How To Choose And Style a 1 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

Angelica Frey | March 21, 2023

A 1 carat Emerald cut diamond engagement ring is the most popular carat weight for rings. It both makes a statement and is extremely versatile and wearable. The diamond’s art-deco-like, step-cut facets create a timeless hall-of-mirrors effect and an elegant lustrous scintillation. Most styles, whether vintage-inspired classic, or modern, will complement this diamond shape and carat weight. Read this guide if you are thinking about purchasing an Emerald cut engagement ring, and book an appointment with an expert to see the way it suits your hand.

What Is An Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring?

A 1 carat Emerald Cut diamond engagement ring features a 1 carat Emerald Cut diamond as its center stone. Popular styles include Solitaire, Bezel, Toi et moi, Three Stone, and Five Stone settings.

An Emerald diamond is an elongated cut with a comparably large surface area: this means that it faces up larger than a Round Brilliant or an Asscher cut, while also making your fingers appear slimmer and longer. Other cuts such as Oval, Pear, and Marquise, share similar characteristics. While always being a style favored by Hollywood and royalty, in the past years the Emerald has seen its popularity skyrocket, even though its understated and sophisticated elegance will ensure it will never be seen as simply “trendy.” Price-wise, an Emerald cut diamond is also less expensive than a Round Brilliant: expect to spend 20 to 25% when choosing an Emerald cut over a Round Brilliant cut with the same specs.

How Do You Choose A 1 Carat Emerald Diamond?

A 1 carat diamond engagement ring with an Emerald cut exudes strength and beauty. Yet, one must be aware that its large, step-cut facets do not conceal inclusions or color as well as brilliant cuts. In fact, unlike the triangular and kite-shaped facets of brilliant cuts, step cut facets do not produce as much scintillation as the brilliant-cut ones, which is one primary way to mask clarity characteristics.

“We generally advise aiming for VS1 clarity in Emerald diamonds, though you can often find a great value on a VS2 clarity that is still going to be stunning,” explains Grace Taylor, VRAI’s Senior Diamond Expert and Director of Sales and Customer Experience

The length-to-width ratio of Emerald cut diamonds varies, and the choice is mostly up to personal taste: while some gravitate towards a more elongated rectangle, others find something closer to a square closer to their personal tastes. Still, most Emerald cut diamonds have a ratio between 1.3 and 1.5, with 1.4 considered ideal.

What Influences The Price Of A 1 Carat Emerald Diamond Ring?

Despite its innate sophistication and the coveted hall-of-mirrors effect, the Emerald diamond is not as expensive as other popular shapes such as the Oval and the Round Brilliant cut.

“The emerald cut diamond is the least expensive of all the shapes,” writes the CEO of Diamond Cutters International Fred Cuellar in How to Buy a Diamond. “You see, it is the shape that is most like the natural shape of the rough, so there is a little bit less waste during the cutting process.” At the time of publication, prices of a 1 carat mined Emerald cut diamond with F-G color, VVS-VS clarity grade go from $3,400 (G, VS1, Excellent polish, Good symmetry) to $6,400 (F, VS1, Excellent polish and symmetry). In the case of VRAI created diamonds, the range is from $1,363 (G, VS2) to $1,811 (G, VVS2), so you can expect to save between 60% and 72%. Yet, there’s more than a better price point to lab-grown diamonds. They share the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as mined diamond: since they undergo the same growth process, they have to be cut and polished just like their mined counterpart, and are graded with the same criteria in terms of color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. The only difference is the point of origin, and, unlike a mined diamond, a lab-grown diamond such as a VRAI created diamond has guaranteed origin.

What Is The Actual Size Of A 1 Carat Emerald Diamond?

When choosing an engagement ring featuring a 1 carat Emerald cut diamond, keep in mind that a 1 carat Emerald cut diamond ring will make the wearer’s finger appear longer and slenderer thanks to its elongated shape: alongside Ovals, Pears, and Marquise diamonds, Emerald cut diamonds naturally bring the gaze upward, creating verticality. A 1 Carat Emerald diamond will measure approximately from 7.15 by 4.90 mm to 7.35 by 5.106.5mm. Width-wise, expect a 1 carat Emerald cut diamond to cover 31% of a size 6 finger.

1 Vs 1.5 carat Emerald Diamond

A 1 carat Emerald cut diamond measures around 7 by 5 mm, while the size range of a 1.5 carat Emerald cut diamond goes from 8.20 by 5.65mm to 8.40 by 5.85 mm. The area of a 1.5 carat Emerald diamond is up to 1.4 larger than the one of a 1 carat Emerald diamond.

1 Vs 2 Carat Emerald Diamond

A 1 carat Emerald cut diamond measures around 7 by 5 mm, while a 2 carat Emerald cut diamond measures from 9.04 x 6.20mm to 9.24 x 6.40mm. Even though 2 carat is double the weight of 1 carat, the surface area is only 50% more, but the price can increase more than five fold if all the other specs remain consistent.

What Are The Best Engagement Ring Styles For A 1 Carat Emerald Diamond Ring?

With its elongated facets creating a gleaming hall-of-mirrors effect, a 1 Carat Emerald cut diamond will look great when paired with most settings, as it can look both vintage-inspired and utterly modern depending on the type of prongs, band, and overall setting. In addition, you can pair it with brilliant-cut side stones either in a multi-stone setting or in a toi et moi ring to create an overall dynamic effect when it comes to brilliance. The one thing to note is that the Emerald cut does not make the sparkliest of the diamonds: rather, its step-cut facets produce a refined, sophisticated luster that allows the true color of the diamond to really shine through.

Classic Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

A 1 carat Emerald solitaire engagement ring is the perfect choice for someone who wants something that’s timeless and classic without resorting to the extremely popular Round Brilliant or the more visibly on-trend Oval diamond. The step-cut facets create an overall sleek look that elegantly contrast or harmoniously complement the setting. Experimenting with different types of bands, such as a domed band (with the Pavé Dome model) or with the way the prongs are set (with the Six Prong solitaire) creates countless combinations and possibilities. Of course, a classic solitaire is always a good idea.

Vintage-Inspired Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

A 1 carat Emerald cut diamond can make vintage-inspired engagement rings look modern and youthful.

“This weight allows you to get more of a linear look in the setting,” explains Grace Taylor, VRAI’s Senior Director of Sales & Customer Experience.She suggests the Three Stone setting, pairing a 1 carat Emerald diamond with 1/2 ct Emerald sides or the Five Stone Heirloom: using a higher carat weight would make them look more straight-up vintage-inspired. “1 carat Emerald centers also give settings like these which can feel a little more mature, a younger vibe.”

If you like the pyramid-like effect of the three-stone setting, you can achieve an equally dramatic look by pairing ¼ side stones with your 1 carat Emerald. The Toi et Moi honors a centuries-old jewelry tradition that pairs two unique shapes.

Modern Emerald Cut Engagement Ring Styles

The Emerald cut embodies modernity and modernism. Any engagement ring style that emphasizes the geometric facets will create an overall modern look. The bezel setting runs parallel to the outline of the diamond, while a double band plays with the linear shapes of this cut. The Duet, with its twisted silhouette, creates an abstract, yet balanced and timeless design.

East-West Emerald Cut Engagement Ring Styles

One of the perks of an elongated cut such as an Emerald cut for your engagement ring is being able to orient it both vertically and horizontally. This ensures more finger coverage and results in a timeless, yet unexpected design choice that agrees both with classic and more on-trend styles. See it in a Solitaire, a Hover, and a Bezel setting.

Choose Your Emerald Diamond With A Diamond Expert

This utterly elegant and sophisticated cut and carat weight suits most styles, and, while being extremely versatile, Emerald diamonds are not as ubiquitous as Round Brilliant cuts. Explore options, including color grade styles, and settings by talking to one of our diamond experts.