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East-West engagement rings

Put your own twist on tradition with an East-West engagement ring, where your VRAI created diamond on its side.


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What are popular East-West engagement ring styles?

Frequently asked questions about East-West engagement rings

An east-west engagement ring means that the center stone has been turned on its side in a horizontal or east-west position, as opposed to a vertical or north-west position. This is only noticeable with elongated shapes, like an Emerald cut; a Round Brilliant VRAI created diamond, for example, is cut in a perfect circle and appears no different horizontally than it does vertically.

The best diamond shapes for an East-West setting are elongated shapes such as Emerald cut, Pear cut, Oval cut, and Marquise cut diamonds. This is because, on their side in an east-west direction, the overall silhouette of the ring changes entirely.

The east-west setting will not influence which of the diamond 4Cs you should prioritize, but the diamond shape will. Beyond cut and carat weight, pay special attention to clarity when choosing an Emerald cut VRAI created diamond. For Oval, Marquise, and Pear, consider prioritizing color. For more personalized guidance, speak with a diamond expert.

Many East-West engagement rings, such as the Hover, Signature Solitaire, and Signature Bezel, are designed to pair flush with many wedding bands, such as the Half Pavé or Infinity Band. For expert advice, however, book an appointment in store with our diamond experts to try on your engagement ring and wedding band in person. If visiting our showrooms isn’t an option, speak with our experts virtually from the comfort of your home and receive personalized guidance on the best pairings.

By choosing an East-West engagement ring featuring a diamond created in our zero-emission foundry, as well as platinum or recycled solid gold, your ring is a reflection of both your love and values. Because your VRAI created diamond is free from the human and environmental toll of mining, you can enjoy its beauty, guilt-free.

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