Co-Designing Engagement Rings: What You Need to Know

Kimberly Zerkel | March 14, 2024

The journey to your engagement is a deeply personal and unique experience, reflecting the individual love story it represents. One emerging trend that brings this personalized touch to the forefront is co-designing an engagement ring. This collaborative process not only ensures the final piece is exactly as envisioned but also imbues the ring with deeper meaning and personal significance.

For those wanting to co-design an engagement ring featuring VRAI created diamonds, the process is easier than ever before. Simply book an appointment with our diamond experts to discuss your ideas and decide if a custom co-designed ring is right for you.

What Is Co-Designing An Engagement Ring?

Co-designing a dream ring involves both partners in the creative process of designing the ring. This partnership with a jeweler allows couples to make informed decisions about every aspect of the ring, from the choice of metal to the cut of the diamond, ensuring that the final product perfectly symbolizes their unique bond and preferences.

For those wanting to co-design a dream ring with VRAI created diamonds, learn more about our custom engagement ring options.

Is Co-Designing An Engagement Ring A Trend?

Yes and no. Co-designing or customizing an engagement ring has existed for several decades now but has been reserved for the ultra-wealthy. Creating something one-of-a-kind was almost never an option for the average customer.

But co-designing has become more accessible. It has gained popularity as couples seek more meaningful and personalized ways to celebrate their commitment. This trend caters to those who value individuality and want a ring that truly represents their relationship, rather than opting for a standard.

When Should You Co-Design Your Engagement Ring?

Co-designing is ideal for couples who:

  • Have specific design ideas or unique stories they want their ring to tell.
  • Are looking for a way to bond and make the engagement process even more special.
  • Have searched through available options and haven't found the perfect ring.

What Are The Steps In Designing Your Own Engagement Ring?

The process from start to finish:

Book An Appointment

Start by scheduling a consultation with a diamond expert. This initial discussion will help you understand the process, timeline, and pricing.

Set Your Budget

Be upfront about your budget. A clear budget allows your expert to guide you towards the best options within your price range, ensuring the project remains financially comfortable.

Determine Your Personal Style

Reflect on both partners' styles and preferences. Consider elements from jewelry you already love to wear, or draw inspiration from your lifestyle, tastes, and stories you share.

Perhaps you want a Three Stone engagement ring that represents your past, present, and future, but you want different diamond shapes than what is offered or a bezel setting around each stone. These are the kinds of ideas to bring to the table when co-designing.

Choose Your Diamond Shape

Decide on the diamond shape that appeals to you most. Each shape has its own character and flair—whether it's the classic elegance of a Round Brilliant or the modern sophistication of an Emerald cut.

Do you want more options when it comes to diamond shapes? Select Cut for You ™ VRAI created diamonds and choose from thirty diamond shapes instead of the standard ten.

Design Your Setting

The setting frames the diamond and defines the ring's overall style. Discuss with your jeweler whether you prefer a minimalist design, something vintage-inspired, or a setting that's completely out-of-the-box.

Be Patient

Creating a custom engagement ring takes time. From design approval to the crafting process, be prepared for it to take a few weeks to complete. That’s why you should allow yourself ample time to co-design an engagement ring.

FAQs For Designing Diamond Engagement Rings

Common questions for those designing their own ring:

Is Co-Designing An Engagement Ring More Expensive?

Not necessarily. The cost depends on various factors, including the complexity of the design and the materials used. By being involved in the process, you can make choices that align with your budget.

Smaller diamonds or rose gold settings will usually cost you less, while choosing platinum and multi-stone settings will up the price tag, for example.

Should You Surprise Your Partner With A Custom Engagement Ring?

A surprise proposal with a custom ring can be incredibly romantic if you're confident in knowing your partner's preferences. However, it’s important that the final ring is something your partner will truly love.

Does your partner love the sleek and modern look of a Signature solitaire engagement ring or the vintage-inspired romance of a Halo setting? Do they want the glamor of a Five Stone Heirloom or the hidden sparkle of a Hidden Halo? Don’t commit unless you’re sure they’ll love wearing the final outcome.

Can Your Custom Engagement Ring Be Any Style?

Yes and no. One of the joys of custom design is that there are no limits to creativity. Whether you're inspired by vintage elegance, modern minimalism, or something entirely unique, jewelers can usually help bring your vision to life. However, most brands, including VRAI, will help co-design an engagement ring within their aesthetic and core values. This means using VRAI created diamonds grown in our zero-emission foundry as well as recycled solid gold or platinum. Other materials simply do not align with VRAI.

Should You Co-Design A Custom Diamond?

Co-designing an engagement ring offers a meaningful and intimate way to symbolize your love and commitment. By being actively involved in every step of the design process, you ensure the ring is not just a piece of jewelry, but a treasure that holds your shared memories and dreams.Check your budget and existing engagement ring styles to ultimately decide.

Co-Design Your Engagement Ring With Our Diamond Experts

Have an idea for a custom ring? Book an appointment with our diamond experts to see if this option is right for you! Not only will your bespoke engagement ring featuring VRAI created diamonds reflect your personal style and creativity, but it will stand as a testament to your commitment to the future of the planet.

virtual appointment with diamond expert meeting with potential customers over a call on a computer
virtual appointment with diamond expert meeting with potential customers over a call on a computer

Consult with a diamond expert

Speak with our diamond experts and enjoy personalized guidance to select your ring, in-depth diamond 4C education, exclusive in-store fittings or virtual try-ons, custom design options.

Speak with our diamond experts and enjoy personalized guidance to select your ring, in-depth diamond 4C education, exclusive in-store fittings or virtual try-ons, custom design options.