Journey of a VRAI Created Diamond

VRAI | June 20, 2024

VRAI created diamonds have always been made with sustainability in mind. VRAI built new technology and a global infrastructure to produce the world’s first Carbon-Neutral Certified lab-grown diamond in 2017. Through the power of renewable energy, VRAI created diamonds are unmatched in origin and quality.

The journey of a VRAI created diamond begins with the first atom formed at our foundry, then follows a precise path of more than 243 cut and polishing steps. VRAI oversees each step, from our foundry, to our master workshops, to our expert craftspeople, to the moment your VRAI created diamond is delivered to your doorstep. Read on to discover how VRAI created diamonds came to be.

Impeccable Origin

The journey of a VRAI diamond begins amidst the apple orchards of America’s Pacific West. Here, nestled in this serene landscape, we are revolutionizing the diamond industry by transforming harmful greenhouse gasses into rough diamonds.

A Native American tribe by the name of Wenatchi (“source of the rainbow”) lived in the foothills of what is now called the Columbia River in Wenatchee, Washington. Wenatchee is the apple capital of the world due to its numerous apple orchards. We found a small building among these apple orchards that could be 100% powered by the Columbia River. VRAI’s first zero-emission foundry was established, where our own advanced technology creates the purest diamond crystals from natural elements.

It starts with air. VRAI created diamonds are gently grown over about four weeks in our plasma reactors using carbon from greenhouse gasses. We know each diamond created from the first atom, no traceability needed. VRAI created diamonds are made using chemical vapor deposition, known as the CVD method. CVD is a more economical and sustainable process, using vacuum chambers to convert carbon-heavy gasses into plasma with less energy consumption. Kinetics allow the carbon atoms inside the chamber to build on top of the diamond seed in a single vertical direction so the rough diamond grows into a cleaner square shape.

This process is powered by zero-emission energy drawn from the Columbia River. Unlike mining, which demands significant energy and environmental damage, our process consumes ten times less energy per carat. This is American ingenuity at its finest, a testament to sustainable craftsmanship. VRAI is the first producer of Carbon-Neutral Certified diamonds certified by Climate Impact Partners, setting an unmatched industry standard.

Grown by the source of the rainbow, VRAI created diamonds have unmatched fire and scintillation that we hope would make the Wenatchi proud.

Why VRAI Created Diamonds are Unmatched

VRAI created diamonds stand unparalleled. Their origins are impeccable, their cuts masterful, and their value is wholly guaranteed.

Not all lab-grown diamonds are equal. Most lab-grown diamonds are created using coal, just like mined diamonds, and resource depletion is not sustainable. Beware of any marketing to the contrary.

Unmatched Diamond Cutting and Polishing

When the initial batch of VRAI created diamonds was grown, we reached out to two renowned Belgian master diamond experts. Belgium has been the center of the diamond trade for decades, home to the industry’s leading experts.

The two diamond experts that VRAI approached came from families that had been in the industry for four generations. These experts have built global diamond polishing operations for the top luxury jewelry brands.

When VRAI shared our rough diamond crystals with them, they instantly spotted the beauty of VRAI created diamonds and our partnership was born. Ten years later, we are now equity partners. Our Belgian partners manage our renowned polishing operation in Xi’an, China. We are proud to be based in the historic city of Xi’an.

Our Belgian master cutters built their team from the ground up, taking a selection of staff through a rigorous training program over several years. Much of the initial team is still with us today, over twenty years later, and we feel like a family.

VRAI recently expanded further diamond cutting and polishing production in India with partners who cut diamonds for prestigious luxury jewelers. India is the diamond hub of the world today, and we love working with local craftspeople.

Once the rough diamonds are created, they find themselves in the expertly trained hands of our artisans. Here, under the meticulous supervision of our Belgian master cutters, each diamond is cut and polished to perfection. Our cutters, some of whom have pioneered cuts like the iconic Princess cut, ensure that every VRAI created diamond radiates maximal brilliance.

There are more than 243 work steps involved before a beautifully scintillating VRAI created diamond is sold. Our master craftspeople in our workshops in Belgium, India, and China are to thank for creating the expertly crafted luxury VRAI jewelry you see today.

In a groundbreaking move, we now offer Cut for You ™ VRAI created diamonds, in any size and 30 shapes, all within 15 days.

"I am proud to invest in VRAI's Diamond Foundry Inc - sustainably growing diamonds in America without the human and environmental toll of mining." - Leonardo DiCaprio
"I am proud to invest in VRAI's Diamond Foundry Inc - sustainably growing diamonds in America without the human and environmental toll of mining." - Leonardo DiCaprio

Making the Cut: Excellent Quality Only

When you buy a diamond, you want it to be brilliant with maximum fire and scintillation. If the diamond isn’t cut to perfection, it will be dull. All VRAI created diamonds have cuts that are in the top 1% in the world. VRAI only offers excellent cuts.

VRAI diamond cuts are so precise that we offer two different additional cut grades for Round Brilliant diamonds: Ideal and Ideal + Hearts. These diamond cuts take three times as long to polish than other diamond cuts, requiring an even higher degree of precision.

Meet Our Diamond Creators

VRAI created diamonds are only as exceptional as the craftspeople who make them. The skills required to create a mesmerizing diamond are held by the best talent in the world. There are very few experts capable of such levels of craftsmanship.

VRAI’s master craftspeople have cut some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry for generations. VRAI works closely with our in-house craftspeople, providing fair wage employment and ethical working conditions. Many team members have been with us for a decade or longer.

No Mining, No Middlemen

VRAI created diamonds come directly from our own foundry, with no mining, no middlemen, and no markups.

The environmental and social costs of traditional diamond mining are immense. As Michael J. Kowalski, former CEO of Tiffany & Co., stated, "Few industries in the world have a larger environmental and social footprint than mining." Mining often leads to the extraction of wealth from lands that do not benefit the local populations, leaving them impoverished, as noted by Pope Francis. By choosing VRAI, you are opting for a sustainable alternative, free from the devastating impacts of mining.

VRAI fully controls our diamond inventory. We know that the value of a diamond depends on its quality. To accurately evaluate a diamond, you need to know the diamond. At VRAI, we know and control our diamonds to an extent unmatched in the industry.

Vendors who list a mix of inventories located overseas that they have never seen, do not know their diamonds. These vendors source diamonds from others and rely on infrastructure they cannot control. They can never truly guarantee the quality or origin of their diamonds.

Each VRAI Created Diamond Is Unique

The beauty of VRAI diamonds lies in their uniqueness. Despite our precise methods, nature has its way of adding distinct characteristics to each crystal. Inclusions and varied growth patterns are part of the charm, making every diamond a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Our gallery of diamond growth images offers a fascinating glimpse into the intricate process our scientists and engineers witness daily.

Diamond Value Guaranteed

All VRAI created diamonds come with a full Lifetime Warranty and a Diamond Value Guarantee. Because we truly know our diamonds, we can confidently offer a full warranty that guarantees the quality and value of our diamonds.

In the traditional diamond industry, diamond grades — even from the Gemological Institute of America — is often subjective and inconsistent and without a warranty. At VRAI, we take a scientific approach. Utilizing one billion data points for each carat grown, we assign grades based on the GIA scale with precision and reliability. This data-driven method allows us to offer complete warranties and guarantees on our diamonds, ensuring peace of mind for our customers.

We stand behind the value of our diamonds. We guarantee that if, for any reason, you need to return your diamond, you will receive credit for the full purchase price. This commitment underscores our confidence in the enduring value and quality of our creations.

For the future

We know that people today want to purchase just a diamond. They don’t want to purchase a diamond that causes environmental destruction and has a negative human toll. They want something that they can cherish forever and that represents their hope for the future.

With VRAI, you can buy a truly sustainable alternative to mined diamonds. Each VRAI created diamond carat saves 143 lbs of carbon dioxide, 250 tons of earth, and 2,011 ounces of air pollution.

VRAI created diamonds are symbols of innovation, sustainability, and unparalleled craftsmanship. With an impeccable origin, masterful cuts, unique characteristics, and guaranteed value, VRAI diamonds truly set a new standard in the world of fine jewelry.