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1 carat lab grown diamond rings

Both subtle and substantial, 1 carat diamond engagement rings with VRAI created diamonds are timeless ways of declaring your love.


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How to buy a 1 carat diamond ring

Your guide to finding the 1 carat diamond engagement ring meant just for you

The Round Brilliant cut diamond is the most popular diamond shape in the world. Its perceived size is considered true to its carat weight. A 1 carat Round Brilliant cut diamond engagement ring is classic, elegant, and often sought-after.

The oval cut diamond is the second most popular diamond shape, right after Round Brilliants. Its elongated form makes it appear larger than certain other diamond shapes of the same carat weight. oval cut diamond engagement rings are beloved by those who want the timeless look of a round with a slightly modern twist.

The emerald cut is considered a classic shape that is sought after for its clean lines and step-cut facets that create a “hall-of-mirrors” effect. Because of its elongated form, it often appears larger on the finger than a Round Brilliant cut diamond of the same carat weight. A 1 carat emerald cut diamond engagement ring exudes strength and beauty.

Princess cut diamonds first appeared in the late 20th century and steadily grew in popularity as a center stone. Because of their square length-to-width ratio, princess cut diamonds can actually appear smaller than most diamond shapes of the same carat weight. A 1 carat princess cut diamond engagement ring creates a look of modern sophistication and elegance.

Marquise cut diamonds are considered the best shape for maximizing carat weight. Out of all other shapes of the same weight, they appear the largest (followed by pear, oval, and emerald). This means that a 1 carat marquise engagement ring will look more substantial and slenderize the finger when worn.

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1 carat diamond ring FAQ

The size and dimensions of a 1-carat diamond depend on the diamond shape. Each diamond shape displays its carat weight differently.

A diamond’s length-to-width ratio is a good indicator of its size. A Round Brilliant cut diamond is considered truest to size. It measures 6.4mm in diameter. Square-shaped 1-carat diamonds are often 5.5 mm.

You can view how big each 1-carat VRAI created diamond ring will look on a sample size 6 hand on our website.

A 1-carat diamond is the perfect size for an engagement ring. On average, most engagement rings are between 1 and 2 carats. A 1-carat diamond will look big and brilliant, but it’s small enough to easily wear every day.

If you prefer larger diamonds, consider an elongated diamond shape like an Emerald or Oval cut 1-carat diamond. These shapes will appear larger than they are and maximize their carat weight.

A 1 carat Solitaire diamond ring features one single center stone that weighs 1 carat. Most 1 carat engagement rings are solitaire rings, but technically a multi-stone ring such as the Three Stone engagement ring setting could highlight 1 carat diamonds as well.

The price of a diamond ring isn’t determined solely by carat weight. The setting, metal choice, diamond grade, and diamond shape will also impact how much you should spend on a 1-carat diamond ring.

VRAI ring settings range from $600-$2,300, without the diamond. 1-carat VRAI created diamonds start at $886. Expect to spend around $1,500 - $3,500 for a 1-carat VRAI created diamond ring, depending on the setting, details, and diamond you choose.

1 carat is not necessarily better than 2 carats, but chances, are one is a better carat weight for you.

A 1-carat diamond is noticeably smaller than a 2-carat diamond, but it’s not a 1:1 ratio. Some diamond shapes maximize their carat weight while others hide their carat weight. If you compare a 1-carat Oval cut diamond with a 2-carat Cushion cut diamond, for example, the size difference wouldn’t be as significant. But a 2-carat Round Brilliant cut diamond will appear roughly 50% larger than a 1-carat Round Brilliant cut diamond.

Size aside, a 2-carat diamond will cost significantly more than a 1-carat diamond of the same or similar quality.

If you prefer smaller diamonds, or the budget is more important to you than size, then a 1-carat diamond is better suited to you.

A 1-carat diamond weighs .2 grams or 200 milligrams.

At 1-carat and above, diamond prices rise considerably. A 1-carat diamond isn’t necessarily expensive, however, as the diamond grade and diamond shape also determine the cost. Beautiful, eye-clean 1-carat VRAI created diamonds begin at $866.

The worth of a 1-carat diamond ring is determined by its diamond grade. All certified diamonds come with a diamond certification that verifies their cut, color, and clarity grades. The higher the diamond grade, the more valuable the diamond.

The popularity and rarity of the diamond shape will also play a large role in the worth of a 1-carat diamond ring. A Round Brilliant cut diamond is the most popular diamond shape in the world. It’s often worth more than other diamond shapes of the same quality.

All VRAI created diamonds are priced according to value, with no middlemen markups. Our diamond experts can help you understand the worth of your 1-carat diamond ring.

Despite being one of the most popular carat weights, a 1-carat diamond is rare. Only one in a million diamonds is one carat.

Any engagement ring setting will work beautifully and securely with a 1-carat diamond. Let your style determine the best setting for your 1-carat diamond ring.

Overall, Solitaire settings are the most popular engagement ring setting, closely followed by Halo settings. Solitaire settings are classic and versatile, with timeless options for any style.

You can buy a lab-grown 1-carat diamond ring online or in person at one of our VRAI Showrooms.

To make choosing an engagement ring seamless and simple, we recommend booking a complimentary appointment with a VRAI diamond expert. They will walk you through each step of the process, and provide personalized professional recommendations.

If you prefer to shop online, start by browsing our full inventory of engagement rings or VRAI created diamonds. Once you’ve chosen your diamond, setting, and customized details, your engagement ring will be made to order by our expert craftsman, and shipped directly to you.

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