is an abstract flower design that adds brilliance to any and every bridal neckline. The Neptune Floating Necklace is crafted to not only capture attention on your wedding day, but become an instantly coveted family heirloom. And the Illuminate Choker is a daring piece for an avant-garde or maximalist-style wedding.

Explore Bridesmaid and Bridal Jewelry

Explore the VRAI x Style Me Pretty collection for designs that forever capture nature’s first blooms in settings crafted to last a lifetime. Each piece works in tandem with one another for a cohesive wedding-day look, and can easily be incorporated into an everyday look after.

And discover all of VRAI’s fine jewelry designs for looks that will have you and your loved ones shining bright on your special day and every day.