VRAI created diamonds
VRAI created diamonds

VRAI created diamonds

True to the future

True to the future: Reflections of the extraordinary

The world was once amazed by mined diamonds. They were believed to be rare and formed over billions of years. We now know that they are plentiful —and mined at a pace that is controlled not by nature itself, but by an industry cartel. And we also know that to extract one from the earth comes at a high human and environmental cost.

What is amazing today is that we now have a choice. We can choose to purchase diamonds made from crystallized greenhouse gas, crafted from the very elements that would otherwise harm our planet. We can choose diamonds gently grown over hundreds of hours in our zero-emission foundry in America's beautiful Pacific Northwest, then cut and polished internationally by master craftspeople in our own workshops. We can choose to no longer turn a blind eye when it comes time to buy an engagement ring or feel guilty for purchasing diamond jewelry gifts.

Choosing designs featuring VRAI created diamonds is not only a reflection of your love, the moments you wish to celebrate, or your unique style. They are also a reflection of innovation, of conscientiousness, of hope, and of possibility.

VRAI created diamonds are a reflection of the extraordinary.

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