1 Carat Oval Diamond Engagement Rings: Your Style Guide

Angelica Frey | February 14, 2023

A 1 carat Oval diamond ring is a timeless and elegant choice for an engagement ring because of the unique characteristics of Oval diamonds: their elongated shape makes the fingers and the hand appear longer and slender and their large surface area makes them look larger than Round Brilliant diamonds of the same carat weight. At the same time, the brilliance of an Oval diamond is comparable to the one sported by a Round Brilliant one.

Read this guide to learn everything you need to know about 1 carat Oval diamond rings. Or book an appointment with our diamond experts to find the VRAI created diamond meant just for you.

What Is A 1 Carat Oval Diamond Ring?

A 1 carat Oval diamond ring is a 1 carat diamond ring that features an Oval shaped diamond as its center stone. A 1 carat Oval diamond is one of the most popular choices for engagement rings because it marries the brilliance of a Round Brilliant cut— they’re both Brilliant cuts and maximize their fire and brightness— with a larger surface area, which makes the diamond appear larger than a Round Brilliant of the same carat weight.

How To Choose A 1 Carat Oval Diamond

When choosing a 1 carat Oval VRAI created diamond, the most important factor to keep in mind is its brilliance: Ovals are a modified Brilliant cut, the triangular and kite-shaped facets are cut in a way that yields a high amount of fire and brightness while also concealing color and hiding any inclusions. Since Cut, one of the 4Cs, is only graded in Round Brilliant diamonds, talking to our experts can help you find a well cut gem.

One thing to keep in mind is that Oval diamonds, like Pear and Marquise shapes, sport a bow tie, a dark bow-shaped pattern across the table of the diamond. It’s the result of the interaction between the facets and your own head and shoulder, which block the light from being reflected. Being mindful of an Oval diamond’s cut will also ensure that the bow tie effect will be as little intrusive as possible.

Does A 1 Carat Oval Diamond Ring Slenderize The Finger?

Oval diamonds have an elongated shape that can make your hand and your fingers appear longer and slimmer. The overall effect on your hand depends on the diamond’s proportions: GIA rates the best length-to-width ratio between 1.30 and 1.50 at the highest, followed by the 1.25 – 1.29 and 1.51 -65 ranges. Anything below and above that range will start looking like a Round Brilliant cut, anything above like a Marquise cut.

1 Vs 1.25 Carat Oval Diamond Ring

A 1 carat Oval diamond measures, on average, 7.7 by 5.7 mm, a 1.25 Oval diamond measures, on average, 8 mm by 6 mm. If you calculate the surface area, the 1 carat diamond is less than 10% smaller, while weighing 25% less.

1 Vs 1.3 Oval Diamond Ring

A 1 carat Oval diamond measures, on average, 7.7 by 5.7 mm, a 1.3 Oval diamond is 8.76 by 5.79 mm. When you compare the two surface areas, you’ll see that the 1.3 carat diamond only appears to be 1.15 larger.

1 Vs 1.5 Carat Oval Diamond Ring

A 1 carat Oval diamond measures, on average, 7.7 by 5.7 mm, while a 1.5 carat Oval diamond’s average size is 8.5 by 6.5mm. If you calculate the two surface areas, you will see that the 1.5 carat diamond is 1.25 bigger than the 1 carat one, despite being 50% heavier.

1 Vs 2 Carat Oval Diamond Ring

A 1 carat Oval diamond measures, on average, 7.7 by 5.7 mm, while a 2 carat Oval diamond’s average size is 9 by 7 mm mm. Twice the weight does not mean that it’s twice the size: the 2 carat diamond is only 40% bigger. On average, though, a 2 carat Oval diamond ring can cost more than 5 times a 1 carat diamond.

1.8 Vs 2 Carat Oval Diamond Ring

A 2 carat Oval diamond measures 9 by 7 mm, and a 1.8 carat diamond, depending on the proportions, only appears to be 5% smaller despite weighing 10% less. However, the 1.8 carat diamond with otherwise identical specs in color and clarity costs 25% less.

What Are The Best Engagement Ring Styles For A 1 Carat Oval Diamond Ring?

With its brilliant-cut facets, curved shape and elongated cut, the Oval diamond is one of the most versatile shapes when it comes to pairing it with a setting.

“It is no secret that the Oval shape complements the finger really well, and draws the eyes upwards,” says Queena Chang, VRAI’s Chief Diamond Expert and a graduate of the Gemological Institute of America” And while she maintains that “You truly cannot go wrong with a simple solitaire,” the truth is most styles will make a 1 carat Oval diamond shine–no pun intended. What matters is your personal preference. It works with classic, vintage-inspired, modern, and bold styles.

Classic 1 Carat Oval Engagement Ring Styles

A 1 Carat Oval diamond perfectly complements clean and fluid lines of classic styles such as the Classic Solitaire and VRAI’s Signature Solitaire: the difference lies in the height of the diamond’s setting. In the case of the Signature, the sling dips slightly below the band, which allows the diamond to sit low on the finger, for maximum comfort. By contrast, the Classic has a four-prong high setting that emphasizes the brilliance of the stone. Do you want your 1-carat Oval flanked by side stones? The Three Stone Oval engagement ring combines an elegant design with optimal finger coverage.

If you want to subtly subvert a classic design, consider changing the orientation of the diamond to East-West. “The East-West Oval is another one that I feel is another really good niche pick,” says VRAI’s Chief Diamond Expert Queena Chang. Especially in the 1.00ct Oval size, it stacks very well with other bands and is particularly popular with my customers that are looking for a more alternative style, or a style that would match with their existing jewelry.”

Vintage-Inspired 1 Carat Oval Engagement Ring Styles

A vintage-inspired 1 carat Oval engagement ring combines the storied craftsmanship of classic styles with the sleek lines of an Oval cut diamond, turning it into a timeless and modern choice regardless of how dainty the chosen style might be. The Toi et Moi ring celebrates the perfection of asymmetry by pairing two unique shapes. The romantic Signature Halo ring encircles your diamond with individually handset pavé diamonds for maximized brilliance and the illusion of a bigger size. Similarly, by encircling the diamond, the Signature Bezel creates a balance between the brilliance of the stone and the luster of the metal.

Modern 1 Carat Oval Engagement Ring Styles

If contemporary styles suit you and your 1 Carat Oval diamond engagement ring, consider playing with the balance of volumes, geometry, and asymmetry, for contemporary reinterpretations of the solitaire.

The Hover has the diamond float above the upper edge of the band for a surrealistic look that does not sacrifice the stone’s security; the Signature V has the Oval diamond nestled at the band’s dipping center, for an ethereal, art-nouveau-inspired look, while the Floating Split Band combines symmetry with a play on negative space.

Bold 1 Carat Oval Engagement Ring Styles

Your 1 Carat Oval diamond engagement ring also suits bolder styles, where the diamond and the band share the spotlight for a maximalist look that goes hand in hand with timeless elegance. The Graduated Band has your center diamond flanked by a series of diamonds in graduated sizes; in the Twisted Classic, a pavé and a plain band intertwine in a romantic, nature-inspired design. The Halo Dome is an evolution of the Halo design, with a domed band with three rows of pavé-set VRAI created diamonds, and with the center diamond encircled by two halos of pavé-set stones.

Book An Appointment With A Diamond Expert

The Oval diamond is one of our most popular shapes, as its versatility means it fits with most settings and engagement-ring styles. Our experts can help you determine what length-to-width ratio best suits your hand and what style best complements the diamond of your choice.