1 Carat Vs 2 Carat Lab-Grown Diamonds: Which Would You Choose?

VRAI | July 28, 2022

You’ve just made the decision to spend the rest of your life together. Congratulations! But now a thousand more tiny decisions need to be made before you say “I do.” One of the first steps you and your partner should take is setting a budget before buying an engagement ring.

There’s no right or wrong budget when it comes to finding the lab-growndiamond engagement ring that’s right for you. But it will influence many aspects of your ring, including the carat weight of your lab-grown diamond. Is 1 carat better for your budget and overall style, or do you want to move up to 2 carats for something more true to you?

When your center stone is a VRAI created diamond, you can dare to indulge in the carat weight that’s right for you, guilt-free. Read on to learn more about 1 carat vs 2 carat lab-grown diamonds.

What Is A Lab-Grown Diamond?

Lab-grown diamonds are physically identical to mined diamonds. The only difference between the two is point of origin. They are produced in a laboratory setting without the negative environmental or human toll of mining. Lab-grown diamonds are sometimes referred to as man-made or created diamonds.

Lab-created diamonds are real and share an identical growing process to mined diamonds. They form first as carbon atoms under high temperature and immense pressure, then bond together to grow a crystalline lattice structure. Once fully formed, they are cut and polished. Like mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds come in a variety of color and clarity grades.

VRAI created lab-grown diamonds are made with converted greenhouse gas in a hydropowered, zero-emission foundry, making them a truly sustainable choice.

1 Carat vs 2 Carat Lab-Grown Diamonds

The most obvious difference between a 1 and 2 carat lab-grown diamond is weight. A 2 carat diamond weighs twice as much as 1 carat. But this does not necessarily mean a 2 carat lab-grown diamond appears twice as large.

The other difference between the two is price. A 2 carat diamond engagement ring is rarely only twice as expensive as its 1 carat counterpart; often, you can expect to pay three to five times more.

Lab-grown diamonds, Sustainable diamonds, Created diamonds, Diamonds sustainably created
Lab-grown diamonds, Sustainable diamonds, Created diamonds, Diamonds sustainably created

1 vs 2-Carat Lab-Grown Diamonds: What You Need To Know

Frequently asked questions when comparing 1 and 2 carat lab-grown diamonds.

How Long Does It Take To Grow A 1 or 2 Carat Lab-Grown Diamond?

Most lab-grown diamonds take roughly a month to grow. For a 1 or 2 carat diamond, they might take as little as one to 2 weeks. But a month is the general estimate. These lab-grown diamonds are then sent to be cut and polished before being used for fine jewelry.

How Much Is A 1 or 2 Carat Lab-Grown Diamond?

Carat weight is only one of many factors that influences a lab-grown diamond’s value. The other diamond 4Cs — including cut, color, and clarity — play an important role.

On average, a 2 carat Round Brilliant diamond can cost anywhere between three to five times more than a 1 carat Round Brilliant diamond with the same grade of cut, color, and clarity.

Is A 1 or 2 Carat Lab-Grown Diamond Better For The Environment?

Both can be great for the environment, depending on how they are created.

Not all lab-grown diamonds are the same. Although lab-grown diamonds have guaranteed origin and are free from the human and environmental toll of mining, they are not necessarily sustainable. Many lab-grown diamond foundries rely on non-renewable energy sources and can leave just as large a carbon footprint as mining companies.

VRAI converts greenhouse gas into lab-grown diamonds in a hydropowered, zero-emission foundry in America’s Pacific Northwest. So whether you choose a 1 carat, 2 carat, or 7 carat VRAI created diamond, you’ve helped remove harmful elements from the atmosphere in a carbon-free and sustainable manner.

Are 1 or 2 Carat Lab-Grown Diamonds Certified?

Lab-grown diamonds can and should be certified. It is inadvisable to purchase any diamond without diamond certification.

Whether lab-grown or mined, they should go through the diamond grading process that considers the 4Cs, no matter their origin. Their diamond certification will clearly outline their carat weight, regardless of how big or small (although most diamonds for an engagement ring start at 0.50 carats).

How Big Are 1 Carat Lab-Grown Diamonds Compared With 2 Carats?

On average, a 2 carat Round cut diamond will appear around 50% larger than a 1 carat diamond of the same shape.

Certain diamond shapes, like an Asscher cut diamond, can actually appear smaller from the top down. Other shapes, like a Marquise cut diamond, will appear larger on the finger due to their elongated shape. So if you’re looking for the largest diamond within your budget, take both carat weight and diamond shape into consideration.

Should You Buy A 1 Or 2 Carat Lab-Grown Diamond?

Your choice of carat weight is entirely personal. Even if you and your partner have the budget to move up in carat size, ask yourself if a larger lab-grown diamond is a reflection of your personal style.

Many photos of engagement rings being sold online feature a picture of a 1 carat diamond as a standard size. So for those wanting something more traditional, a 1 carat diamond is perfect.

A 2 carat lab-grown diamond will appear up to 50% larger, so this weight is perfect for those wanting something slightly bigger and bolder. Ask yourself what you want your engagement ring to say about you before making this decision.

And never forget — with lab-grown diamonds sustainably created by VRAI, you can indulge in a diamond of any carat weight, without the guilt!

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