2 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings: A Styling Guide

Angelica Frey | February 21, 2023

Angelica Frey | February 21, 2023

A 2 carat Emerald cut diamond engagement ring combines a substantial carat weight with the large, art-deco-like, step-cut facets that create a timeless hall-of-mirrors effect and an elegant lustrous scintillation. This carat weight, combined with this specific cut, lends itself to a series of styles and settings, which makes it quite covetable among 2 carat diamond solitaire rings. Read this guide if you are thinking about purchasing an Emerald cut engagement ring, and book an appointment with an expert to see the way it suits your hand.

What Is A 2 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Ring?

A 2 carat Emerald Cut diamond engagement ring features a 2 carat Emerald Cut diamond as its center stone, and it can come in styles including solitaire, toi-et-moi, three-stones, and five-stones. Given its elongated shape, a 2 carat Emerald cut diamond will give the illusion of a longer and a more slender finger. In addition, elongated cuts such as Emerald, Oval, Pear, and Marquise, have a larger table surface than Round Brilliant diamonds of the same carat weight: a 2 carat Emerald cut diamond will also appear larger than a 2 carat Round Brilliant one.

When it comes to diamond prices, an Emerald cut diamond is also less expensive than a Round Brilliant: expect to spend 20 to 25% when choosing an Emerald cut over a Round Brilliant cut with the same specs.

How To Choose A 2 Carat Emerald Diamond

The large, step-cut facets do not conceal inclusions or color as well as brilliant cuts: this is due to the fact that step-cut facets don’t produce as much scintillation as the brilliant-cut ones, and scintillation does mask both color and inclusions.

“With emeralds, it is really the clarity that you want to be careful with - they have fewer facets than a brilliant cut and therefore inclusions are much harder to hide,” says Grace Taylor, VRAI’s Senior Diamond Expert and Director of Sales and Customer Experience. “We generally advise aiming for VS1 clarity in Emerald diamonds, though you can often find a great value on a VS2 clarity that is still going to be stunning.”

When it comes to proportions, the main factor is personal taste: some prefer a more elongated rectangle, others opt for something closer to a square. Still, most Emerald cut diamonds have a ratio between 1.3 and 1.5, with 1.4 considered ideal.

How Does A 2 Carat Emerald Diamond Ring Appear On My Hand?

When choosing an engagement ring featuring a 2 carat Emerald cut diamond, keep in mind that a 2 carat Emerald cut diamond ring will make the wearer’s finger appear longer and slenderer thanks to its elongated shape: alongside Ovals, Pears, and Marquise diamonds, Emerald cut diamonds naturally bring the gaze upward, creating verticality. a 2 Carat Emerald diamond will measure approximately 8.5 by 6.5mm, so, on a size 6, it will cover around 38% of the finger’s width while providing more coverage length-wise.

1 Vs 2 Carat Emerald Diamond Ring

A 1 carat Emerald cut diamond measures 7 by 5 mm, while a 2 carat Emerald cut diamond measures 8.5 by 6.5. mm. Even though 2 carat is double the weight of 1 carat, the surface area is only 50% more, but the price can increase more than five fold if all the other specs remain consistent.

2 Vs 2.5 Carat Emerald Diamond Ring

A 2 carat Emerald cut diamond measures 8.5 by 6.5 mm, while a 2.5 carat Emerald cut diamond is usually 9 mm by 7 mm, so its surface area is 1.15 a 2 carat Emerald cut diamond. Expect a 2.5 carat Emerald cut to cost 30% more than a 2 carat one.

2 Vs 3 Carat Emerald Diamond Ring

A 3 carat Emerald cut diamond measures 10 by 7.5 mm, while a 2 carat Emerald cut is, on average, 8.5 by 6.5 mm: this means that the surface area is 1.36 the area of a 2 carat diamond ring. However, The price for a 3 carat Emerald diamond will be more than double the price of a 2 carat one.

What Are The Best Engagement Ring Styles For A 2 Carat Emerald Diamond Ring?

With its elongate facets creating a gleaming hall-of-mirrors effect, a 2 Carat Emerald cut diamond can accommodate a wide variety of styles, and it’s up to the wearer to decide whether to play with its geometries or to create some contrast by adopting daintier styles. The only caveat is that the Emerald cut does not make the sparkliest of the diamonds: rather, this shape uniquely emphasizes the diamond’s clarity and color.

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Classic 2 Carat Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

If you want a classic engagement ring featuring a 2 carat Emerald cut diamond, it’s hard to beat a solitaire.

“I love our Classic Ring paired with an Emerald center stone - it's a really streamlined design that plays nicely with the step cut of the emerald,” says Taylor.

If you prefer a lower setting the Signature Emerald Engagement Ring has a sling that slips slightly below the band, allowing for maximum brilliance. The structure of the Cathedral Engagement Ring, with its arches, complements the geometry of the Emerald cut.

The Classic
The Signature
The Cathedral

Modern 2 Carat Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Given how reminiscent the Emerald diamond is of the Art Deco aesthetic, sleek, modern settings perfectly complement this cut. The Signature Bezel, with the rims running parallel to the facets, highlights the geometry of the step cut. If you want to pay tribute to the Art Deco era, the Three Stone Emerald Engagement Ring with Side Emeralds recreates the glamor of the Roaring Twenties. If contemporary is more your style, The Hover features a floating Emerald-cut diamond with surrealistic appeal without sacrificing the security of the stone setting.

The Signature Bezel
The Three Stone
The Hover

Bold Carat Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Whether they’re vintage-inspired or a spin on traditional, bold engagement-ring styles complement the elegance and geometry of the Emerald cut diamond.

“If you want to go bold, the Curator Pavé is fabulous with an emerald - instead of a typical four prong setting with prong in each corner, this design features compass prongs (on the North-South-East-West edge of the diamond) which allow the cut corners of the emerald to show,” says Taylor. “For a bold unexpected fan favorite, I would highly recommend trying the Toi Moi with an Emerald and Pear,” says Chief Diamond Expert and GIA graduate Queena Chang. “This combination shows off the faceting work of the Emerald cut and provides it with some added contrast with the curves and brilliance of the Pear.”

If you’re eager for maximalist styles but with the subtle brilliance of step-cut diamonds, consider the Double Band Engagement Ring with Baguette Side Stones, where the wide-set parallel bands create a look of unity and strength.

The Curator
The Toi et Moi
The Double Band

Book An Appointment With a Diamond Expert

Classic, modern, or bold, a 2 Carat Emerald Cut diamond engagement ring suits most styles. While being extremely versatile, Emerald diamonds are not as ubiquitous as Round Brilliant cuts. Try them on firsthand by talking to one of our diamond experts.


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