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3 carat lab grown diamond rings

Both subtle and substantial, 3 carat diamond rings with VRAI created diamonds are timeless ways of declaring your love.


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How to buy a 3 carat diamond ring

Your guide to finding the 3 carat diamond engagement ring meant just for you

The best setting for a 3-carat diamond ring is one that securely spotlights the center diamond and protects any vulnerable points. All VRAI ring settings are expertly crafted to provide lasting protection to any diamond, no matter the carat weight.

When choosing a setting for your 3-carat diamond ring, consider your lifestyle and diamond shape. If security is your top concern, The Signature Bezel or The Signature 6-Prong are considered the most secure settings. If additional shine and size are your top priorities, consider The Halo or The Three Stone.

A 3-carat diamond is a wonderful choice for true diamond lovers who prefer bolder jewelry and undeniable brilliance. A 3-carat diamond is considered a large diamond ring, but it’s still small enough to wear daily and to most activities.

However, higher carat weights will greatly impact the total price of a diamond ring. A 3-carat diamond is a better choice for people who have a budget for a large engagement ring.

VRAI created diamonds make higher-carat weights accessible to more. All VRAI created diamonds are produced in-house, in the world’s first carbon-neutral foundry. Through our vertically integrated supply chain, we can provide high-quality, certified lab-grown diamonds for the most competitive diamond prices in the industry.

With our unmatched quality and sustainability standards, you can buy a scintillating 3-carat diamond engagement ring that’s within your budget. Choose between 30 signature VRAI created diamond shapes for a truly bespoke diamond ring cut just for you.

Need help finding the perfect ring?

Learn About the Diamond 4cs

Understanding the 4Cs — cut, color, clarity, and carat — helps you find the diamond that is right for you.

Find Your Ring Size

Find your ring size by downloading a free printable guide or order a free ring sizer.

Get a Lab Grown Diamond Cut Exclusively For You

No mining. No Emissions. No guilt. We cut the diamond for you in any shape or size.

Frequently asked questions about 3ct diamond rings

A 3-carat diamond is a wonderful size for an engagement ring. It will beautifully stand out with eye-catching brilliance but it won’t look “too big.” However, if you work with your hands, live a particularly active lifestyle, or prefer understated jewelry, then a 3-carat diamond ring may be too big for you.

The diamond you choose will determine the value (and price) of a 3-carat diamond ring. Certain diamond shapes, like a Round Brilliant cut diamond, are worth more than other diamond shapes. Higher-quality diamonds are worth more (and cost more) than lower-quality diamonds. Use the diamond 4cs to understand the diamond grade and true worth of your 3-carat diamond ring.

A 3-carat diamond weighs approximately .6 grams. The total weight of a 3-carat diamond ring will vary according to the ring setting you choose as different metals and details weigh more or less than others.

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