Oval Three Stone Engagement Ring with Pear sides
Oval Three Stone Engagement Ring with Pear sides

Three Stone Engagement Ring: How to Buy

Alicia Briggs | December 29, 2023

A Three Stone engagement ring is consistently sought-after due to its symbolism and undeniable brilliance. With three dazzling diamonds, this distinguished and romantic setting stands out while remaining classic and elegant. Three Stone settings offer numerous benefits, but you may be wondering if it’s the right choice for you.

Use this guide for everything you need to know about Three Stone engagement rings, including how to buy one featuring VRAI created diamonds.

What Is a Three Stone Engagement Ring Setting?

A Three Stone engagement ring setting features one center diamond flanked by two smaller side stones. The side stones in a Three Stone setting may or may not match the center diamond shape. With numerous diamond combinations available, Three Stone settings will vary dramatically in style and appearance.

What Do Three Stone Engagement Rings Mean?

Three Stone engagement rings have a highly symbolic meaning. The three stones represent your past, present, and future. Couples may also choose three stones to represent their children, an anniversary, or an important accomplishment that they achieved together.

Three Stone Engagement Rings History

This symbolic jewelry design can be traced back to Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome, but a Three Stone engagement ring didn’t appear until the Georgian and Victorian Eras. Variations of the Three Stone engagement ring historically featured different gemstones, not just diamonds.

The Three Stone engagement ring was also associated with religion and referred to as a Trinity or Trilogy ring. In this context, the three stones symbolize the “Holy Trinity.”

Three Stone engagement rings were very popular during the Art Deco era and the 1960s and 70s. These designs were the start of the modern Three Stone diamond engagement ring we know today. They primarily featured Baguette side stones and a fancy-shaped center stone.

Today, Three Stone engagement rings remain one of the most popular engagement ring settings. Famous Three Stone engagement rings are consistently flaunted by Hollywood stars and royalty, including Meghan Markle, Princess Beatrice, Jennifer Lopez, Salma Hayek, Demi Lovato, and Jessica Simpson.

Should You Buy a Three Stone Engagement Ring?

A Three Stone diamond engagement has a refined aesthetic and deep, personal meaning. If you are seeking a diamond-forward, highly customizable setting that lets your unique story shine, then you should choose a Three Stone engagement ring.

Pros and Cons of Three Stone Engagement Rings

Before buying a Three Stone engagement ring, consider the pros and cons:


  • Symbolic Setting
  • Eye-Catching Contrast
  • Option for Multiple Diamond Shapes
  • Extra Brilliance
  • Can Create the Illusion of a Larger Center Diamond
  • Unique but Still Traditional


  • Costs More Than Solitaire Settings
  • Side Stones Can Distract From or Clash With the Center Stone
  • Can Entail More Cleaning

Best Diamond Shapes for Three Stone Engagement Rings

Most diamond shapes look beautiful in a Three Stone engagement ring, which is why this versatile setting is so customizable.

For inspiration, consider the following popular diamond shape combinations for Three Stone settings:

Three stone Pear Diamond Engagement Ring

Three Stone Pear Engagement Ring

Emblematic of a teardrop, a Pear cut is ideal for the individual in tune with their emotions. The Pear is a popular choice for a side or center stone in Three Stone settings. As a side stone, it adds a complementary vintage-inspired elegance to any curved center diamond. When paired with a matching center diamond, you have a striking heirloom design.

Oval Trillion Three Stone Diamond Ring

Three Stone Oval Engagement Ring

Oval Three Stone engagement rings provide a versatile, elongated alternative to a classic Round Brilliant cut diamond. Ovals appear larger than they are, further enhancing the size of this design. They look particularly striking when combined with similar, elegantly curved shapes like a Pear, Round, or matching Oval.

For a contemporary design with striking contrast, pair an Oval center diamond with Trillion or Baguette side stones.

Three Stone Round Brilliant Diamond Ring

Three Stone Round Engagement Ring

For the person who lights up every room they enter, the timeless and beloved Round brilliant cut is the perfect choice. When paired with a pavé band, its fire is striking. A Round Brilliant cut can be the center diamond or the side stone, making it one of the most versatile cuts.

Three Stone Emerald Baguette Ring

Three Stone Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

For a contemporary Art Deco design, consider a Three Stone Emerald engagement ring flanked by complementary Baguette cut diamonds. Alternatively, pair with Trillion side stones to create a striking, modern look that is bold and surprisingly unique.

How to Choose a Three Stone Engagement Ring

Use the tips below to help you buy a Three Stone engagement ring that’s perfectly suited to your style.


There are various types of Three Stone settings. The diamond shape and metal color will greatly impact the overall appearance of a Three Stone ring, but so will the setting style.

If you love an heirloom, vintage-inspired design, consider The Three Stone Halo. A traditional Three Stone setting is highly versatile, but it’s particularly preferred by people with classic and traditional styles. Alternatively, The Trellis Three Stone offers a more contemporary take with subtle yet modern detailing.

Diamond Shape

The diamond shape you choose will largely determine what your engagement ring looks like. Consider shapes that complement both each other and the ring style to ensure a seamless design. The shapes can contrast, but they can also clash, which creates an undesirable appearance.

Metal Color

The metal color should enhance the ring style as well as the diamond color. Platinum and white gold add a modern sheen, but diamonds with lower color grades will look slightly yellow in comparison.

Rose gold adds a historic romance while yellow gold creates a classic warmth. But these metal colors can imbue a colorless diamond with color.

Cut, Color, & Clarity

Three Stone engagement rings feature three diamonds. To ensure a seamless, brilliant design, it’s important to choose diamonds with the same cut, color, and clarity grades.

When you choose complementary diamond shapes and diamond grades, a Three Stone engagement ring creates the illusion of one large center diamond. This allows you to save on carat weight and prioritize higher diamond grades for the remaining 4Cs.

How to Buy a Three Stone Engagement Ring at VRAI

You can buy a Three Stone engagement ring from VRAI online or at a VRAI showroom. To buy a Three Stone ring, first select your preferred Three Stone setting. You can then choose between ten center diamond shapes, four side stone shapes, four different metal colors, and a plain or pavé band.

After you select each customizable detail, click Add to Cart. Your ring will be made to order just for you, and then shipped to your home by the ship-by date.

All VRAI Three Stone engagement rings feature VRAI created diamonds grown in the world’s first zero-emission foundry. VRAI lab-grown diamonds are expertly cut and certified and include a Full Lifetime Warranty.

When you choose a VRAI created diamond engagement ring, you’re buying an engagement ring that shines as boldly as you do.

Three Stone Engagement Ring FAQs

Below, you’ll find the answers to any lingering questions about Three Stone engagement rings.

Are Three Stone Engagement Rings Popular?

Three Stone engagement rings are very popular. They are one of the most popular engagement ring settings.

Are Three Stone Engagement Rings More Expensive?

Three Stone engagement rings are more expensive because they feature three diamonds instead of one. VRAI Three Stone engagement rings start at $1,300 for the setting. The price goes up from there depending on the carat weights and diamond shapes, as well as the metal color and band detailing.

How Do You Upgrade a Three Stone Engagement Ring?

A professional jeweler can help you upgrade your Three Stone engagement ring. All VRAI engagement rings with diamonds 0.30ct or above are eligible for an upgrade at any time.

What Wedding Band Looks Best With Three Stone Engagement Rings?

The wedding band that looks best with a Three Stone engagement ring will have a complementary diamond shape and metal color. When pairing a Three Stone engagement ring with a wedding band, the settings should pair flush to ensure that the diamonds won’t rub or chip.

A VRAI diamond expert can help you select the perfect wedding ring set when you book a complimentary appointment.