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Inner Fire Medallion



14k Yellow Gold

Chain Length:



Inner Fire Medallion


VRAI created diamond

Estimated to ship by May 18

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Description and design details

Awaken your passion and capacity for greatness with our Inner Fire Medallion Necklace, where 14K gold rays emanate from a sustainably created trillion diamond. A thoughtful bezel setting and an open back gallery draw in light from all angles, allowing your diamond to shine as a beacon of resilience.


Shipping and returns

No middlemen

Our diamonds come directly from our own foundry, with no middlemen or their markups involved.

True sustainability

Sustainably grown in America, our diamonds are the world’s first diamonds produced with zero carbon footprint. Each diamond is cut and polished internationally by master craftsmen in our workshops.

Refined designs

Refined to the very last detail, our designers create fine jewelry that spotlight your diamond first and foremost. With a desire to do things differently, we only work with the highest quality materials and reimagine timeless designs.

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