Jewelry gifts under $1000

In all we give, joy is the true gift. Explore our effortless guide to fine jewelry with VRAI created diamonds.

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Jewelry gifts under $1,000 FAQ

It’s absolutely okay to gift jewelry. Jewelry is one of the most popular gifts for a loved one, whether that’s a family member, friend, or partner.

Jewelry is a thoughtful and intimate gift. Unlike edible or consumable goods, fine jewelry will stand the test of time. This is a gift that your loved one can wear and cherish forever.

Fine jewelry is an excellent investment. Fine jewelry is made from precious materials that are made to last and will hold their value.

If you or your loved ones like to wear jewelry, then fine jewelry is absolutely worth buying. Fine jewelry looks beautiful, and timeless, and can be worn for years to come.

A few of our best-selling jewelry gifts for her that cost less than $1000 are:

  • Knife-Edge Bezel Station Bracelet
  • Eternity Hoops
  • Solitaire Drop Huggie Hoops
  • Halo Necklace
  • V Cuff Ring

Book an appointment with a VRAI diamond expert for personalized guidance in selecting a jewelry gift that perfectly reflects your loved one.

If you’re shopping for a special man in your life, consider the following popular fine jewelry gifts for less than $1000:

  • Knife-Edge Bezel Drop Huggie Hoops
  • Mixed Cuff Ring
  • Duo Lariat Necklace
  • Bezel Solitaire Studs
  • V Solitaire Necklace

No matter your budget or relationship, there’s a VRAI created diamond jewelry design that your loved one will love to wear.

Our lab-created diamond jewelry fuses sustainability and luxury to produce expertly crafted fine jewelry at a more accessible price. Our lab-grown diamonds are grown in the world’s first zero-emission foundry. They are then expertly cut and set into recycled solid gold or 100% sterling silver jewelry.

Explore our full inventory of timeless yet innovative designs for a jewelry gift that aligns with your budget and your values.