Medallion necklaces

With distinctive VRAI created diamonds centered in 14k solid gold, each medallion necklace is designed to signify strength, spirit, and wisdom.

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Frequently asked questions

A medallion, or medallion pendant necklace, is a style of necklace that features a gold coin or gold disk that hangs from a matching gold chain. Medallions are similar to medals, except smaller in size and appropriate for everyday wear. The design featured on a medallion is usually symbolic.

The most popular solid gold medallion necklaces feature a VRAI created diamond at the center. The Inner Light Medallion, Inner Spirit Medallion, and Inner Fire Medallion each highlight a distinctive diamond shape surrounded by 14k solid yellow gold. The North Star Medallion, which resembles a compass, and the Intentions Medallion, which is a more modern interpretation, are also popular choices.

A 14k gold medallion necklace features 14k solid gold as opposed to 18k solid gold. All of VRAI’s fine jewelry designs feature 14k solid gold, whereas engagement rings and wedding bands are available in 18k solid white and yellow gold (as well as 14k solid rose gold and platinum). Why 14k solid gold for jewelry? The ratio of gold to alloys makes 14k gold slightly more durable and less prone to wear and tear — an ideal for daily wear. 18k solid is durable as well, but is considered more precious, therefore more suitable for sentimental pieces such as engagement and wedding rings.

By choosing a medallion pendant necklace featuring a lab-grown diamond , your fine jewelry is a reflection of your style and choices. With recycled solid gold and diamonds made in our zero-emission foundry, each medallion can be enjoyed for its beauty, brilliance, and guaranteed origin.