Cushion cut engagement rings

The romantic Cushion engagement ring featuring VRAI created diamonds has soft corners, a pillow-like appearance, and large facets to maximize brilliance.

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Complimentary appointments, in person or online, with our diamond experts.

Complimentary appointments, in person or online, with our diamond experts.

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Explore styles featuring Cushion cut VRAI created diamonds to find the one that’s right for you.

A Cushion cut diamond is a squared shape known for its pillow-like appearance. Its unique form is accentuated in a Halo engagement ring setting. Cushion cut Halo engagement rings also have a vintage appeal that’s perfect for those wanting an heirloom-inspired look. And the addition of melee diamonds often makes it appear larger on the finger.

A Cushion cut Solitaire engagement ring highlights this modern-with-a-vintage-twist shape in a design that will stand the test of time. The soft curves of the cushion are spotlighted to perfection in a Classic or Signature Solitaire settings, making these particular looks sought after time and time again.

Although a modern shape, cushion cut diamonds already have a vintage look and feel. When highlighted in vintage-inspired settings, they become instant family heirlooms. Try Art Deco favorites like the Halo or Bezel, or feature a cushion cut diamond in a Duet, Signature V, or Hover setting for an heirloom look you’ll adore.

With various side stones to choose from, a Three Stone cushion cut engagement ring helps you create a look as unique as your love story. Choose round or pear side stones for more classic or romantic style, and trillion or tapered baguette side stones for modern appeal.

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Cushion cut engagement ring FAQ

A cushion cut engagement ring is any engagement ring that features a Solitaire cushion cut diamond, or a Three Stone setting with a cushion cut at its center. A cushion cut diamond features brilliant cut facets and is similar to a Round Brilliant diamond, but with a slightly more squared shape.

Match your cushion cut engagement ring with a wedding band based on style or metal color. For Solitaire, Halo, or Three Stone engagement rings, for example, choose a petit Eternity, Infinity, or Devotion band in matching platinum or solid gold for the perfect pair.

For certain engagement settings, like the Signature V or Curator, consider pairing with their matching wedding band styles.

Speak with VRAI’s design experts for a custom-designed engagement ring. Tell them your ideas for a bespoke cushion cut setting — whether it’s adding a halo or featuring a Knife-Edge Band, for example. They’ll help you understand which custom details are possible, then guide you through the white-glove design process.

Choosing between a cushion or Round Brilliant engagement ring is not simply choosing between a round or square shape. Each diamond creates a unique look, so it’s important to consider how they would pair with your own style.

A Round Brilliant engagement ring is considered to be classic and timeless. A cushion cut engagement ring, although featuring a modern shape, has a vintage-inspired, heirloom look. Think about your existing fine jewelry collection as well as your daily look before choosing.

Choosing a cushion cut engagement ring means that you likely have vintage-inspired style. Although similar to the timeless Round Brilliant cut diamond, a cushion’s pillow-like appearance gives it instant historical appeal. Those who select the Cushion are drawn to its soft beauty and heirloom-like style.

The cushion cut, akin to the square cut, appeals to those with a romantic, fashion-forward disposition. This antique-inspired cut, with its square-rectangular shape and rounded corners, amplifies the diamond's brilliance. It's a choice for those with a timeless, romantic spirit.

Cushion cut diamonds charm with their unique blend of square and round elements. Their rounded corners, pillow-like appearance, and brilliant-style facets exude a delightful, soft, and sparkling energy that resonates with many.

Although both shapes are squared, a cushion’s edges and corners are rounded, which is what gives it its pillowy look and name. A princess is a true square with straight edges and pointed corners. The cushion tends to look more vintage-inspired or traditional, whereas the princess looks more modern. Both feature brilliant-cut facets.