Men's jewelry

Timeless and expertly crafted fine jewelry made just for them with VRAI created diamonds.

What are popular jewelry styles for men?

Frequently asked questions about mens jewelry

The one design most men readily wear is a ring, usually a wedding ring or class ring. For those willing to experiment with more styles, a Signet Ring or Compass Ring make the perfect accent piece. Lapel pins and cufflinks are also considered traditional forms of men’s jewelry.

Yes, yellow gold jewelry is a popular choice for me. But when deciding on color, there is no right or wrong answer. If he prefers yellow, rose, or even white gold, he should select jewelry that’s true to his style.

You should choose a metal that best reflects his style while also fitting into your budget. Sterling silver is a popular precious metal that is also slightly more affordable than solid gold, whereas platinum pieces will be rarer and at a higher price point. Look at his current jewelry collection, or at designs like his watch, for a better understanding of what color and metal he prefers.

Gift jewelry for men based on their comfort level and overall style. For someone who has never considered wearing jewelry before, start with something subtle such as a Petite Solitaire Necklace or Bracelet. For those with more expressive style or a growing collection, go big and bright with Tennis Bracelets or a Pavé Hoop Earring.